Nexus One Shoots 720p HD Video and Runs Froyo with Latest Cyanogen Mod 6 Build


How do you make the sexy Nexy even sexier? Give it the ability to shoot 720p HD video using the hardware it already has AND while running Android 2.2. That is exactly what the latest builds of Cyanogen Mod 6 have brought the the Nexus One. We had seen this functionality previously enabled by the Cyanogen Mod team when the N1 was running Android 2.1, but if you wanted to move onto the greener pastures of 2.2 you had to give up HD video recording. Not any more.

If you don’t want to go root and install the custom ROM, which is still in release candidate mode and not quite ready for prime time, you won’t be able to get 720p video unless Google decides to enable the feature in future updates. But don’t think the N1 can’t handle it, especially after watching the following video that shows off the serviceable job Google’s handset does at capturing hi-def video.

[Android Police via IntoMobile]

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  1. And stuff like this is why people care about unlocked bootloaders.

  2. You could make it even sexier by coming out with a Nexus Two. Whoops. RIP Nexus users.

  3. Why rip? The nexus isn’t dead idiot. They don’t make it anymore. We will be on 3.0 so come back and tell us how dead we are.

  4. I was once one of those people who was all like…ehh I don’t wanna void the warranty. But the reality is The warranty doesn’t really change. As long as it isnt YOUR fault, they will fix it.
    I went kang o rama 1.0 b1, and never went back.

  5. Is this on RC2 that dropped on the 25th or do I have to use the latest nightly?

  6. @Nick … the Nexus One is still being manufactured. There are retailers in the UK and South Korea that are carrying it in-stores, and the Nexus One is now Google’s Developer Phone. It’s not dead at all, just that Google is no longer selling it directly to consumers through their website. THAT is what’s dead … Google’s direct-to-consumer phone site.

  7. I really do hope Google enables 720p HD video for the N1. I really don’t understand why they haven’t done this already. I mean, I am sure it isn’t as easy as changing some boolean value from “false” to “true”, but if the hardware already exist and with how open the Android OS is…their isn’t much of a reason this shouldn’t of already been done. I do hope we get this with Gingerbread if not an update for Froyo.

  8. Just when I think I’m ready to part ways with my N1 i find postings like this that instantly changes my mind. “My N will go on…” (Celine Dion’s Titanic Theme)

  9. Oh. Enjoy your dead hardware. You have until December when dual processors phones start coming out. Then it’ll be really dead lol

  10. @Android Newb
    Comments like that will keep you in noob status.

  11. Android Newb – Showing a little N1 envy are ya?
    No matter what phone we have come December we’ll all be behind the times when the duals come out.
    You gotta admit though, we’re 8 months into the life of the Nexus One and there is no phone that is SOOO advanced over it that it compels N1 owners to move away.

    If I feel the need to move in December I can honestly say that my N1 has served me well. Realistically which of us visiting this type of site uses the same smart phone for over a year anyway? This is the first phone that I could see myself going more than a year with unless Google releases an N2 (breath not held) or another Android phone just knocks me on my ass with advancements that seem to come from Alien technology.

  12. the nexus one isnt dead, its dying. no matter how much nexus fans deny it, its true. it will be dead shortly, but in this day and age nothing lasts more than a year while staying relevant and cutting edge.

  13. This article is not entirely accurate. The latest CM6 release does not include 720P recording. You have to download a separate mod to make it work. I do expect we will see this functionality in the CM6 nightlies in the next few days (hopefully).

  14. Hey um, not that I have a N1 myself (I’ve got a Droid Incredible), but I wouldn’t say the N1 is anywhere near dead. I mean, look at any of the new benchmark tests, I haven’t seen anything beat the N1 running 2.2, it’s ALWAYS at the top. Not to mention, are there even any phones out there that have anything more than a 1Ghz chip? I do think all the other phones are slowly catching up to the N1, but that’s all, I really don’t know of any that will blow the doors off it or anything. :-P Even though I don’t have one, I am a N1 fan just because I wish it and google well, because all they’ve done for us. :-)

  15. I would’ve gotten one but then the sun came out and I couldn’t see shit on the screen. I was buying off of Craigslist. The only time I’m home is to sleep so the phone would’ve been used mainly outdoors.

  16. Will the original Droid be able to support this, with the next full release of CM? The N1 uses a 5-Megapixel camera, as does the Droid, it all depends on how related the two sensors are to each other… Does anyone have any insight on this?

  17. to all you nexus haters not even the samsung galaxy holds a candle to the n1 obviously you all didnt recently hear about the new nexus ones will have super amoled screens in them? nexus is fr from dead its still sold around the world not in the u.s sadly but that dosent stop anyone from trying to get one. all these new phones get their nice upgrades but modders find a way to port it to the nexus cuse the nexus is simple android not bloated with all the other stuff other companies try to add on to the o.s maybe you all should learn and read up on things before you post. simply put once android 3.0 comes out nexus will get it first nexus will always get stuff first cuse it was made by google for test purposes and for people who wanted android vanilla (plain android) so read up and shut up cuse your comments are non researched. nor are they respected. android is a community that respects each other not some my phones better then yours bull.. thats why modders push the phones to the limits if it were not for them the g1 would have been dead a long time ago… so save the dumb comments for iphone o.s users.

  18. and also dual core proccesing phones wont matter much all it will do is suck up battery even faster geez do some research so what if they can push 1.2 ghz you can push the snapdragon procceser to 1.2 already all it does is kill your phone faster but who wants that? with battery life still a issue its nothing but a waste… better to wait till they get the battery problem fixed not to mention all the issues the 1st generation dual core proccesors will have.

  19. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem as crisp as the other phones for 720p. But I guess, it’s still an improvement.

  20. This may be the feature I finally root my nexus for.

  21. 1ghz N1 out of date eh?

    Geez it must suck to have bought an iPad last month with a 1ghz processor – I don’t think anyone here would argue with me!

  22. Oh by the way guys, i was just looking for controversy. You guys made my day at work go by faster. lol Long live the N1 and the Android. Carrying an Evo myself.

  23. I’m also really, really gay. Lol!

  24. haha good one

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