Fring Updates Its Android App, Improves Call Quality and Adds Galaxy S Support


While I was mulling over the Samsung Galaxy S, reviewing its features and beefy hardware, one aspect I was never able to explore was video calling via the front-facing camera found on the international version of the phone. Not knowing anyone else with a Galaxy S I turned to fring in attempts to set up video calls to friends with the EVO 4G and iPhone 4. No dice. Only the rear camera was working properly. I am happy now to report that fring has updated their Android app bringing support for the front-facing camera on the Galaxy S along with overall improved call quality.


Call audio is now clearer and easier on the ears, and if you have used fring before and noticed an echo, that problem is solved as well. The rest of the update is dedicated to bug fixes and general enhancements to provide a much more pleasant user experience all around. While most OEMs continue to push out devices with proprietary video calling that will not work across platforms (an iPhone can’t FaceTime an EVO 4G), fring throws any allegiances out the window. They don’t care who you want to video call, and the app works pretty well for just that. So if you are into seeing the people you are talking to (not me, personally) and haven’t checked out fring this latest update should be reason enough to give it a spin.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. heh, muling.

  2. front facing cameras should be standard.

  3. Can you use fring to video chat with people on yahoo messenger?

  4. probably

  5. How can I video chat on fring? Skype worked ok, but now that it’s gone how can I make a video call?

  6. Yahoo messenger doesn’t allow video calls or regular calls over fring.

  7. Toda raba, fring! This will be the biggest thing since ICQ.

  8. When I read the reviews over the Net, my impression was that the video Fring calls were not available at all. That is not true – the Fring to Fring video call still works. We tested Fring to Fring video calls from a Nokia E71 to Nokia 5800 over 3G and had no issues If making video calls too important, then you can ask your family or friends to open a Fring account. For me it is not a lost capability. It is a competition between Fring and Skype and I am hoping that will produce better results for the consumers on the long run (Android Fring to Fring video calls are also possible)
    R/ Zaf

  9. I actually was considering buying the T-Mobile Vibrant but since there is no front side camera or LED flash I think not. Why should we pay Samsung the same price that the Evo costs which includes way better specs? It’s not a good deal IMO.

  10. evo doesn’t have way better specs. It uses a much slower cpu, among other things.

  11. Yeah the comment about the Evo having way better specs is a bit untrue. The Vibrant is great and if you look closely there is still a ffc there. At least it looks like there is one right next to the light sensor. I’m sure all of us Vibrant owners wish it was there

  12. You say that as if Fring’s video calling isn’t proprietary. It most certainly is.

  13. Watch a movie on an evo then a vibrant you will see the difference vibrant wins now sprint just wait for the epic which is their galaxy s phone

  14. @Jonathan Drake: take a look at the Sprint Epic, which is the Galaxy S with front facing camera and 4G (if you live in a market where it’s available).

  15. Thanks for Kevin.
    I had been Galaxy S frozen up – and fring’s not support for the front-facing camera.
    Before Update Version tested :

    So, I will try again.

  16. Hey can someone tell if i dont have a camera in the front of my phone can i still see the person i am talking to and they see me? Someone please respond. Thanks in advance.

  17. The vibrant hummingbird processer alone cruses the competition …90 million pixels per second ! vs the evo snap dragon 30 million pixel PER SECOND …mind you the humming bird in the vibrant has a separate 3d graphic department which gives it more space on a SUPER AMOLED TFT DISPLAY! Which means that the 5 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA in the VIBRANT Vs The 8 mp in the EVO is not even a comparison even though its running 2.1 vs evo 2.2! Tmobile is a 3g network upgraded to hspa and the data speeds have been equal to sprint slow 4g speeds ! Thats insane ! And yes the vibrant is hspa capable and will have 2.2 froyo update on holloween which is 4days…b4 the hspa upgraded tmo network… the vibrant did video calling only running 2.1 update and without a front facing camera but clearer than the evo on 4g …the vibrant is a beautiful monster that makes phones ashamed to have a front facing camera! Hahah hah! Plus its scratch proof and drop proof with out purchasing a case …the screen is simalar to that of a helicopter just like the iphone 4…but the vibrant is the only phone that saves battery in direct sunlight while making the screen look better mind you ong a SUPER AMOLED SCREEN ! 720 p hd camcorder! Doesnt have a flash but does not need it because it has nightmod
    e ! Which means inside of the screen lights up not the outside and you Still have a clear picture with light …you could downloade a flashlight app thats makes the Led screen lights up ! Which is a 4INCH HUMONGOUS SCReEN LIGHTING UP NOT A LITTLE LIGHT …mind you a few leds can replace a light bulb ! This is SuPer AMOLED BABY ! BYE BYE EVO !!! VIBRANT HAS SAID TO BE THE BEST DROID PHONE UNTIL THE NEXT Six MoNTHS BUT a 1.5 ghz processer is still nothing compared unless its a Hummingbird!

  18. Now that you fixed the front camera for the Galaxy S, can you fix it for the Galaxy Tab? I would like to have a choice to use the front or back camera? I would like to use the back camera sometimes to share what I’m looking at, and back camera sometimes to show myself.

  19. how can I switch is so that I can use my front face camera on my new galaxy 4 g vibrant

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