Latest Xperia X10 Firmware Update Brings Along WiFi Bug


Quick, name one thing worse than the latest firmware update to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 not being to Android 2.x. Stumped? How about the latest update not only keeping the phone at Android 1.6 but also introducing a WiFi bug that proves to be quite the nuisance when located in an area with poor cell reception. Never mind the fact that you probably rely on WiFi working properly most in areas where reception may be poor, if your signal happens to drop down to zero bars then gets wind of a good connection and the bars jump back up, out goes the WiFi. The issue has only appeared in phones that have gone ahead with the R2BA026 update. Our advice would be to simply steer clear of it and wait for a fix from SE.

[Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog via Engadget]

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  1. What a piece of crap, that X10. Epic fail on the part of S.E.!!!

  2. Damn I’m glad Sony declined to build the Nexus One, this is their flagship phone and they can’t even get it past 1.6. Sony lately has been building mostly crap gadgets. Epic fail for all of Sony.

  3. Too little and Waayyy too late.

  4. perhaps a local issue here in the netherlands i cant recreate the told bug

  5. Insult to injury! Can this thing handle 2.2?

  6. I think the biggest epic fail is alot of the readers of this website…So many putting SE equal to Sony. Its almost 2 independent companies, the only thing they have in common is the sony in their names….Before you start to trash a company at least know what products they have, and which ones they dont…

  7. @LEC, it can, read the specs.

  8. @Nikolaj how are they 2 independent companies…? sony owns majority of SE… get your facts right. People like you are the “biggest epic fail”

  9. Does not happen at all here in KSA. Maybe you guys are doing something wrong. I cannot recreate this “Bug” here.

  10. Oh and BTW, its a 50-50 collaboration so please don’t go around saying Sony has the biggest share. Get your facts right before displaying your brand loyalty on forums.

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