Verizon Document Confirms FRG22 Froyo Build for Droid



They say seeing is believing, so this document should quash any denial that Verizon is indeed moving past FRG01B and heading towards FRG22 as the official Froyo update for the Motorola Droid. The actual Verizon support page hasn’t been updated to reflect this, but this new version of the enhancements and improvements list should make it’s way to the site shortly. After that we expect FRG22 to start showing up on more and more devices, even though reports of it in the wild have been limited thus far.

It will most likely come as a patch for those who already updated to FRG01B. If you never received that update and would like to get it installed manually instructions can be found right here at Phandroid.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Do you have a link to the patch from FRG01B to FRG22 ?

  2. When will it be incredible’s turn to get the official 2.2 :(

  3. z – Hopefully starting tomorrow through the 15th, according to previous articles.

  4. I’m wondering if they might hold off on the Incredible updates until they get the Droid 1’s updates off their plate… the original plan might have been to have all the droid’s updated to 2.2 by Wednesday then start the Incredibles Thursday or something like that. It might all be pushed back a bit now. But who knows?

  5. Does anyone has an official copy of FRG22 or link to the FRG22 official release? I did the manual update on 8/3 and my Droid is now having issues with maintain a stable wifi connection. My wifi connection drops each time I tried to access the internet. My connection switches between 3G and wifi and hence and it tells me that I don’t have network connection. This forces me to turn off wifi whenever i want use access the web. I hope FRG22 resolves this issue. Thanks in advance.

  6. does this indirectly imply that we should be expecting new builds for the Nexus One?

  7. I still haven’t even got the first update yet when is the new going to start

  8. Hey, didn’t anyone else notice the first enhancement shows that Adobe’s Flash beta won’t be available for download in the market until LATE SUMMER?!?!

  9. @SharonW it is in the market now, has been for ages.

  10. @Myers, thanks for the link. Unfortunately the installationf failed due to some kind signature mismatch. If it require root access, then it may not be the official release.

  11. The above appears to be a doctored-up image of the real Verizon notice, look here:


    So much for “proof” …

  12. Hopefully the fix the exchange issues. My newly Froyo’d Droid no longer allows me to get my corporate email. some upgrade.

  13. @bneals, when you pick at the turkey before it’s cooked, you take your chances. Don’t blame the upgrade. It wasn’t made generally available. You did it to yourself.

  14. @uprooted what do you mean it wasn’t made generally available? its an official build, OTA. Just because you download it elsewhere doesn’t make it unofficial

  15. are people still getting ota’s? did anyone actully get one yet?

  16. I just love it when people, who don’t know what they are doing, try to be like techies and play around with pre-releases

  17. @ari-free, but at least they provide endless hours of cheap entertainment.

  18. I didnt get nothing this is bull. I know its gone be sometime later just like what happen with the update before this one. it took forever. Verizon always fall short of being #1. They block stuff and all.

  19. @ari-free and uprooted- I just love it when arrogance roams the comments.

  20. Verizon is infuriating. What’s the big deal with telling customers what is the current status of the OTA rollout for 2.2? Their customer service reps treat that information like it’s some sort of national security secret. If a customer calls and asks when he will receive the OTA, here’s a novel approach, Verizon: Answer the question!!!!

  21. are the ota’s still rolling out or not?? did anyone actully get an ota?

  22. I can’t get the FRG22 to take at all. Any suggestions?

  23. has anyone install the frg22 update from gordo’s link? I just wanted see if works. I am having a lot of issues with the manuel update (frg01b)

  24. I couldn’t wait for a fix to the corp email issue with FGR01B, So I rooted, and flashed FRG22.

    Corp eMail, now working. In fact we are using GroupWise via Data Syncronizer, and with FRG22 appointment are working right, as well as honoring how much past email to dl.

    Wifi appears to be working so far, however the meter in the notification bar isn’t working.

  25. Follow up, with FRG22 still seeing wifi bouncing. Did some research and found an open issue with using with without broadcasting SSID, so am testing now with SSID broadcast on, and so far no bouncing. (Meter in the notification bar still isn’t working)

  26. Got the power meter on the notification bar working by powering off and back on. (This is with the SSID broadcast on, see previous post.)

  27. @ uprooted and ari-free. FYI-people have hashed the FRG01B Froyo that I installed two weeks ago and it is the same exact friggin code that VZ is doing over the air so how am I at fault?

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