Camangi Market Invites Android Developers to Target Tablets


Camangi Market is calling on all developers interested in developing applications for Android that would tailor specifically to devices in the 6-inch to 10-inch range (tablets and MIDs, basically). With the Android tablet market getting ready to explode pretty soon (new devices are announced – at least in prototypical form – every day) this will be a welcome movement to get developers engaged in developing apps that take full advantage of all the screen real-estate that comes with devices that big.


Camangi – already an alternative market for finding and downloading Android applications – will prominently display tablet-specific apps to make them easier for people to find (the Android market currently doesn’t prominently differentiate apps by screen size or form factor). It helps that they offer an Android-based tablet of their own, so you can be sure they’re deeply invested in getting the tablet-specific apps market to take off. If you’re a developer and would like to get your app submitted to Camangi for inclusion, be sure to head over to their site to register. You can also contact market [at] camangi [dot] com for more information and details.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. how will be know google wont have a tab of their own dedicated to MID/tablets in the future?

  2. People of Lava released an Android TV before Google TV was announced.

  3. There’s an option on the form looked to above says “Join Shopping Bonus program.” I’ll think I’ll pass on these guys.

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