ZodTTD (PSX4Droid) Losing Out on Potential Sales Due to Android Market Errors


Bummer. The developer responsible for one of the most sought-after apps this week – the newly released PSX4Droid – is not seeing maximum potential return on his app. For some strange reason, over 6,000 purchases remain on hold with none of them being authorized for download.


We’ve contacted the developer for more details on the issue, but we wanted to get this story out there to see if we can get Google to speed things up a bit on getting things resolved. It must be frustrating for a developer to release an application and not be able to deliver the goods to their customers (And that statement is a bit flawed considering they’re not even the ones responsible for distributing the .apk file here – Google is.)

I imagine it’s even more frustrating for users to see their Google Checkout accounts charged for purchased items without delay but are often denied the ability to download the items. This is most likely just a technical error, but these are the moments where I’m sure everyone (users and developers alike) would appreciate the ability to get in contact with Google to make sure they’re aware of some of the issues people have (or – at the very least – just let us know robots aren’t at the helm of the support forums).

Voice your conerns and “star” this issue over at the thread on Google’s Android Market support forum here.

[Thanks, Jack!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. got that problem :/ and it wont even let me cancel the download to refund! just force closes :(

  2. Could it be because of 24 to 48 hours refund updates?

  3. I had the same problem so I refunded and bought it through the SLideME app. Works perfectly.

  4. I purchased this last night and can’t download but I’m going to wait right before my 24h time is up to refund.

  5. Unfortunately it is happening to not only poor ZodTTD but other developers as well from my understanding. Interestingly enough though it isn’t across the board like your typical error would cause. It is sort of selective but ZodTTD seems to be the most effected.

  6. This also happened to me with Crusade of Destiny. I had to email the dev to get a refund.

  7. I am also stuck at the authorizing purchase step :-(

  8. Nice Google! Give people a 48 hr window for refunds, but freeze access to the program until after that period is up! Sounds very suspect to me…. :)

    ** Said with much sarcasm – I’m sure Google will get it fixed **

  9. I hate the same problem when previously trying to purchase SNESoid. I’ve not had issues with any other Android market app, which makes me suspect it’s the developer’s authorisation system that’s at fault.

  10. Sorry, not hate, had.

  11. bought, got stuck authenticating, refunded. might be in everyone’s best interest for google to add more time to the refund period for those people still stuck and allow for one more additional download before you can’t refund to all the apps affected by this error when things get fixed.

  12. Remeber as I said above you CAN buy it through SlideMe

  13. I just got the notification that PSX4droid has successfully installed. I had bought it last night too, and couldn’t download it. It is working just fine on my Nexus One now.

  14. mine just shook loose on the google marketplace. Just noticed a successful download.

  15. Something tells me, Sony is behind this and the app will be pulled pronto and your money refunded.

  16. It’s been fixed as of 1:10pm EST

  17. This has been happening off and on with our newly launched PhoneCharades app! It is frustrating to see all the missed downloads…

  18. This has been happening with other apps too, but where this one is more popular, it stands out.

    Google needs to improve their market infrastructure- quickly.

  19. I’ve been stuck in the authorization process too. But yesterday evening I checked my download status and its downloaded completely by now. I think Google has to fix this problem asap, because cutomers are more likley to blame the developer first for this problem. And honestly, the developers can do nothing about it.

  20. Is it fixed yet?

  21. Semi off topic, but I couldn’t get any .iso files to d/l over 3G cause files are too big. Refunded, yet had no problem downloading.

  22. I get a lot of emails about this same issue. I have about 3 orders a day that fail in this way and then I get emails about it when there is nothing I can do for it! Also users don’t understand that they think they are being charged when really u are not charged until after 24 hours. So they freak out. If it didn’t download that mean s u are stuck in card verification and u did not get charged yet! I’ve seen every type of stuck purchase since I have a app that sells well. Trust me u are not charged if it gets stuck like this. People just need to stop freaking out so quick.

  23. I had the same problem. Didn’t actually charge my card though. Was able to refund/cancel it, but then I had to jump through hoops to get set up with slideme just to download this app. BTW, it was 100% worth the effort. This is the most I’ve ever paid for an app, but in retrospect, I’d have been willing to pay more for it.

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