Latest HTC Sync Update for Aria Allows You to Install Non-Market APKs, May Not Last


In a move that I’m sure many HTC Aria fans will go crazy over, HTC’s updated HTC Sync to allow users of the device to install third-party .APK files. We delayed reporting on this story because HTC claims that the update’s description was written in err, but Engadget’s debunked HTC’s debunking and it is – in fact – true.


It’s pretty funny considering AT&T made it a point on their site to explain why they didn’t allow users of their devices to install applications from sources other than the Android market. Considering HTC was so quick to correct themselves on the first error and alerted Engadget about the mistake it might not be long before we see the file updated without side-loading support for the Aria.

Until then (if it’s ever bound to happen, that is), you might want to go and download it from their site while the getting is still good (and keep your eyes peeled if it’s already too late: the internet has a convenient tendency to upload forbidden files at tons of different sites to ensure they are never lost).

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  1. Wow. I was planning to get the Aria but couldn’t and seeing this makes me want it a little more :(

  2. You can still download 3rd-party apps to the Aria from ADB or?

  3. I am fairly sure debugging is disabled on the Aria

  4. Why not just get a better carrier that doesn’t disable this built-in feature to avoid pissing off Apple? There are less expensive carriers and carriers with better coverage. The only thing ATT offers that anyone would want is the iPhone. If you are after an Android phone, go to Sprint, TMo, or Verizon.

  5. There are other reasons to be on AT&T besides the iPhone. Some people need gsm with better coverage than t-mobile

  6. USB debugging is not disabled on the Aria. I’ve got one sitting in front of me right now that I’ve been using for the last few weeks. Said it back then and I still believe it after using the phone for a while, this is fantastic android device. The fact that it’s smaller is actually a feature, it’s a really solid everyday phone. It’s a shame it’s being so overshadowed by the iPhone.

  7. Who gives a damn bout this phone. i sure don’t. Just glad I didn’t get it cause i knew this phone is pretty fucked up anyway. I just want a decent powerful ANDROID phone not something slow and with a weak battery life like this crappy Aria.

  8. JFFNight you have clearly never used the Aria.

    I bought this phone on my native carrier (AT&T) because I don’t feel like switching from my current family plan and the tiered data plan (I never use more than 200 MB over 3g thanks to wifi) and wanted an Android phone over the iPhone.

    Read my lips: You will never be able to tell which is faster, the Droid Incredible or Aria. The fact of the matter is the network, amount of available RAM, background processes, and what you want to use the phone for will determine the response time, not simple numbers. The 600 MHz Qualcomm chip is fast enough to produce zero lag and render a website without any hiccup at all. Video plays without lag as well. I never use more than 200 MB of RAM on the phone either leaving plenty of free space for higher processes like games. My battery lasts 3 days before a recharge with well over 4 hours of internet usage per day.

    The HTC Aria is the premier mid-range Android phone and can surprisingly stand up to the so-called big names like the Incredible or Nexus One.

    Please refer to real time reviews like the CNet review below before you throw up garbage over technology you’ve never used.


    *Posted from a non-rooted HTC Aria using Swype thanks to HTC Sync1

  9. stfu you dont even know what your talking about, aria isnt weak battery life is great, only real downside is tha restriction and flash, and being on at&t but if your stuck with at&t this is basically your only choice and its a good one… fuck you I love tha aria :]

  10. stfu you dont even know what your talking about, aria isnt weak battery life is great, only real downside is tha restriction and flash, and being on at&t but if your stuck with at&t this is basically your only choice and its a good one… fuck you I love tha aria :] And who comes on and reads these types of articles to shit on tha phone? You must have no life and live with your mother in a basement… again fuck you

  11. Don’t be hate’n the Aria. It’s a great little phone. Not everyone is an Android super user. This device is great for those stuck on AT&T and not needing a super phone. Keep the info coming!

  12. @ari-free

    WTF? I have had tmo forever, and known several people with AT&T and -none- of them get better coverage than me. Not even close. Never once did they have a signal when I didn’t, but many times I had a signal when they didn’t.

  13. An android device on AT&T would have the nice feature of data while talking that doesn’t exist on CDMA (unless you are in the 20% of Sprint coverage that has Wimax). It’s too bad AT&T is Apple’s little sidekick, left holding Apple’s pocket.

  14. The sync software described here is no longer available. If there is a link to it somewhere please post.

  15. Just root your device and get it all.

  16. Please i just synced my device and i dont see anywhere that it allows to sideload apps.. if anyone can help please do.. i really want swype on my phone!!.. again please nd thanks

  17. If you want to side load apps, but don’t want to root your phone, just use sdk. It may take a while to get everything working if you’re not familiar with the process, but it’s well worth the time invested.

  18. http://www.htc.com/www/support.aspx is where you want to go to download sync

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