The Back Side of the MyTouch 3G HD


T-Mobile’s busting at the seams with information lately. We’ve seen the MyTouch 3G HD pictured before, but that was only a side angle shot showing the front. If you’re more of a “back” person, then these are for you. We obviously can’t make out the material of the backing, but it does appear to be shiny. It could either be metallic or just plastic with a white/silver shine, but does it really matter?

mytouch 3g hd back

Above the door (which has the small version of the MyTouch 3G logo on the bottom of it) you can find the protruding camera with what looks to be an LED flash to the left and the speaker on the right. That’s all that we can gather from this right now, obviously, but it’s always good to see an unannounced product come together at more angles than one.

[via TmoNews] [Thanks, Jr!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I see what looks to be a dedicated camera button.

  2. @MT Oh yea, we saw that in the last shot with the button on the other side most likely being the volume rocker.

  3. Actually I’m not so sure on that because it’s odd to find a volume rocker near the bottom of the phone.

  4. I can’t think of any other reason to have a button in that position than for a camera. I’m not sure, but is this a first for a smartphone?

  5. This & HSPA+!!! Bring it on!!!

  6. Thanks Quentyn for the mention.
    I think this does match up with the picture from T-mobile’s website because the notch on the bottom right hand side which wasn’t visible in the front picture looks like a charging port or maybe a mini hdmi port. Just flip the picture around so the notch is on the left and match it up with the picture on this website:


  7. Basiclly its the Nexus One Tmobile Style (plastic)- LAME, sorry T-MO but this still gives me no reason to go back to you after getting my Evo.

  8. Quentyn, MT – How about dedicated camera on the side facing us and on the other side what we’re seeing is a port? micro-usb or mabye HDMI!!!!!! :)

    But i’ll admit, whatever the case i’m buying it, and i kinda hope the black that we are seeing has a rubbery grip to it

  9. It does have a striking resemblence to the Nexus One. But I would imagine this phone would beat the crap out of the Nexus One. It better, otherwise…what’s the point in buying it?

  10. Plasticsmastic, that’s what cases are for.

  11. Wonder what the button is on the opposite side of the camera button. Would be a really bad location for a power/hold button.

  12. i might get this if it has stock android…thats all i want everyone is saying that the nexus one was the best android phone all around so far, so why not make a bigger better version of that? the ui on the mytouch slide is horrible and dumbed down

  13. It looks like a cheap version on the nexus. I’m sure the specs will be improved but the aesthetics matter to me as well. If I am going to pay $500+ for a phone it better look and feel like a $500 device. That is one reason (there are many) I decided to keep my nexus and stay away the galaxy s. Having a metal phone just makes it feel like a higher quality device. The best phones in terms of sex appeal and build quality are the N1, HTC desire, HTC legend, and the iphone4. Im excited about the rumored Desire HD, it could finally be the high end replacement for my nexus I’ve been waiting for. I might have to snag one from overseas.

  14. @ bobbert – It’ll probably be running t-mobile’s version of sense. Can’t wait to see the full specs on this. Not that i plan on giving up my Vibrant for it.

  15. Ugh, I just picked my father up a MyTouch Slide in the BOGO sale, but he doesn’t even use the keyboard. This would have been perfect for him!!!!!!!!! Why could this not have been leaked sooner!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. definite upgrade from my original MT3G its about time hopefully will have at least 2.1 maybe even 2.2 : D

  17. I know it might sound superficial, but I’m really praying that they keep the mytouch main marketing features (like different colors and a lot of personalization). That’s what made me switch to Android-the fact that I could have a phone not a lot of people have. I got a mt3g about a year ago and have been waiting for the perfect phone to upgrade. I was planning on getting the mt3gs, BUT if all that has been said about this one is true (latest android and HSPA), I’ll wait to get it (hopefully they’ll have a white version as well).

  18. On the top we can see the camera, with some sort of flash along with a speaker right next to it. On the bottom we can see the dedicated camera button on the other side opposite of the camera button we can see the charger slot (bump only).

  19. oddly enough, the back DOESN’T look cheap and plasticky like the front

  20. hopefully its real and there is a white version,if so ill get it and give the slide to my sis

  21. Yum. MT3GS + Nexus + new technology. Diggin’ it.

  22. & HSPA+!!! It’s gotta have it. I have faith.

  23. Neither this photo nor the front photo, are good enough to determine what the materials are.. The “plasticy” comments are funny, and the fact that one person says it. and then others follow that comment like lemmings is even more hilarious.. I Look forward to seeing your comments when good pics come out in the future.. I have an original myTouch.. to me, the Motorola Droid was “plasticly” ..HTC phones all seem more solid to me.. I don’t see how any of you would even consider that this phone is going to be made of cheaper materials.

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