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Fennec, the mobile version of Mozilla’s Firefox currently in development for Android devices, is chugging along slowly while Firefox 4’s “Tab Candy” feature and Firefox Home for iPhone snag up all of the spotlight, and probably for good reason. Most builds to date of the ambitious mobile browser have been a little buggy to say the least. A new version snooped out on Mozilla’s servers shows signs that the mobile browser is finally coming together, however. Check it out for yourself and see if the latest build of Fennec is starting to feel more like the polished Firefox mobile experience we have all been waiting for.

Download Fennec (latest build as of July 24th) for Android

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. FIRST, im excited about the possibilities of this

  2. apk is at least 10 mbs… anyone with room tested this out?

  3. Doesn’t seem to work on my Vibrant.

  4. It’s not letting me install on my Droid X, it starts to then says Application not installed.

  5. Are you serious!!!!!!! :)

  6. Had to uninstall the previous version first to get it to work.

  7. It still just force closes every time I try and use it. N1 CM 6.0.0-RC2.

  8. 30.3 Mb unzipped. Can store part on sd card if you have 2.2. 20.28 Mb left on phone after moving part of it to sd card. Either way it’s a huge file for a browser.

  9. Same issue as Derek, Droid CM 6.0.0-RC2

    loads start page then crash

  10. Installed it on my evo and it looks nicer than dolphin browser hd in my opinion. But typing in the address bar on my evo didn’t work. It didn’t show the characters I was typing until I used the back arrow. But when its done I will use it based on the looks if it works well.

  11. So unresponsive on my evo that it is unusable(like30 second stalls). I’m not surprised cromer on my desktop is way faster on my desktop as well. Although this is really alpha. I’ll try again if they make progress. Although I don’t like how much allegiance they show to the iphone.

  12. Same here, didn’t work on RC1/Mytouch

  13. MT3G: Fennec could not be installed on this phone

  14. I got it installed and opened on my Droid X but it locks up after that…uninstalled.

  15. FC everytime…Droid

  16. I just like the cool symbol

  17. Touchscreen gets deactivated on my Vibrant.

  18. Chrome is better then FF because of the V8 engine and webkit being less bloated but nonetheless competition is good! I’m glad Android makes this possible.

  19. installed on Moto Droid and opened to the “Welcome to Fennec” screen and locks up on that screen. Uninstalled. Unbelievable 30.3Mbs!!

  20. 27mb installed and does nothing but force closes. Awesome. Uninstalled just as quickly as I installed.

  21. Very slow on my Captivate. locked up and forced closed after about 30 seconds, only brought up cnn mobile. couldn’t navigate past that. *deleted*

  22. Excited for the finished product. Currently freezes on Incredible.

  23. have tried running and re-running 4x now, no dice on Samsung Vibrant. takes a long time to start, then does nothing. No response to touch, links do not react. program crashes every time. probably not a stable build

  24. Still slow. Takes up about 33mb of space. Kind of pointless to install since there are so many better browsers out there.

  25. Just wanted to try it on the Evo and it was slow. It took about 10-15 seconds to load a page and when i wanted to pinch zoom, it lags horribly. Uninstalled

  26. Installed this on my EVO using dropbox.
    I try to type in a search, it tells me no results, when I try to click the google button at the bottom it resets my device.
    but not completely reboot, because the bar at the top stays, it just says HTC and my home screen reloads.


  27. Constant force closes on my EVO running CyanogenMod 6. Can’t do anything past the opening screen.

  28. wow, don’t think this software was ready for the limelight

  29. Took it a bit to launch for the first time, but it works great on my Incredible. Well… “great” being all the features actually work. I can type in a URL and browse to it. I can see the tabs and actually add bookmarks. I can pinch to zoom, but the screen blacks out during the redraw.

    It’s a lot of fun to play with. I’m impressed.

  30. Doesn’t work on HTC Hero …

  31. lol at all the force closes, mine works fine.
    Droid, 2.1

  32. No luck on the MT Slide. After a longer-than-normal install time, the app doesn’t run at all! When trying to launch the app, it just draws a black screen and then closes.

  33. Installs fine. Comes up fine. Goes to pre-defined sites fine. IT CAN’T LOAD MY BLOODY keyboard on my DX. Uninstalled for now. Bummer.

  34. Anyone looking for the QR code to get this build can just go to (much shorter than’s full URL).

  35. Works perfectly on my Nexus One running CM 5.0.8 (using apps2sd)

  36. Looks like us Evo users are out of luck. Fennec starts up for me but freezes and then force closes. So disappointed I really wanted to try it out. Guess I’ll have to wait a little longer.

  37. yup can confirm, HTC Hero UK Orange…installed but doesnt open up :( boooooooo………….

  38. In order to get it to work and not FC you have to turn off Swype or Swiftkey Beta and use the normal input keyboard, this still doesn’t mean something else would cause the browser to FC but it is pre alpha…

  39. Just to add to the list of no-go’s: repeated FC’s on UK Milestone on Vodafone. Dang!

  40. Does it support the flash plugin?
    If not, pointless.

  41. Well it seems as if I was one of the few people who actually had this work for me. Looks like the finished build will be very nice and feature-rich, but this is so obviously in Alpha stage to make it unusable as anything more than just a “tryout.” If the finished build works anywhere nearly as well as Dolphin HD, I’ll be switching to Fennec. Of course, by the time Fennec is actually released, Dolphin browser may have evolved into an entirely different browser.

  42. That link is to a “try server” build which was created by a developer to test a specific patch. If you want the latest official nightly build, plus a list of known issues and other news, go to

  43. Works fine on my Unlocked T-Mobile Nexus One running Froyo. Not polished, and is buggy when you zoom in and out on a page, but looks very promising. Very fast page loading. And to answer your question, NO, Adobe Flash is NOT working in this build of Fennec. It works on my phone with the default browser tho. Anyone else notice the strange Save As PDF feature?

  44. locks up my vibrant dammit!!!

  45. Works on my Droid X, but it’s a little slow and buggy. Plus pinch to zoom is jerky and imprecise. Otherwise, this seems to be the most thought through browser for a touchscreen based device so far.

  46. Installed on Droid X android 2.1 locks up right away. Disabled Swype relaunched and it’s working. Currently 2 swype bugs hope they fix that soon. Swype is COOL!

  47. LOL Buy an iPhone. Oh by the way:

  48. I was able to get it to run on my Incredible after disabling Swype. However it is very difficult to get it to work. Sometimes it will take a URL and go. Other times it will hang. Impossible at times to see what you are typing. Force closures.

    Hopefully they can get this working much better as it has the ability to use add-ons just like the PC version fo Firefox.

  49. It seems everyone has forgotten the meaning of ALPHA software! Its going to force close, its going to be a huge file, its going to lock up at random times! From what we can see from this alpha, Fennec will be a great browser for android ONCE its ready.

  50. wow, Fjord Prefect…. that was pretty lame. That wasn’t even a “test”. Get your loser fanboy ass outta here.

  51. FC on eVILS’s NXSense 1.25

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