Early, Official Press Shots of the Motorola Droid 2?


If you’ve been trying to crack the case over at DroidDoes.com (where you can unlock a secret site with a bit of Sherlock’n), then you probably didn’t think to look for anything related to the Motorola Droid 2. Engadget’s tipster Dominic did think to, however, and came up with a Motorola Droid 2 flash page containing some official shots of the phone.


We’ve already seen the device out and about, but it doesn’t get any clearer than this for the time being. Expected to launch sometime next month, the Droid 2 will take a lot of its cues from the device that inspired it: the bigger differences to be had are a 1GHz processor, more RAM, and more awesome. Oh, and a decidedly better keyboard according to those who’ve been lucky enough to use it thus far.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 5MP camera? Strange, I figured it would be higher than that.

  2. I’ll laugh so hard if they have a locked bootloader on that thing

  3. I suppose they want to differentiate the non keyboard based phones with the pure touch screens…still…strange they didnt include the 8mp snapper and im curious to know if the 5mp will even do HD recording?

    totally waiting for the HTC ACE

  4. Already have the Droid, willing to wait for Big Red to roll out LTE before my next purchase :)

  5. I don’t think you need more than 5MP to do HD video. 1280×720=921,600 pixels, so even if we count a pixel for each color in CMYK you shouldn’t need more than 4MP for 720 HD

  6. This better not have the “eFuse” like the Droid X… If it does I’ll more than likely end up waiting for the Droid 3 (it’s been less than a year since the Droid and we have a Droid 2, it can happen!) that sports Android 3.0

  7. For the record, 1080p is a 2 megapixel image. Do the math. More then 3 megapixels on a phone serves no purpose for improving picture quality

  8. @Daniel, the efuse issue was an over-hyped non-story. Practically every Motorola phone (with very few exceptions like the Droid) will boot into recovery if you load a non-authorized image. It was captain Renault being shocked, shocked to discover there’s security going on here. And there’s no reason to think that any new phones won’t have this either. You can always get a Nexus One…except, wasn’t that just cancelled due to poor sales? I guess being just unlocked couldn’t keep it alive.

  9. I think it is safe to assume by the comments made by motorola that all their future devices will have an encrypted bootloader. And the efuse chip means nothing since that has been in all of their phones since the original droid.

  10. I’m a bit disappointed too that they didn’t upgrade the camera. will also probably wait until LTE.

  11. I hate how they arrange the navigation buttons at the bottom. That’s my one true beef with Moto right about now…

  12. Ef this phone…yes it will ship with froyo but…I’m waiting for the samsung fascinate witht the super amoled screen thing looks amazing!

  13. 5 mp camera I think is more than enough. The main thing is the memory and the processor.

  14. It is utterly useless to keep wanting more and more megapixels when the sensors are so small and the optics are not changing. 5mp is quite sufficient for a phone and you are asking it to be on par with cameras that have sensors 200 times larger. What we need in these is better glass, better ISO performance, better flash technology, optical zoom, and a handful of other features that will actually improve image quality. I know I would rather have a crystal clear, tack sharp 5mp image than a soft, low dynamic range 12mp image. Image quality is FAR more important than size of the image.

  15. i would choose a higher resolution screen over higher megapixel camera and this phone looks good

  16. @jo & Daniel Do you really think that Motorola won’t make the locked bootloader and efuse(or other hack-proofing) standard on all their phones from this point on? Hopefully someone will find a way around it, but the next batch of phones will just have more protection. I think from here on out, if you want to mod, don’t buy moto. I love my Droid and the innovation moto has been doing to differentiate their handsets, but I love customizing more. Maybe Google will talk them in to doing a dev phone :)

  17. Kerry has it right. I want my phone to replace my point and shoot. No phone out there can match my 5 year old 5mp cybershot.

  18. @Jeff, more precisely, –keep them standard on their phones.– Locked bootloaders have been the standard for years, and OMAP processors have had efuses for ages. Neither is anything new. It’s all a case of a blogger discovering something that was always there, and instead of following up and trying to understand it, threw into panic mode and made a mess of things.

  19. ….the X looks like a Much better phone…the only cool thing about this phone other then 2.2 is the way the back of it looks…

  20. @Otto In the past those locked bootloader booted proprietary OSes, android was supposed to solve that. You already know this though, since you seem to be a motorola shill.

  21. A 5MP camera will look better than an 8MP camera with the same size sensor. Adding more MP just adds more noise to the image.

  22. @Steve, ah the good ol’ ad hominem reply. When you can’t discredit the message, go after the messenger, eh? “android was supposed to solve that” Solve? This was a problem? Not for Motorola or the carriers. I don’t know from whence came the impression that “open” means there ain’t no Sheriff in this town and you can run any software on any hardware. Bzzzt. Thank you for playing. Open is open development: open source code allowing anyone to contribute ideas. If someone wants a generic hardware platform they can run any mod of Android upon, have at it. There are some out there.

  23. “It is utterly useless to keep wanting more and more megapixels when the sensors are so small and the optics are not changing.” ** Well, that suggests you actually understand something beyond, ‘more is better.’ Most just want more & faster (for free) and don’t care about what it means. Sometime, ‘good enough’ really is optimal.

  24. I think it should have the exact same OS and OS skinning as the original Motorola Droid just upgraded hardware. Nothing software wise should change:)

  25. yea @Steve and @Jeff, @Otto is right… who’s crazy enough to think that just because you own the hardware that you paid for that you have any freedom to put whatever you want on there?!? What’d you think this is, a free country? Didn’t you know you’re only allowed to use things the way the Corporations have deemed most profitable to them? Heaven help us all if the Open Source philosophy were to extend beyond developers…

  26. It got killer looks, I have always been a fan of Motorola, should get my hands on it as soon as possible.

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