Logitech’s diNovo Mini Bluetooth Keyboard + the Dell Streak = the MID I’ve Always Wanted


OK, so the Dell Streak runs Android 1.6. That fact’s been beaten into a bloody pulp since the day Android 2.1 was announced, but that doesn’t make it any less of a great looking device. Let’s add in a great looking (and sized) Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech – the diNovo Mini – and you’ve got yourself a great looking combo that you should never be ashamed to carry around.

streak smart

The diNovo Mini is meant to go with media center PCs and set top boxes (the upcoming Logitech Revue comes to mind), but thanks to the Dell Streak’s awesome Bluetooth HID support (which we’ve seen demonstrated before) it works just as wonderfully. The only problem we can shake a stick at is the lack of support for the “Menu” button: not a knock on Logitech’s part, but it’ll make for some pretty awkward usage when you have to keep reaching over to the Streak. Perhaps some crafty developers will be able to hack something together and re-purpose that Windows key that most likely won’t see much use otherwise.

Read more about Streak Smart’s experiences with the pair of devices over at their site.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. wow cool, i want one!

  2. Thanks – I surfed right over to ebay and picked up a DiNovo mini…

  3. does this work with the EVO?

  4. It will when Cyanogen adds HID support.

  5. I could care less bout Dell Streak.

  6. The streak is the perfect size. I wonder how the EVO looks in the cradle…

  7. Wished I could get mine to work on my Samsung galaxy s anyone help

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