Froyo Bound for UK Galaxy S Come Septemeber



While the leak of an official Froyo ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S might suggest the update to Android 2.2 might be coming to the international version of the phone rather soon, Samsung’s UK Twitter account revealed that the end of September is the likely target. Still a bit farther off than we could hope, but we must commend Samsung for how transparent they have been lately with the Android 2.2 update compared to earlier debacles with getting promised updates to other handsets.

I’m staring at the international Galaxy S sitting on my desk and considering throwing the update on there and promptly video reviewing it for the benefit of you lovely readers…so should I do it?

[via Android Central]

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  1. Yes..you should, We love to eat popcorn and watch Froyo…please play froyo for us. We are people.

  2. Yes! Upgrade ! ! Patiently waiting for my Captivate to get 2.2!!

  3. Do it man!!!

  4. please make a video where you show how to do the update! then you could show a comparison between eclair and froyo. maybe some benchmarks. yummy yummy

  5. Given this time frame, how much you wanna bet the Fascinate on Verizon will come with Froyo out of the box, and that’s why Verizon is waiting so long to release it? At least, that’s what I’m hoping for. After taking a hard look at the UI on this phone, I’ve found that it’s nothing like previous incarnations of TouchWiz (which I hated), and is quit a refreshing change from Sense UI, which I do like very much, but is somehow already starting to feel dated. Not only that, but the Samsung beats HTC hands-down in hardware specs. Therefore, I am over my obsession with the Incredible, and can’t wait to get my hands on the Fascinate. Given this revelation, I’m glad I wasn’t eligible for upgrade when the Incredible came out, as I’d now be stuck with it. Kinda funny, since a similar thing happened last time. I had my heart set on the Omnia 2, but due to the delay in release, discovered and fell in love with Android and HTC Sense, leading to my purchase of the Droid Eris. It’s ironic that a delay caused me to flip-flop from Samsung to HTC, and now another delay is having the opposite effect.

  6. YES! please! i have this phone and I love it but I’ve been considering ROMs to speed things up. I also don’t know the pros n cons of the process. If it will dangerous or disrupt the phone’s natural update process.

  7. Yes please do it! And do benchmarks like Linpack and Quadrant!! :D

  8. Ah. The good ole month of Septemeber. Right before Octotober.

  9. Septemeber?

  10. I say so it also, with Evo, and all verizons droids getting upgraded in the next 2 weeks i dint think Samsung can afoord to wait til end of sept… Just my opinoin..

  11. phandroid kneeds speel chek

  12. Actually was typing that as i drove, didnt know u were trolling around checking spelling words. Smart people who read it knew what i meant…

  13. Respect to Samsung to really supporting the consumers with this device. If Samsung carry on this way, they’ll shed their poor customer service and technical support reputation pretty quick. Keep up the good work Samsung, you make your customers very happy :-)

  14. DUDE if u throw froyo on there ill send u sum porn or sumthin.. i have a hard on for froyo

  15. Froyo 2.2 is not bad (not the fastest yet) but memory cards are readonly (no file copy from inside the phone) so had to flash back

  16. the phone is freakin awesome and samsung is really pushing their software development to the limit, thats nice for a change, go sammy!

    i tried the jp3 yesterday and yeah, it is an alpha version. althought it seemd stable, the lagging was terrible. has some very neat features thou… im waiting for a more stable release. i think this time sammy will take their time to come up with a sleak, bug free firmware :)

  17. Naa, just wait for the real release…

    I like my galaxy s the way it is now … do i want to stream videos… sure but im hardly in a situation where i’d do it often.

    I’ll just sit here patiently with my Vibrant and wait. Probably for a several more months.

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