EVO’s New Android 2.2 Firmware Upgrade Features Previewed on Blurrycam


The upgrade to Android 2.2 is right around the corner (we can claim that as fact now) for the HTC EVO 4G, and with that some unofficial (but just as juicy) previews of the new features have been caught on blurrycam. The dedicated flashlight app – upon opening – presents you with nothing other than a (gasp!) flashlight. Press the power button in the center to turn it on, and the flashlight on the screen gives off a nice, bright glow (oh, and those handy LED lights on the back of the phone will light up, too).


Events and birthdays from your friends’ Facebook profiles are just as they sound – a great addition for anyone that’s ever said photos and status updates just weren’t enough. Finally, they’ve previewed the App Share feature that will allow you to share applications via the standard sharing features on Android. It’s not clear yet on how apps will be shared (more than likely a market link with the app’s title and maybe some descriptive text – I’m sure you won’t be able to freely distribute full applications).

Finally, the upgrade will bring in full car dock functionality. While there was a car-centric application before, the lack of a dock deemed any specific developments for it unnecessary. We’ll just have to wait for more details on that whenever Sprint and HTC are ready to offer up the accessories everyone’s been waiting for.

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yay…..froyo! My EVO is smiling.


  3. is the facebook thing for droid 1 and X as well on the froyo update?

  4. The features highlighted here – as far as we know – are Sense/Sprint only.

  5. I miss this i use to have this on the HD2 and now its on its way to my Evo! It actually gives you 3 options- One LED on, or 2 Led on, simpley by clicking the button! its awesome!

  6. @Quentyn Kennemer:
    The leaked Incredible Froyo ROM has all the same features.

  7. The X already has app sharing. You goto manage applications, click on one and it gives the option to share. It sends a market link by either email, gmail or txt.

  8. As another poster pointed out these features are going to the incredible also. As a source from google said the share app feature will also be used for googles app inventor apps

  9. @Quentyn Kennemer & crazydog
    It is feature available to Sense/HTC the droid 1 and X are made by motorola so it may not have them.

  10. Cool, can’t wait to tinker with it. I love new layers on top of things that are still new to me :)

  11. EVO is way cool, unlimited data (yes some only get “unlimited” data via 3G due to the market). Hands down the best phone and service on the market … regardless of how I hold it or if my bumper is on or off :-) And the battery is just fine …. thank you very much!

  12. Got the ‘LED Light’ widget… it is awesome and matches the 4G widget perfectly. It can’t get much better than this unless there was a setting to adjust the brightness and it dimmed the screen while the flashlight was on.

  13. Hey guys, just got off the phone with Sprint. The lady checked on the official update that was announced on their Twitter page. She said it’s supposed to be August 2nd, a full day ahead of schedule….I’m so excited….I just can’t wait. :-)

  14. Tuesday is a strange day to release an update.
    I do hope for Monday.

  15. Well I’m going to pee in my geek pants. I’m a brand new android user still blown away by 2.1. Bring it! EVO!

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