Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) Android 2.2 Official Test Firmware Leaked


We’ve always suspected Samsung would try to work at breakneck speeds to get Android 2.2 out to their Galaxy S users (there’s no way they’ll sell the phone in every market known to man and not pour a ridiculous amount of resources into it) but we weren’t expecting it so soon. A test build of the official Android 2.2 update (international version) has been leaked by Samsung Firmwares.


Firmware version I9000XXJP1 clocks in at 252MB and supports a myriad of languages: Polski,  Portugues,  Romana,  Slovencina,  Slovenian,  Suomi,  Svenska,  Turkce,  Russian,  Chinese, Bulgarian, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Hrvatski,  Italiano,  Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Magyar,  Nederlands.

The file should be available very early tomorrow morning (5am Eastern Time, to be exact) so if you have an international version of the Galaxy S (it won’t work for the Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate) be sure to check back in with Samsung Firmwares for the download.

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  1. Love to see this thing benchmarked now… oh please someone do it already!! I would if i had one!

  2. “it won’t work for the Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate”
    …yet. You know the root community will rip it apart and find ways to make it work.

  3. why wont it work with the vibrant and captivate? I thought other than the front camera and form, they were identical… Does that mean if I import an unlocked galaxy S from Canada to use on AT&T, I will have to use custom firmware?

  4. If the Galaxy S that Canadian carriers release is similar in hardware to the international version, it may work with international firmwares. The one caveat is that sometimes the radio software is hard-coded for the bands the phone can support, and Canada’s won’t have the same bands as the international version. So it might require modification.

  5. Any one notice how sharp the text is in that screen shot?? Its extremely clear from what I can tell…

  6. it won’t work for the Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate until the dev community gets it and modify it o so slightly.

  7. Wow that was fast. Go sammy

  8. I guess this puts the rumors to rest about Samsung not supporting the Galaxy S device with future updates.

  9. I cant live without SAMSUMG

  10. I can’t wait to get this on my vibrant! I want my flash player! (drooling)

  11. well that sucks, just got a captivate, it dont even have a flash player, severl web sites i used to go to just have a black box with a flash 9 icon in middle,,,, not cool samsung, gees thought this was a smart phone

  12. Time to root my Vibrant. :)

  13. And I will use the Swedish Language on my phone!!!

  14. Looks like I will be getting the Epic 4G

  15. 2.2 is all fine and dandy, but I’d rather see that Samsung fixes GPS on Galaxy first, as they are all more or less dead for now.
    I’ve just returned mine after a week of playing with it. It behaved really stupid from time to time, locked itself every now and then, apps would crash without reason etc.
    Mostly because of all the apps running in background without easy way to kill them dead.
    Hopefully memory leaks and stuff will be fixed in next release, I really liked the phone…

  16. @Dan, are you out of your mind?

    Samsung is one of the biggest and best tech companies of our age. Forget HTC or Apple. They are not even close to the yearly profit of Samsung. Even combined lol. Sure, no company is perfect and Samsung made some mistakes but that’s not going to happen again. Especially with a phone with a worldwide launch that sold over half a million in Korea ALONE!

  17. in a month :)

  18. Mhhhhmmmmm Froyo 2.2 (drooling).

    I have the international version (UK) and cannot wait till this is available to download, which should be this afternoon hopefully.

    Samsung are keeping their promise this time around and supporting their product. Afterall, SGS is too good a handset not to support.

    @ Joseph your’re absolutely right Samsung is one of the biggest tech companies out there and the world’s largest conglomerate by revenue. Just a fact for you (annual revenue – US $173.4 billion in 2008).

  19. nice one sammy :)
    this was quick!

  20. @Joseph
    But Samsung is not only selling phones!
    (and apple) as far as i know HTC only sell phones…

  21. @bob, yeah but that was not his point (i guess). samsung has nuch more resources than the other two. if you look at the employs: apple 34,300, htc 5,569, sammy 276,000 … also samsung has always been a big name in the mobile section

  22. will this firmware fix the gps problem? because is making me go bananas..go Samsung.

  23. GPS fix or not (not even sure my is broken because I’ve never tested it) Can’t wait for some froyo action. Looking forward to some tasty froyo on my Vibrant. Still very impressed Samsung.

  24. the gps issue has already been fixed (for me at least) with the JM2 firmware some days ago!

  25. I have bought a European (maybe from Germany or the UK) of the Galaxy S. I love the hardware but I am have 3 major problems:
    1- After me installing several apps, the phone is very slow at times when moving from one app to another…. I am using Advanced Task Killer, to kill the open apps but still, there are times that it is still too slow… just like my old Nexus One. I sure hope that Froyo (2.2) will solve these problems.
    2- VIDEO OUT- I tried 2 video out cables to get the Video out to my TV and nothing. I tried with the NTSC or PAL settings but nothing. I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?
    3- I hope that the GPS will be fixed. I also have a hard time to get connected witht he GPS sometimes. Does anyone knows where to get this the GPS firmware fixed? Any link to download a fix, like the guy above said?
    *** Does anyone know of the 2.2 Froyo upgrade link to download yet?

