Lenovo Launching LePad Android Tablet This Year


As time moves on, this Android tablet craze will prove to get just as crowded as the handset market currently is. Lenovo’s the latest in a string of manufacturers looking to make a tablet with Android on board. Liu Jun, the senior vice president (and president, somehow) for the company’s Consumer Business Group, announced that they’d be bringing the Lenovo LePad to go directly up against the iPad (as if the name didn’t already give that small factoid away).

lenovo-logo-jan09 (1)

They’ll be focusing on their home turf – China – to start before they target other markets. While Lenovo isn’t heavily recognized as a major player in the mobile devices game, they’ve proved that they can make some outstanding hardware (I still do want the Lenovo LePhone) and the custom software they’ve developed for the LePhone isn’t half bad. We’ll just have to see if all that will be able to translate nicely into a bigger package.

[via Android Authority]

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  1. Yuck. LePhone? Sounds like some french garbage. I wish people would be more creative. I’m tired of iThis and iThat. Give it a real name so people will stop trying to compare into the iPad and iPhone.

  2. Isn’t Lenovo a division of IBM focused towards the home user? This should give them some reputable backing and substantial marketing, even if the name is worse than Apple’s.

  3. Lenovo is a Chinese company that acquired IBM’s laptop and desktop PC business several years ago. IBM got some portion of Lenovo’s shares at the time, and the two companies continue to work together (for example, IBM sources PCs from Lenovo for its own use and for resale to its clients). However, the two companies are separate, and you won’t see IBM branding even on Lenovo’s ThinkPad and ThinkCenter products anymore.

  4. Worse. Product Name. Ever.

  5. Yes, that product name is even worse than iPad. I didn’t think it could be done.

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