Epic 4G Coming at End of August, Suggests Samsung TV Website



Coinciding with the release dates of the Vibrant and Captivate, the Samsung Product Support Television site began airing videos about those two devices. A quick look at the same website has a listing for an episode on the Samsung Epic 4G, Sprint’s keyboard-touting 4G version of the Galaxy S, debuting on August 20th. Are we sensing a trend? One need only to connect the dots to assume the Epic 4G may be dropping on or around that date, but we all know what happens when we assume, don’t we? Still, we have a good feeling about the end of August being the touch-down date for the Sprint Galaxy S, so you might as well, too. So does it give the EVO 4G a run for it’s money?

[via Engadget]

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  1. My fingers are crossed that it is going to be out soon. The 20th is acceptable. Just going to be hard to wait. The Epic has also made it’s way back to Sprint’s homepage so I would think an “official” release date announcement is near.

  2. Ok, now where is the Fascinate?

  3. For sure its gonna give Evo a run for its money. If anyone round these parts has seen the Samsung Captivate, the screen on that phone is, shall we say, SWWWEEEEET. As in shwing! (Party on Wayne, Party on Garth) Is that enough reason to get the phone tho? Im looking at this from a personal aspect, so if anyone could or if everyone could please point me towards the phone they would pick. I am getting the Evo or the Epic and my upgrade is in august. Help!!! What should i do?? Thanks everyone!

  4. EVO is a TITAN!!! Samsung better bring it’s A-Game… I hope they do and SPRINT continues to bring these awesome phones to it’s line-up…

  5. @Hampteezy ok so first of all the screen isn’t just pretty to look at,it should help with battery life and its been said to be ultra responsive cos of that atmel maXTouch thing(even though i think the evo uses maxtouch too). 2ndly and most importantly to me, and if u like games, the epic has the best gpu in a phone to date,better than the iphone 4. The snapdragon isn’t good for 3d games. Also the keyboard will make emulators more playable. The evo has hdmi, the epic should have tv out. Now i prefer tv out, for games mainly since hdmi out can only show pics and vids, tv out shows everything that is happening on your phones screen. The epic has DLNA, so if you have the proper setup you can stream vids from your phone to ur tv (provided you have something DLNA certified).
    I’d imagine with the awesome gpu in the epic and its keyboard, once the phone gets 2.2 flash games would actually be playable, since most flash games are meant to be used with a keyboard. To sum up the epic is all round a better phone. It’s newer, but more than that samsung have impressed me with their processors. If you have any questions i will try help. I’m just jealous there isn’t a gsm version cos i would get that.

  6. @Hampteezy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WNt1EQYheQ Thats the best comparison of snapdragon and hummingbird for gaming.

  7. Honestly…..every person that buys this phone simply wished the EVO wouldve came with a Keyboard. That is all. Nothing more…nothing less. Ill be calling telesales on the 18th.

  8. If you go to the Samsung TV website now, the airdate for the Epic 4G episode is Jan 1st, 3000. What happened?!

  9. just went to the samsung website and it now shows the date as Jan 1, 3000 for the epic 4g.
    could sprint have told them something…

  10. If August is true and it doesn’t have froyo loaded then I would skip it.

  11. I wonder if the keyboard requirement for Flash games is the ‘real’ reason why Apple doesn’t want Flash.

  12. Oh no, it looks like I’m gonna have to be woken from my cryogenic freeze to get my Samsung Epic on Jan 1, 3000. At least now it’s at 3:00p now though, I just couldn’t stand to wait until 4:30p!

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