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How to Pitch Your App to Sprint to be Included in Their Sprint Zone App


For those that have never used an Android phone on Sprint, They have an app that serves as a hub for everything Sprint. Checking your account, getting the latest news from Sprint and more are at your fingertips, but Sprint also has a section within the app where users can find some of Sprint’s download suggestions.


Nothing revolutionary, but Sprint’s making it easy for you to get a chance to see your app there. If you’re a developer and would like Sprint to recommend your apps to their subscribers, you can stop on by to Sprint’s developer site to pitch your offering to them. They won’t accept just any apps, of course.

Quality will be a major factor in them deciding if your app is worthy for inclusion, and that quality will be judged based on visual appeal, functionality, ease of use, and more. For more details on what they’re looking for and how you can submit your app if you think it has what it takes, then be sure to stop on by and drop them a line.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Its the worst app. It isn’t an app but a crappy front end to a mobile website as it kicks you to the browser. Not only that, but it is ALWAYS consuming resources on Sprint Android phones even though it is a pretty terrible application. They should figure out how to make an app first before deciding which apps are promotion worthy.

  2. Yes! Zing! And I have an unrooted hero on Sprint and don’t have any such bloat. Course I still have the ridiculous NFL and nascar apps that Sprint thinks I should have and won’t let me delete without voiding the warranty on my phone by rooting.

  3. I have an Android phone from Sprint (Hero) and I have never seen this app. And @INsano, I rooted my Hero, and later had issues with dropped calls. I loaded the 2.1 firmware update to go back to stock. I took it in and they replaced my phone after checking my call logs. They never mentioned anything to me about rooting, they just replaced the phone with no questions asked. Just a FYI, my phone was still functional and I have phone insurance.

  4. can someone please help me find the epic comparison sheet shown on this page….
    its a sprint handout that i cannot find!!

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