Jul 11th, 2010

In a move that I’m sure many HTC Aria fans will go crazy over, HTC’s updated HTC Sync to allow users of the device to install third-party .APK files. We delayed reporting on this story because HTC claims that the update’s description was written in err, but Engadget’s debunked HTC’s debunking and it is – in fact – true.


It’s pretty funny considering AT&T made it a point on their site to explain why they didn’t allow users of their devices to install applications from sources other than the Android market. Considering HTC was so quick to correct themselves on the first error and alerted Engadget about the mistake it might not be long before we see the file updated without side-loading support for the Aria.

Until then (if it’s ever bound to happen, that is), you might want to go and download it from their site while the getting is still good (and keep your eyes peeled if it’s already too late: the internet has a convenient tendency to upload forbidden files at tons of different sites to ensure they are never lost).

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