Orange Says HTC Hero Eclair Update Should Begin Rolling Out Next Week



We reported yesterday that some folks with the HTC Hero through Orange were already receiving the first half of the two-part Android 2.1 update, and now it looks like the actual 2.1 part of that update could be rolling out as early as next week. Orange issued the following official statement on the matter:

“We apologise for the delay in Orange Hero customers receiving their Éclair update. Testing the update across European markets took longer than anticipated. However, we hope to receive final approval by the end of the week and Orange handsets should start updating from next week.”

Boy, the Android 2.1 update for the Hero has been one, long, drawn-out saga of empty promises and perturbed customers, but it looks like it may finally be drawing to a close for many owners of the handset. We really hope nothing like this happens when it comes to updates to Android 2.2 and beyond. Is that really too much to ask?

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Great timing, I’ll be on holiday next week but luckily the apartment has free wi-fi! I can’t wait any longer for this update!

  2. @Jon

    It’s well worth it. Enjoy your update Jon!

  3. Still waiting for the Telus Update!

  4. Urgent update for anyone on Orange!!

    I just did a check for update, and it came up with the 2.1 update already – its about 70mb and says it’s the 2.1 Android update in the description. I’m downloading now, but if someone could pass this onto Phandroid then we can get the message out!

  5. Yup, can confirm that this is indeed up and running now. Needed to change the date for the first update to work, but after that the 2.1 update downloaded and works fine.

    Just got to sort all my short cuts now :)

  6. Unfortunately the stock home doesn’t seem to be there anymore, but downloading LauncherPro has completely solved that and improved it. All the sexiness of the new Android UI, but with more customisation, and even helicopter view.

    I am LOVING 2.1!

  7. I’ve had the update for about a month now and I’m on Orange in the UK. Can’t understand why others haven’t.

  8. @Mark
    Did you buy an unlocked Hero and it’s just on the Orange network? Because yeah you would’ve had it ages ago. It’s the poor people who were stuck with the branded Orange Hero that had the issues.

  9. I’m a UK customer & have had no updates, nor do orange acknowledge that there are any available. Am I missing something??

  10. i’m an Orange customer with HTC hero waiting for any hint of an update to 2.1 on my phone but nothing has happened. orange know nothing about it. i’ve tried to download the ROM upgrade from the HTC website but it says that this software does not apply to my phone. has anybody else had this problem and found a way around it?

  11. just solved my own problem. checked the HTC website for updates and found everything i needed there for the 2.1 update.
    i didn’t have the hero(orange) ROM update installed and that prevented the first part of the 2.1 update coming through. The HTC website support page has an item for Hero(Orange) 2.1 update that includes instructions on how to get the correct ROM update. the ROM update is done via your PC (the file is 103MB). once this is installed the first part of the 2.1 update becomes available via your phone. download this and install it before doing anything else. once this was installed i setup a wifi connection, before going to ‘check for updates’, ready to download the second part of the 2.1 update via the phone. the update then downloads and asks to be installed. job done. now to load all my data back onto my phone and get emails working again…

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