HTC Pulls Latest Version of Sync App for AT&T’s Aria, Sideloading Goes Bye-Bye



When the version of HTC Sync released last week for the HTC Aria on AT&T provided an easy workaround for getting unsigned applications onto a handset blocked from such functionality, we all took it with a bit of trepidation knowing it may end up like many things in life — too good to be true. AT&T seems pretty committed to keeping Android just the way they want it (for the benfit of their loyal customers, of course), so it was entirely expected that the ability to sideload applications from third parties through HTC Sync would be short-lived. If you have the old version of Sync you may want to hold off on upgrading if you want to keep your bit of stick-it-to-the-man freedom. If you really want the new version you can get it at HTC’s support page.

[via Engadget]

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  1. gAyT&T FTW!

  2. I think it’s great… AT&T, keep it up… With more and more moves like this it’s easy for me to rack up Sprint and Verizon sales… I’m loving it… 2gb cap… Dropped calls… Horrible 3g coverage… What happens when you loose the Apple fanboys?

  3. Sorry, just a little pet peeve of mine…
    Thanks for your time.

  4. Oh no here come the grammar po-po’s.

    Bad boys bad boys whutchu gonna do …. whutchu gonna do when dey come for u.

  5. The Android players are becoming more like Apple with each passing day.

  6. LOL! Me thinks AT&T is just digging a deeper and deeper hole for itself. When iPhone exclusivity ends, AT&T ends. Get ready to be shorting some AT&T stock as soon as you hear iPhone exclusivity is ending (for sure)! hahahaha

  7. @GPL,

    You have to be smart enough to know that this was done at Apples Request right? You can’t possibly be that stupid.

  8. Edit: AT&T

  9. @shawn1224 ROFLMAO

  10. @GPL – Android based smartphones have gone mainstream now and all of the money seekers are getting into play now. It is profit protectionism to the carriers. It has NOTHING to do with fact that this is the coolest technology available to general consumers, or the creation of a new mobile computing era, to them. It’s more like oooohhh they sucker…er customers are buying these types of gadgets today, how can we leverage that to fill our pockets (and only ours) and empty theirs! Like Apple does!

  11. 1. Get the developer tools.
    2. Use adb to install whatever app you want.
    3. Profit?

  12. AT$T is loosing ground…. Id rather be on Tmo… same crappy coverage cheaper plans and no data caps…

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