Eclair Now on 55% of Android Handsets


Eclairr’s making a steady climb up the ladder according to the latest platform versions chart released by Google. According to them, 55% of Android handsets accessing the market within the last two weeks were Android 2.1-based.  The last time we visited this scenario, the version had just reached the halfway mark and FroYo began its journey onto the chart.


FroYo’s continuing its journey, but still only sits at a low 3.3%. It’s worthy to note that no other handsets outside of the Nexus One have officially gotten the upgrade to Android 2.2, while a small percentage of the development and root community are up and running with the latest on various unsupported devices.

Android 1.5 and 1.6 are still holding substantial pieces of the pie, too, with them holding 18.9% and 22.1% respectively. While we probably won’t see Android 1.x completely dissipate for a long time, we’re at least making steady progress in the right direction.

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  1. Wish it was 50% 2.2

  2. Sony’s been pushing 1.6 onwards with the X10, Samsung and HTC have been pushing 2.1 onwards with their offerings.

    Any phones still with 1.5 are staying at 1.5.

  3. The only stat on OS’s that interests me is how many developers are coding for apps to sd. I think Google dropped the ball from the beginning to not allow apps to be stored that way and it’s taking forever for apps to be recoded to give us room on our phones. I’m tired of adding apps to wish lists while I wait for the ones I have to be updated to allow them to be stored on the sd card.

  4. I wish everyone could be on 2.2. Hopefully the manufacturers will make more phones with vanilla Android. By the time 2.2 gets to 50% I’ll be on 3.0 with my Nexus, I wish those big companies would hurry up with their updates its because of them I truly only have one choice when it comes to Android phones. Hopefully I’ll have two choices if the HTC Emerald is the Nexus Two and I don’t think it will be called that.

  5. Seeing how all Droid 1s are at least at 2.1 and how folks are flocking to the EVO, DInc and DX (from the G1, Hero, Moment etc.), this is no surprise. 2.1 wasn’t a huge increase from 2.0.1 for my Droid, but 2.2 has reborn this device. Can’t wait to see what Gingerbread brings (whether or not it hits the Droid)….

  6. You should mention that Motorola accounts for nearly all of the remaining 1.5 phones on the market. *Ahem* Get your butts in gear Motorola!

  7. @Aeires just root it. CM 6.0 has built-in ability to allow any app to be moved to SD through Froyo’s version of apps2sd. I hear that the nightly builds of CM 6.0 are fantasticly stable now for the N1, and I expect the final to come out any day.

  8. I found a figure of 8.4M android handsets sold through 2009. If I use Google activation figures for 2010 to compute sales I get another 18.4M handsets, for a total of 26.8M handsets sold. Let’s assume 10% are not functioning or not in use, so we have about 24 million in use.

    If 3.3% of that is the Nexus One running Android 2.2, then that makes about 800,000 N1 handsets. But that’s about double Google’s sales figures for the N1…?

    Can there be 400,000 CM6 users? Not yet I don’t think, it’s only been out a few days.

    Even if we assume every Android phone made before 1/1/2010 is broken/not in use, there’s still almost 600,000 users on 2.2…?

    Where are these other Android 2.2 users coming from?

  9. @James There is a chart that shows percentage by phone and the Nexus had over 2% and that was 2 months ago so I guess about 800,000 is right.

  10. @Gerg. Not interested in rooting. I rooted my G1 and after installing a custom theme, it was totally screwed up. Don’t have any interest in rooting a Nexus, and more importantly, we shouldn’t need to root a phone to get apps on the SD card, it should have been that way all along.

  11. i wish the circle was in one color……..

  12. By the end of august once tmobile’s entire mytouch line gets froyo I expect 1.6 numbers to lower to 10-12% and froyo to climb to roughly 20%. The later will also be helped with the droid and droid 2 also getting 2.2.

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