  26. i gonna get a galaxy s when my upgrade is due on the 13th august i cant wait :D but does this mean the handset i will get will come with 2.2?

  27. @Damir : the GPS problem you have is caused by the Application Killer app.. it kills part of the subsystem responsible for the GPS fix.

    Don’t use it (or wait for an update from the guy who wrote the app) and you’ll be fine.

  28. Hey guys. Just wondering if you could help me out an an issue i have. I live in the UK and I really wanna get a Galaxy S but i plan to move to China. Therefore i need a Galaxy that has menus in English but can read and input Chinese characters in text messages.

    In Android 2.2 it apparently says it can do this. Can anyone confirm this for me? Thanks.

  29. Shea, I don’t know if Galaxy S will do this for you but, I am positive the higher end Nokia phones DO. My son uses his Nokia with Chinese characters when he is in China *he goes to school in Beijing* but, when he is in North America he can switch the language of the OS back to English. Hopefully all the android phones will successfully be able to do this with no flaws. If you need it done reliably right now I’d still go with Nokia though. OR wait till you are in China and buy a phone there. ALL the phones I saw there were capable of changing to an English OS if needed but, come out of the box in Mandarin naturally.

  30. I am considering buying a vibrant from bell and unlocking it to work on my providers network Rogers! I prefer the vibrant form factor to the captivate and the vibrant has the front facing cam( qik chat) yo!

  31. I think I’m going to take my Vibrant back.

    The GPS bug makes the phone useless for a myriad of tasks (Hint: GPS isn’t JUST for Navigation). If I just wanted to use apps and dial numbers, I would have gotten a $10 flip phone off eBay and brought an iPod Touch. I could have saved money.

    The phone does freeze up and start running slow from time to time.

    The Widgets are terrible. The Exchange Client doesn’t support HTML email with Hotmail.

    RSS Feeds in my Exchange Corporate account show up as empty folders on the top of the Email client. There is so many things wrong with the software in these phones… Samsung should be embarassed. Feels like an A+ piece of hardware shipped with Alpha-level software on it. Should not be acceptable.

    No one should have to root and modify (by installing unsupported fixes, etc.) a $500+ USD device just to get it to work correctly.

    That is why I think I’m going to take it back and wait for a G2 or something…

  32. Just run OCLF app from Market and you forget about all the problems that you have. I was reluctant but I finally made it and I am such a happy camper now. It works 100%.

  33. its becoming clear why amazon was able to sell the vibrant for a penny. its about all its worth. I think I should be collecting a check from samsung with as much time spent fixing and dealing with this total piece of junk.

  34. almost afraid to ask with all the quick fixes that dont fix a thing but what is oclf?

  35. Hey guys, will this test firmware be released through Kies or through some other means?? I would like to know that because if this is getting released through KIES software or available through Samsung website, then I am fine in updating my phone to it. Else, a strict NO.

  36. And also, I have a very important question to ask. Is http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/ a official Samsung website?? I doubt it very much. It is a website not connected to Samsung in any manner is what I believe. I would like to know from people about the official Samsung link to this website. No where in the samsung website has this site been mentioned???

  37. @ Ron

    1.The phone is very slow at times when moving from one app to another…. I am using Advanced Task Killer, to kill the open apps but still

    Remove Advanced Task killer – It actually slows down the phone!!!

    2- VIDEO OUT- I tried 2 video out cables to get the Video out to my TV and nothing. I tried with the NTSC or PAL settings but nothing. I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

    Use mini jack to 3 phono and stick the RED in the video and the yellow in the right sound port.
    If you plug it into a Scart adapter do the same thing RED IN VIDEO!!!

  38. Hi all,
    I bought galaxy S i9000.. it’s really slow especially if you open messaging, contacts, dial panel and some menus.
    It’s a very nice and elegant mobile phone BUT I’m not that satisfied sometimes!

  39. november 11 is when the US is getting the update

  40. well people, dont expext much from phones. thats why you have computers for. for all your flash and whatever needs. am I right

  41. I did update to 2.2 whow
    much faster and better

  42. its late december and still no update. seems like samsung doesnt care about there users anymore. Only money hunnggyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! the reason is because they made over 27 billion dollars selling this phone. By my calculations they will not send out update and keep playing this stupid game with their customers.

  43. Samsung finally published the Froyo update for the Spanish Movistar Gaxaxy S in late December. all of a sudden, the phone just hangs up randomly in the middle of conversations. I haven’t run any benchmarks but the phone seems a lot slower than under 2.1. Skype works, which is a welcome change. I’ve never liked Flash so I haven’t even tried it.

  44. here is a tutorial on how to safely update Samsung galaxy to I9000XWJS3 and root also,there is one for sale at 305 euros http://www.sh-phones.com/?p=35

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