myTouch 3G Now Free on Two-Year Contract at T-Mobile



The tried and true myTouch 3G is now available for free on a new two-year contract with T-Mobile, so what better time than now to pick up the phone that may be aging but isn’t quite down for the count yet. It is promised an update to the latest Android OS version 2.2 along with added Genius button support found in the myTouch 3G Slide. So if this sounds like the deal for you, head over to T-Mobile’s online store and snag this one now.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. wow this is going to increase android sales further.

  2. maybe if they would update the mt3g it would increase them even more <– angry statement from mt3g owner on horrible 1.6 i have played around with 2.1 and i would like that way better than 1.6

  3. @mt3g why not install 2.2 instead? CM6 RC is already out for the mt3g.

  4. I like the idea of free android phones as well as pre-paid no-contract android phones.

  5. @steve dont wanna void my warranty cause have had many problems with the mt3g already had to have it replaced 3 times

  6. This is not good for Android. Let me explain why:

    Going from 1.5 to 1.6 on my original mt3g was a huge leap.
    Going from mt3g 1.6 to my nexusone 2.1 was another huge leap.
    Going from nexusone 2.1 to 2.2 was another equally huge leap.

    mt3g is so outdated hardware- and software-wise, it probably harms Android’s credibility at this point.

  7. @mt3g when you have an issue you flash a stock rom back on it. They would never know, or you get separate insurance.

  8. I had a MT3G before I got my Nexus.
    It was a pretty good phone after I installed Swype.
    I heard they are getting 2.2 soon.
    Course the N1 already has it lol.

  9. I highly doubt this will ever get 2.2 cuz the phone just isn’t powerful enough. Either way its a great deal for someone who wants an android smartphone but not a superphone like my vibrant.

  10. @mt3g you doing an insurance claim with Asurion you might as well by one from someone off Craig’s or eBay as much as they charge for a deductible. go ahead and root it!!!

  11. @Dominic
    I currently own a MT3G and recently flashed CM6 onto it. Honestly it was like getting a brand new phone that day. I’ve got way better battery life and it’s snappier now that I have my processor O/C’ed to 548 Mhz. It’s really not that bad of a phone but I do plan on picking up the Project Emerald handset at the end of the year.

  12. Oh, the myTouch 3G. My very first Android handset that got me obsessed with this lovely little Google world. While you frustrated me plenty, rooting you did make you usable for a little while. While I have moved onto bigger and better (and usable) things like the Vibrant, I’ll always remember you…. This isn’t too bad for a free phone. It should’ve been free the second the Slide hit, but better late than never.

  13. @snuppple starting on 1.6 is great for a first time user, they dont know the difference andit’s a little more simplified for the noob, you should’ve have never posted an opinion on this topic because it served no point

    @Dominic – Google is your friend, we can’t say that enough on here, search for it, it’s happening, froyo will actually work on phones less powerful then the mt3g

  14. I’m confused. I just checked Tmo’s website and saw nothing about a free mt3g. It actually says it’s $99.99…

  15. This phone is not worth the free price for a two year contract. I’ve had mine for over a year and am consistently disappointed with it on a daily basis. It might be good for those who want a basic intro to Android, but they’ll soon find out that this phone can’t keep up very well with apps that use up memory, basically the one’s you’ll want. You’ll be much happier if you fork over a little more for something with more power, trust me.

  16. @ Andrew & Zac Wow I would of never guessed that but I did google it and see it running on a g1. That’s pretty sweet

  17. it isn’t free, it was a mistake as you can see below the free it still says as low as 37.50 per month… the G1 was never free and that was much older, this phone won’t be either; or at least for a long long time..

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