T-Mobile May or May Not Be Offering the Nexus One in Stores


I love playing the wording game when it comes to public relations: press releases, official statements, and internal corporate communication are so carefully worded that the smallest detail could make the biggest difference. In this story, TmoNews got a shot of an internal screen stating “The Nexus One was sold and marketed by Google. T-Mobile is not offering the Nexus One through our retail stores.”


At first glance, it sounds like they simply won’t be offering the device ever. Reading between the lines, though, tells us that the statement could just be fluff. “T-Mobile is not offering” is a lot different than “T-Mobile will not be offering”. One is present tense and one is future tense, but I’m sure most of you knew that. Furthermore, T-Mobile directs their agents to inform inquiring customers that the Nexus One is no longer available via the Google store. Why not tell them to include the fact that T-Mobile won’t be selling it either?

Maybe I’m picking at straws, but there could still be room for the Nexus One on T-Mobile’s bright, pink (I’m tired of saying magenta) shelves. We’ll wait for an official statement (which we’ll pick apart just as much) to back this rumor up before we run wild in every direction with it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) Android 2.2 Official Test Firmware Leaked

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  1. You’re really reaching with this one.

  2. ’tis the life of a blogger, I suppose.

  3. Just stop. Run real stories. I’m so sick of customers saying that they read on the Internet we may get it in store. It’s over. It has lived it’s life, it is out-classed by many other devices. T-Mobile WILL NOT carry the Nexus One! It was never a part of the plan. So many other stories you could try to run, do some legwork, find out details about the 4 android devices launching in November.

  4. it is a reach but not too far-fetched. personnally, with the number of highend devices coming out for tmobile, it really doesnt matter

  5. don’t be so sure Quentyn’s blowing smoke here, folks. I had a Tmo store rep flat out tell me they were getting it. He could have been misinformed or hearing rumors as well, however… Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it. :)

  6. I got mine on Craigslist.
    I’m very happy with the phone, which in my humble opinion is still the best available phone for a TMO customer.


  7. @Captain Obvious

    How is the Nexus outclassed by many different phones when IT is the only phone that offers Flash? AND what other phone uses android 2.2? Wow really? No other phone? (oh and I mean officially) Oh ya when your phone finally gets it we will already be on 3.0. LOL you obviously don’t have the phone so why bad mouth it mr obvious? Its been a charm for me. Please dont bring up multi cams or better MP because I dont use the phone as a camera (no one should LOL) nor do I video chat. I have a $1000 camera that I use for photos.

  8. I went to the T-Mobile store the day the Samsung Vibrant came out, and the T-Mobile worker told me that they would get the Nexus One at the end of August. He was telling me that the Vibrant and Nexus One were the best Android phones, but the Vibrant was a lot better. The way he said it sounded like he played with both. I really hope he wasn’t making stuff upp…

  9. Why would T-Mobile even want the Nexus One in stores? It gives them 0 brand recognition, unlike the Captivate (or whichever Galaxy S tmo does have). Between that phone (which out classes the nexus one in every way) and their upcoming HSPA+ phone there is no room whatsoever for the nexus one in tmo retail outlets. It would be overlooked and do nothing more than collect dust.

  10. Overall, this is the best Android phone on the market. The Droid X and HTC EVO are just too big and the Nexus has comparable features. I plan on keeping mine for as long as I can. T-Mobile would be wise to make it available in their stores.

  11. “Between that phone (which out classes the nexus one in every way)…”

    Hahahah! Cheap looking, oversized iPhone-wannabe running an older version of Android.

    I’d take a Nexus One over any Galaxy S any day.

  12. Those saying the N1 is “out classed” by many other phones just plain have it wrong. The N1 is flat out the best android phone on the market. From its VANILLA android interface to its scratch proof, solid construction. All other HTC phones(as well as the moto droids) feel flimsy and plasticky in comparison. The only feature that has been “out classed” by other phones is the camera (who cares?). I know it has the snapdragon processor which has been clocked a little slower than the OMAP (name one instance where this SLEIGHT difference really matters matters) but it doesn’t matter anyway since my N1 has had full release Froyo for months and is faster than any phone out there.

  13. I hope tmobile does start carrying the nexus one. It is still a very capable phone and does have its advantages over my vibrant such as a flash and froyo. Okay maybe those are the only two but its still a great phone and it would be good for tmobile

  14. @helpmonkey

    Oh really how is the nexus one the best android phone on the market?

    Everyone is able to get Vanilla Android Nexus One is done with of which means so will be faster updates. The nexus One processor can’t beat anything newly produced. So what if it has 2.2 so will everyone else. Vibrant even is scratch proof and survives many regular drops without a scratch. Nexus One is only faster BECAUSE OF 2.2 ANDROID once Vibrant receives 2.2 it will blow Nexus One away in the wind and as well as Droid 2 and X

    Anyone that still say Nexus One is the best android device suffers fanboyism to the Nexus One.

  15. “Will T-Mobile offer the Nexus One directly to their customers online or through retail stores?”

    Note that T-Mobile answered the second part of the question (offer through retail stores), but did not answer the first part (offer online). So, if you want to run with it …

    That said, it probably won’t happen.

  16. @2FR35H
    you mean IF the Vibrant gets 2.2
    Why would Samsung care what OS is on the phone AFTER you buy it? They already got paid for the hardware, and creating/testing a 2.2 OTA would just cut into their profit.
    The nexus one is probably the only phone that will ever get a 2.2 OTA upgrade. (fancy press releases != OTA upgrades)

  17. I love my Nexus One, but it is by no means “scratch proof” the display on the Samsung vibrant is better, if you disagree, you are blind. The nexus one is a great phone and would have been great in t-mobile stores but it would be a horrible decision to add it now.

