HTC Shakes Things Up With Their Management Configuration


HTC’s looking to capitalize on the great success they’ve achieved (and enjoyed) lately by positioning themselves to take the market by the horns with even more ferocity. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer – one of the biggest supporters of Android since its inception – is announcing new hires and promotions within their company to make sure they remain ahead of the curve.


Jason Mackenzie – former vice president of Sales and Marketing for HTC America – is now the president of HTC North America and Latin America. HTC applauds Jason for being one of the main reasons they’ve enjoyed continued success on this side of the globe. HTC’s also filling three more positions in their high-level management team.

Jougi Kodera comes from the outside as HTC’s new chief product officer. Ron Louks will be HTC’s chief strategy officer (with his role being mainly to drive innovation and technological advances within the company). Finally, David Chen – a man who’s also been with HTC through thick and thin – will be promoted to chief engineering officer. In other areas of the world, Florian Seiche will take the reigns as HTC’s president for their European, African, and Middle Eastern divisions.

HTC hopes this line-up will continue to drive everything that’s made their business so successful. Being a company with a lot of “firsts” in the smartphone game they know more than anyone how important it is to stay ahead of the pack in order to be successful. Read on for a full briefing on all of the new hires, promotions, and the new responsibilities incurred by the changes.

HTC Strengthens Management Team in Preparation For Future Growth

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, July 29 /PRNewswire/ — HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today announced a series of executive promotions and newly created management positions focused on building a stronger foundation for future growth.

“As the smartphone industry expands at this lightning pace, it is essential for HTC to grow its management capabilities from within while also adding outside expertise,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “Today’s announcement is not just a signal of our current growth and progress, but of our vision for bringing unique smartphones to people all over the world.”

Ron Louks, Chief Strategy Officer

As HTC’s newly created chief strategy officer, Ron Louks will be responsible for driving new strategic initiatives, technology incubation and will work closely with HTC’s engineering and operation departments. Prior to joining HTC, Louks was the chief technology officer at Sony Ericsson.

Kouji Kodera, Chief Product Officer

As HTC’s newly created chief product officer, Kouji Kodera will be responsible for HTC’s global product portfolio planning and management. As a seasoned veteran of the mobile industry, Kodera has a strong track record of building device portfolio strategies. Prior to joining HTC, he worked for Sony Ericsson as its head of products.

David Chen, Chief Engineering Officer

Previously vice president of product development, David Chen has been promoted to chief engineering officer, David Chen will continue to drive HTC’s product development and engineering. As one of HTC’s first employees in 1997, Chen has played a key role in HTC’s success. Under his leadership HTC has successfully created many of the world’s first and most innovative smartphones.

With this announcement, Horace Luke, HTC’s chief innovation officer and John Wang, HTC’s chief marketing officer will work closely with Kodera and Chen to strengthen HTC’s overall product offerings around the world.

Jason Mackenzie, President, HTC North America and Latin America

Previously vice president of HTC North America, Jason Mackenzie has been promoted to president of HTC North America and Latin America. As president, Mackenzie will continue to drive HTC’s strategy and market growth in North America and Latin America where he has contributed to HTC’s strong performance. As one of HTC’s founding North American members in 2005, Mackenzie has led HTC’s strong growth in North America.

Florian Seiche, President, HTC Europe, Middle East and Africa

Previously vice president of HTC Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Florian Seiche has been promoted to president of HTC EMEA. As the founder of HTC’s EMEA operations in 2005, Seiche has grown HTC’s business and brand to be one of the top smartphone makers in EMEA.

HTC also announced that Jason Juang, a senior executive vice president at HTC, has left the company to pursue other opportunities.

About HTC

HTC Corporation (HTC) is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile phone industry. By putting people at the center of everything it does, HTC creates innovative smartphones that better serve the lives and needs of individuals. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under ticker 2498. For more information about HTC, please visit

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  1. Nothing excites me quite as much as corporate departmental employment exposition.

  2. @DanGrover lol me too, I can’t get enough of this sort of info :D

  3. This is the problem with the corporate world today. Too many cheifs and not enough indians. Aside from trying to justify their own job using coplex phrases like “cornering the market” and “enterprise-wide solution”. These individuals are nothing more than glorified share holders who will blindly make critical business decisions based on lining their own pockets. Decisions that shift the fulcrum to great success or financial ruin (Enron)?

  4. Anon, you’re a bufoon. A decent CEO or Exec can make the difference between a business doing well and doing badly – that’s WHY they get paid what they do. The HTC Board of Director’s wouldn’t choose to pay them so handsomely if they didn’t.

  5. i’m sure their hiring or making regional execs to speed up progress for the various markets they’re expanding in. Hopefully this will bring faster updates for all.. Some people will whine and bitch about anything..

  6. DanGrover, We completely agree with you. A SINGLE, or at most, A FEW, good CEO or Exec, NOT 20. Communications become blurred and overall goals become skewed in an ecosystem where there are too many decision makers. Focus shifts from long term profits to short term, people loose jobs, stock prices drop, and the execs get their golden parachute and move on to the next company to bleed dry.

  7. Hey guys I just want to put out there that u guys
    Are doin great out there as far as HTC phones
    Goes the best phone ever and I’m defiantly recommending
    These phones to everyone I hope the best for u guys
    And keep up the awesome work!!!!!….Ur hard work has
    Defiantly paid off..good job guys

    Sincerely Luke

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