Bizarre Nexus One/Wiimote/Handlebar Mount Mash-Up Controls your Old School Android Gaming


I’m really not sure what to call this contraption. It makes me feel a bit uneasy, really. In an effort that would make Dr. Frankenstein proud one industrious Android owner has taken a Wiimote and Nexus One, human-centipeded them together with a bicycle handlebar mount, and using the Wiimote Controller app made it possible to have a roving mutant gameboy for playing all of your favorite old school SNES/NES/etc. ROMs.

Call it awesome, call it a little bizarre, chalk it up to the endless possibilities Android provides those with too much free time and clever ideas…really just check out the video below. In the meantime I’m going to check in with McGyver to see what he has been doing with his Android phone lately.

[via Android Central]

Kevin Krause
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  1. hah! That’s awesome!

  2. Let’s not mention Human Centipede again, shall we?

  3. Well. I have a Vibrant and it will probably not work with my phone, for now. Installing it anyhow to allow it to update once the phone is supported. :)

  4. That thing has got to be top heavy.

  5. haha, this should be on

  6. Thanks you for pointing out this application.

    All what I did is (1) activate the keyboard, (2) press that red button near the batteries on the remote (remove the battery cover), and while the blue lights are flashing (3) open the actual wiimote app and hit connect (first box). Easy!

  7. what rom is he using?

  8. lol, pretty cheesy if you ask me…

    I respect the work but to someone with a phone like an EVO with a kickstand this is just silly.

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