  18. @2FR25H
    Yes, the Super AMOLED is very nice and better than the N1 screen. But that doesn’t change the fact that the phone feels like a cheap, plastic baby toy piece of crap. It also doesn’t change the fact that you’re stuck with “touchwiz” with android 2.1 forever. Even if Samsung cares enough to get you 2.2 (which they don’t), you’ll never see 3.0.

  19. @Aaron
    Ur pretty stupid..
    you are talking about one of the biggest (if not biggest) cell phone making company here.
    Why would they not update 2.2 on galaxy s phones, when they sold more than million units?
    Ppl like you are just blaming urselves for buying nexus one when they could have waited 5months for a much better vibrant.

  20. Vibrant > nexus one

  21. Oh my god, you guys are ridiculous. It’s pretty much a fact that the Galaxy S is much more powerful than the Nexus One. What isn’t a fact is your personal preference. It’s your opinion. Personally, I like the Vibrant’s design better than the Nexus One. I don’t think it feels cheap (which is weird since I usually dislike plastic backs), and I like the weight of the device. Somehow, I’ve also managed to fall in love with Touchwiz 3.0 when I initially hated it when I first saw it. Truth is, you have to use something first before you should mouth off your opinions about it. I also like the design of the Nexus One and the weight of the device, but I prefer a phone where the glass covers everything. Is it just me, or do Nexus One owners have a tendency to be extremely defensive? God, it’s like you guys have iPhones or something ;)

  22. Epic>Nexus One>Vibrant
    sorry gotta love the qwerty keyboard lol

  23. I LOVE the Vibrant, almost bought it. But these people getting so testy about the Nexus One being so outclassed and old compared to their new device must be getting a little defensive about the fact that my phone purchased months ago already has the newest version of Android, while the nice shinny phone they JUST bought is sitting on Android 2.1 for now and at least a little while longer. There are MANY reasons somebody could prefer the Nexus One over Vibrant. Updates would be the main reason I didn’t buy it. I like Froyo and didn’t want to give it up. I know it’s going to come to the Vibrant, but I don’t know when. I don’t know if T-Mobile will strip features out. And I certainly can’t say I know it will get the next update. My Nexus already has Froyo, will receive the next update, BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE, and has no need for T-Mobile to approve any part of the ROM before Google sends it straight to me.

  24. Maybe people are hating on the nexus one because they couldn’t afford paying the full price of the phone. nexus> vibrant

  25. these videos speaks for themselves:
    Now which phone looks like ‘cheap’?

  26. helpermonkey: “Even if Samsung cares enough to get you 2.2 (which they don’t), you’ll never see 3.0.”
    Why not? Samsung will still be selling it at that time and millions of people all around the world will be using it. But the N1 will be discontinued. It may not even have the hardware to support gingerbread. So I doubt google will go through the trouble to bring it to N1.

  27. This N1 vs Galaxy S debate has missed the point of the comment that started it–how does a Nexus One fit in T Mobile’s sales?

    Given that TMO is selling lesser Android phones, not being the top dog doesn’t mean that it has no sell value. Not everyone wants the latest, “best” phone when another phone works just as well. I think the feel of the N1 will matter to some people, as well the ability to run vanilla Android without rooting.

    Why would people buy a Slide when there’s a Vibrant there?

    People complained that T Mobile didn’t offer enough high-end phones, so I think having another would help that perception.

  28. I think that the Vibrant is an awesome phone no doubt and if I didn’t have the privilege of purchasing my N1 months ago (off of Craigslist) I would be in that sucker right now. Fact is ppl their is a point to be made about the staying power of the N1. The ability to run straight VANILLA Android and be FIRST in line for the latest in greatest from Google has to account for something. So, in closing I’ve chose to stay in my N1 for two reasons VANILLA ANDROID AND FIRST IN LINE UPDATES. But with that said my girl will be getting the Vibrant so atleast it will be in our household ;-)

  29. Wow.. your really pulling at straws here. You have a future in law though. :)

  30. This discussion is stupid. I’m an N1 owner, but respect the Galaxy as well. The Hummingbird and the S-Amoled screen are the two big advantages that the Galaxy has over the N1. Personally, I love the N1’s contact points for use in my desktop and car docks and CNC machined aluminum unibody. I also like that I get the OS updates straight from Google…and yes, it does have the hardware required for Gingerbread. If you want the best gaming Android handset, then go with the Galaxy for its superior GPU…if you are an Android purist and prefer for form to mirror function, then go with the Nexus One. Either way, you’re an Android user.

  31. Come on guys, i’m a loyal Phandroid “Phan”, but running an article with this title is absurd. It’d be like reading an article saying “The world may or may not end at some point in it’s existence” lol

    Aside from this article, keep up the good work :)

  32. Awesome article. I now know that for 100% certainty that T-Mobile may or may not get the Nexus One. Will subscribe, this is an epic shockwave of news.

  33. If the UI will be revamped for gingerbread, it may very well be gpu accelerated and the quality of the gpu will make a big difference.

  34. Breaking News: It may rain here a month from now…or it may not.

  35. all I want is a car dock, I was stupid and didn’t get one when I got my N1, now I can’t get it anywhere :(

  36. Ebay has em for 150 buck :p

  37. Vibrant:

    Oh, other than those small details, it is a better phone than the N1.


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