Dell Streak Pre-Sale Window On Its Way, May Need to Act Fast


Dell’s getting ready to open the floodgates for their tablet due on our side of the globe later this month. The Dell Streak will be offered on AT&T, but there’s no word on if the device will ever be carrier subsidized. If you can’t wait to throw your money onto the table to get the device once it’s shipped, then Dell’s got a pre-sale window opening up for you.


Some time soon, Dell’s going to be offering a pre-sale opportunity for a full 24-hours. During that period, you’ll get a couple of nice incentives along with the purchase of the device: free second-day shipping and a 99-cent Bluetooth headset. Not too shabby a reason to pre-order this device if you’ve already been looking forward to it.

Go ahead and sign up at Dell’s website to be notified when they allow you to put your money where your mouth is.

[via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. YAY!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get 1

  2. doesnt say which android version it is on their website, i’m assuming it’s 1.6

  3. Gosh why would you care what version of anything its running with the beauty of a desperate fallen hardware manufacturer combined with the most rapacious carrier in the country? Gee do I really get a Bluetooth headset? Back to the drawing board promotional team. Design team might as well have another try too. Reminds me of the easily forgotten Dell d.j. experiment. This product should get the hollywood equivalent of “straight to video”.

  4. Dell specs says it’s 1.6 upgradable to 2.2 Froyo.

  5. Yes. Initially, the Dell Streak will run Android 1.6, but we’ll support an over-the-air upgrade to Froyo later this summer.

    @INsano: I’d say give it a chance. Maybe the size isn’t for everyone, but I can say after using an unlocked version for a couple of weeks, browsing on this thing rocks. Much less side scrolling, much less zooming.


  6. They really need to get up to date with their OS. its beyond rumors that they plan to release this unit with androids OS 1.6

  7. Will it be ATT or T-Mobile?

  8. @rheise couldn’t make it to the second sentence of the article?

  9. I’m not much a Dell fan as is, but was a little curious about the streak. 1.6 makes me not care about it tho. Why would I want to go from my 2.1 and 2.2 devices down to 1.6?
    I thought that after all this time they would’ve updated it to atleast 2.1 by now.

    I’ll pass

  10. @INsano.
    LMAO. I guess it was just to much to read………..

  11. I love the All-in-One concept. I have the Archos 7, and find it a little big to carry around everywhere, plus a Phone. I have looked at the Droid X and EVO, and find them too small for a Tablet …

    Hence my long anticipation (9 months now?) of this Phone/Tablet combination … but the reviews pouring in seem to imply nothing has changed from the UK version … hence, this Phone is old news, except for the size.

    If the Streak is a ‘Fail’ … my hope for the next generation Streak, which could be out by Black Friday?, would include:

    8M or above Camera (the ‘new’ minimum standard is 8)

    1020p Recording (most all are 720p already)

    2G or Dual Core Processor (Motorola is claiming to have a 2G and HTC Dual Core by end of year)

    Gingerbread (next after Froyo)

    HDMI and/or USB port

    WiFi ‘n’ (most are ‘n’ already)

    LTE/4G (Verizon will be LTE in November and will have 4G Sim Cards)


    1930mAH Battery (an announced option for Droid X)

    The above should be the minimum, and clearly not unobtainable, for a Hardware Company like Dell!!!

    P.S. Let’s hope they fire their ‘Marketing’ Staff, and hire a new one for the Streak 2!!!

  12. Dell give us the Release Date and the pricing already!!! Don’t understand why not just announce it? All these long wait is making me lose interest in this device. I’m sure that I’m not the only one losing interest in the Streak because of the long wait. If no official announcement by this Friday, I’ll go for Samsung Captivate. I just love this phone…

  13. I can’t comment on how 1.6 compares to 2.x since I haven’t seen the latest versions, but coming from iOS 2, 3 and 4 I absolutely love my beta Streak. Keep in mind it’s not completely stock 1.6 (Dell has tweaked it to make it better), but I personally won’t have a problem waiting until September for an OTA update. The web browsing is absolutely incredible on a 5″ screen and it fits in my pocket just fine. I suggest you actually try it out before bashing it.

  14. If the Streak wasn’t handicapped with AT&T, it would have been worth a look……..

  15. So when does the T-Mobile version become available?

  16. I hate Dell cause my Dell PC is full of crap. And I won’t be getting the crappy Dell Streak too damn big to be a phone

  17. Add to my wish list for the Streak 2 …
    Two Antennas (like Droid X, and not like iPhone [lol])
    Three Mics (like Droid X) for noise cancelling, Video Recording and Voice
    That should just about create the ideal tablet/phone, with ‘current’ features, as of this Fall.
    The Streak is ‘too little, too late’ … or in its case, with 2.2, should I say, ‘too little, please wait’ [lol]

  18. I truly hope this is not a total failure … because I loved the concept 9 months ago (the mini 5). I would hate to have Dell kill the Streak … like Google did with the Nexus One, or Microsoft did with the Kin.
    Dell needs to combined the currently announced features in the marketplace (that I listed above)… on the 5′ platform … and get it out the door, before it to is ‘old news’ and last to the market … or just a dead concept.
    Sorry for the third post … I wish they had edit and I would have combined them.

  19. I really would want this phone 2nd gen if it comes to sprint..to much outdated hardware for me..i really want a 5 inch screen though

  20. hey lional you have any idea what accessories will be available at the launch/ presale?

  21. Guys, what’s the price?

  22. Sign up for the presale here! http://dellu.com/PA/StevenW_Streak

  23. I’m not much a Dell fan as is, but was a little curious about the streak. 1.6 makes me not care about it tho. Why would I want to go from my 2.1 and 2.2 devices down to 1.6?

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