Barnes & Noble Nook App for Android is Out Today


Just a few days ago, we learned Barnes & Noble would be bringing out an Android app for their eReader platform “very soon”. That very soon was not exhaggerated as it’s now sitting comfortably in the Android market as of this morning. After being beaten to the market by other major players – Amazon, Kobo, and Borders – Barnes & Noble was missing out on the eReader explosion that seems to finally be taking place on Android.

barnes and noble android

It didn’t make sense that they weren’t the first out, either, considering their Nook eReader runs Android. The app gives users full access to their current backlog of titles purchased through Barnes & Noble. It also comes with the standard subset of features that every eReader has with font controls, different orietnations, searches and filters, and more.

If you’re a new user, you’ll even get a few free books worth your time: Dracula, Little Women, and Pride & Prejudice. It’s out now, though, so go ahead and look for it in the Android market if you’ve been waiting for this one. [note]: It’s a ~5mb download, so you may want to ensure you’re on WiFi and free up some space if you haven’t already.

[via Barnes & Noble]

[QR code is coming soon.]

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  1. Cool app, but how do you delete a book from your library? Not really interested in reading “Little Women”.

  2. HOLY [CENSORED]. It’s 17mb with NO install to SD support on FroYo. ARE THEY CRAZY!??!?!

    As a full time games developer and free time Android developer, i have to say many of the big companies are really messing up on the Android Market. Doing stupid things like massive install files, giving 1 control scheme that sucks, giving less features than the iPhone alternative WILL give you a crap Android market rating.

  3. Wow! I am glad to finally see this!

  4. I just dont understand. Nook is an android powefed ereader yet its the last to the android market. Not only that but there is only one android related book on the nook store…kind of dissapointing.

  5. Where are you getting 17 mb? Is there a larger Froyo version or something? It says 5.13 mb for me (eclair).

  6. 17.54mb is nothing. I still have plenty of space left on my MyTouch 3G 1.2 running froyo.

  7. BTW – you can move it to SD card in manage application settings.

  8. Anyone know why it says 5 mb and ends up being over 17 !
    Not cool for those of us who cant install to sd card.

  9. Yea that is kind of weak, but if you must, just delete a few apps you don’t use. The nook is definitely worth it, unless you want to use Kindle for Android, I think it’s 3-4 mb

  10. it is nice to have 2GB of app space. :) Thanks Samsung Vibrant. This is a cool app and I do look forward to Android 2.2 to be able to install apps on the SD card (the other 13GB of space on my phone)

  11. Well, it’s about damn time!

  12. @shawn1224
    Doesn’t give me the SD card option on my Nexus running 2.2. Uninstalled.

  13. @shawn1224
    no you can’t move it to the SD card, i just checked again and the option is disabled

  14. Ok… so if I install this, and buy some books… can I later purchase an actual Nook and put my books on that device? Do I own my library in that sense? The one-time sharing thing on their website has me confused…

  15. @Aeires and Maj, what froyo are you running? I’m running cyanogenmod6 and it works fine moving it to SD card.

  16. @shawn1224
    Non-rooted phone. And no duh, you could always move to the SD card with Cyanogen, but many (overwhelming majority) of us do not want to root their phones. Developer needs to work on this.

  17. I’m not talking about standard EXT 2 apps2SD buddy. You can move it to SD in application settings like you’re supposed to in froyo.

  18. @shawn1224
    IF the developer has it coded that way. They don’t.
    I have over a dozen apps on my Sd card because some developers are getting behind 2.2. Not everyone is though (yet).

  19. 17mb is the installed size. And my nexus one doesn’t have more than 20mb free cause of big games like Crusade of destiny.

  20. @TF

    Yes, you own it. Nook, eReader for the PC, nook for Android – you have it in all places.

  21. Is it as good as aldiko?
    I tried some others and so far none are as good as that one.

  22. Even moving it to the SD card only drops it from 17MB to 14MB. Uninstalling just on principle.

  23. @ Steve, Aldiko mainly consists of older publications and books that are no longer in public domain. It’s a completely different animal than nook or kindle. I use all 3 for different needs.

  24. In other words: if you want to read Pride and Prejudice, Aldiko is fine. But if you want to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you’ll need nook.

  25. I don’t have the Evo yet, on back order.. Question: where does the eReader store the book files? Are those in main storage or on SD card?

  26. Can you access the county library with the app on the android phone?

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