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Remove All Traces of AT&T from the Samsung Captivate



Love your Samsung Captivate but does all of the AT&T bloatware and disabled sideloading got you feeling a bit disenfranchised? If you don’t mind thumbing your nose at the man while take a few constructive liberties with the software of your device, BriefMobile has a complete guide to removing all traces of AT&T from your Captivate (aside from the logo printed on the top of the phone, but hey I’m sure some creative solutions could rid you of that as well). After taking the plunge to root and performing a bit of housekeeping in the backend of the Captivate you’ll be saying bye-bye to bloatware and hello to third party APK files. What’s that? You’re almost feeling like a real Android user? Be careful if you do undertake this procedure, young ones, because the only thing worse than an AT&T Android is a bricked one.

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. and now verified as completely legal!

  2. What about the vibrant

  3. does anyone know if the sideloading process commands are compatible on mac ?

  4. Nice! I can finally recommend this device to people wanting a good Android device in AT&T!

  5. @14_ mac version is command line select a number interface link follows:

  6. @eli- can you point me to that info?

  7. @eli- you know.. by pointing me to the next headline. lol. thanks though

  8. I did this to mine last Monday. LauncherPro is a Godsend! TouchWiz sucks.

  9. Remove All Traces of AT&T from the Samsung Captivate

    well…except for the fact you can’t use it on verizon/sprint

  10. I’ll wait till something good comes after the Captivate and the crappy Dell Streak.

  11. After doing all of this: 2x better battery life! Wayy faster, less lag. Awesome.

  12. Does anyone know if you can do this with the tmobile vibrant…… I mean they’re the same Damn phone

  13. @jjfnightS80 Dell Streak is awesome!!! if you dont live in uk wait a bit and try a friends, i love it.

  14. JJFNIGHTS80 if it wasn’t for samsung, the best android phone on AT&T would be an iPhone that had android ported to it

  15. launcherpro plus isn’t on the market so you have to do this for the sake of all those developers who live in countries with no paid app access to the market

  16. @ Sean – twice you’ve asked, and twice you’ve been ignored, why, you ask? because i’m sure somewhere on your browser there is a search bar, hopefully if you have a brain it’s pointed to Google, i and probably all of us could tell you exactly where to go, but we’re not gonna ;) biatch!!!

  17. Oh no you did not just try and start a geek fight with me on a tech blog…Give me you address pussy! Better yet, give me your mommy’s address cause I know you live with her. At least I hope you do, cause no self respecting adult who has a well balanced life would do what you just did. You better be some comic book reading zit faced teen cause if you’re an adult…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  18. This is fantastic! Especially now that “The Man” is now almost encouragingus to root our phones. As a backflip user, it is very frustrating to see my phone slowed by all the crap ATT loads onto their phones. And the fact its not the easiest phone to root either…

  19. @zac- That was extremely mean… But also extremely funny. It made me laugh, keep it up. PS ive never owned an andriod before and I have the captivate but im afraid to root it on my own. Anyone know where i can get some help.

  20. @Sean- the vibrant doesn’t have any AT&T stuff to remove

  21. @Zac – you’re a deek. If he can’t ask that question in your precious comments section, then why even have a comment section at all? To hear baseless speculation and pointless “I wish statements? A Google search would likely lead right back to this post.

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