HTC Desire OTA Upgrade to FroYo Started Yesterday


Yesterday, a bunch of you filled our tips inboxes as you were excitedly downloading FroYo to your HTC Desire  handsets. HTC first confirmed that unlocked handsets would be receiving the upgrade sometime this weekend, and while the goods didn’t start rolling out until later in that time frame (Sunday compared to Saturday) they still technically delivered as promised.


Wait, why are you still looking at  this? Your OTA is probably done downloading and ready to be installed (that’s if you aren’t already reading this from your FroYo-stuffed Desire).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Of course no where on its support site does it specify unlocked handsets only. You can expect some folks not in the know to be pissed off.

  2. so when will the incredible be getting this?

  3. Hmm, I’m on an unlocked Desire and not got anything yet

  4. There are some sreenshots of the new features of Android 2.2 on the HTC Desire at webinity.tumblr.com

  5. Guyz, I’ve already got it (yesteray evening) but do not expect the SD card installation. The update is not taking it into account ;(

  6. I got it yesterday by manually checking for updates.

  7. I’m pretty sure by “unlocked” they mean “unbranded”. For example, all of the Desire’s sold by O2 are “unlocked” inasmuch as they can be used on any network, but they have the O2 splashscreen and O2 have given a “several weeks” timeframe for the release. Apparantly this is all to make sure it works with their APN settings and voicemail. Seems like a ridiculously long time but whatever. It’s just a bit annoying for me,as I use it on Vodafone, so I’m waiting several weeks for them to release an update that’ll essentially ruin my APN’s but never mind!

  8. Got it yesterday – ironically it refused to install at first because there wasn’t enough internal free memory…

  9. Is anyone else having trouble with the browser crashing upon trying to open it, since the 2.2 upgrade?

  10. I got yesterday the FroYo update OTA on Desire (unbranded / simfree) :)

  11. also got it by manually checking…

  12. Got the update yesterday. Runs great – no problems. Install was a breeze.

  13. Got it yesterday something about 5 p.m. GMT +2. Installed smoothly (unbranded phone). Finally I can move applications to the SD Card.

  14. okay got it now after removing root

  15. …patiently waiting Froyo for the MTS3G…

  16. Still nothing from Vodafone UK, phone seems unbranded (def no voda logos) with no custom software either, but can’t see any update even if checking manually :-(

  17. i’m on orange with a debranded desire, anyone with the same setup get the update yet?
    Alos just wondering if after you update you will need to reconfigure all your home screens and redownload apps?

  18. Sorry to double post but an update is showing for my phone, 2.09.405.8 90mb is this froyo?
    Dont want to donwload yet until some one else on debranded orange handset has done this.

  19. Follow this link if you haven’t already gotten your Desire OTA. The HTC Desire isd coming to US Cellular this month. If you plan on getting it you should save the file. http://androidreviewer.com/htc-desire-official-froyo-2-2-ota-file-get-yours-here/

  20. I could download it ota. When I installed, just stuck at fastboot menu. I couldn’t even launch recovery. I couldn’t do anything but reboot. So, system was not updated. I don’t know why and still can’t have 2.2..feel bad. If someone can help, please help me.

  21. Tell me if I’m missing something!

    Installed2.2 update yesterday…

    Checked the market for Adobe Flash player, er no where to be seen. All I saw was the flash showcase which isn’t the installer.

    I then tried playing a flash video – http://www.hbo.com/html/error/browser_message_e.html?return=http://www.hbo.com/

    Didn’t work…


  22. sawcary,i did the same thing,but noticed the down load has
    the wrong software number for my desire.its software number is 1.15.405.4 wheras the download needs 1.21.405.2 this maybe why you cannot make any progress.just a guess mate! good luck

  23. Has it come out for australia yet? I own one and its not telling me that it can update…

  24. just upgrade it got a few new features like voice search, appshare, WiFi hotspot and a flashlight, amongst many others. It redefines sharp response and speed.

  25. i loved my new htc evo until a few weeks ago. after i updated my phone, weird things started happening, and wondered if anyone here has the same problems. i will be texting someone and then an error pops up on my phone saying the htc error has stopped, but not only that, it actually erases all of my text messages to and from everyone, and has done that now daily, even a couple times a day. it has froze up a few times as well, but the texting situation is more than just annoying!! can anyone tell help me with this? i have looked all over the internet for help, and this is the first place i’ve actually asked anyone. i was also on the phone with sprint for 49 mins, and they couldn’t help me, and then forgot about me, so i hung up. they tried to reconfigure my phone, and that didn’t even work, it said no changes were made. does this have to do with that update i downloaded about a month ago? will this new download available cure this problem? thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help me!!

  26. Hi! I bought an unlocked (and I think it’s also unbranded) Desire and I don’t get update it. I’ve checked for updates in setup but I don’t get anything. Is there any way to check if my phone is really unbranded or it’s a branded-unlocked one? I’m from Spain and I know there are many other people that get the update. Can somebody help me?
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  27. Hello… Same here, no froyo, 6th of August. HTC Desire, bought from Vodafone Romania, should be blocked but SIMs from other networks work, no branding, so it is unlocked, unbranded…
    Firmware version 2.1-update 1
    Build number 1.21.405.2 CL174215 release-keys
    I’ve seen people with this configuration and even with blocked phones in Romania (both Orange and Vodafone) got the update already, so it just seems very weird that this process is so random.
    Some sign from HTC would be welcomed, I’m beginning to feel we’re ‘left out’. Quite an important update for Desire, I really want to know what is going on here. Has anybody made the update recently? It appears it stopped after the 3rd or so…
    I’ve checked for updates manually, nothing, I restarted a couple of times, changed the locale to en_us, tried from different wifi connections, and over HSDPA Vodafone, no update… Weird.

  28. Same here, same configuration, Firmware version 2.1-update 1
    Build number 1.21.405.2 CL174215 release-keys, the phone was buyed from Germanos, Bucharest, Romania.
    When i check for updates i get the message: Your phone is up to date, There are no updates available for your phone. I’m sad for this…

  29. still not working, HTC have a bad attitude!

  30. same problem. i’m also running 1.21.405.2 and would like to update to froyo. but phone says that its up to dated upon manual check. even though the phone is unbranded+unlocked but still this problem.

    waqas – sweden

  31. I’m having the same issue. Living in Norway, have no operator lock, but still no update.

  32. Same FW, same Build, and same problem :-(
    Denmark – TDC

  33. And now i got the update :-P

  34. Using HTS desire unbrabded and unlocked in 3 UK network. Just now got the update, but lost network connection and wifi. I want to degrade as the phone become useless after it. Any help plz

  35. Hi everybody.Same problem as jayg29,did’nt found flash player app in the market since I’ve upgraged my desire under 2.2 froyo… does anyone have an answer for that?thanks and sorry if my englishis little bad :)

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