AndroLib: Over 1 Billion Apps Downloaded, Makeover is Live


Not to be confused with McDonald’s 1 billion burgers sold, AndroLib‘s reporting that an estimated 1 billion+ Android apps have been downloaded through the Android market. The popular application database (complete with remote installation and synchronization tools) makes it easy for users to discover new apps and quickly install them to their devices.


They’re also boasting a new makeover to celebrate the occasion. Alongside aesthetics, the site’s search engine has been updated to make app discovery that much easier. You’re able to search by price, minimum rating, number of downloads, and categories (as well as the traditional keyword-based search that’s been standard for quite some time).

Other new features include scoreboard and video sections, and AppBrain now gives developers the option to sign up and customize their application’s page on the site as well as access advanced stats to see how their application is doing against the competition.

[via MobileCrunch]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This = awesome. We definitely need search/sorting features to continue improving!
    Article suggestion: it would be really cool if you guys could do an article comparing some of the larger places that folks can get apps.
    Android Market, Androlib, Phandroid’s App Area, etc. (could be a great opportunity to promote a part of your site!)
    But seriously, I think something like that would be very helpful!

  2. This is awesome. I know AndroLib was great, but I had a hard time using it with the interface. Not that it was difficult, just ugly.

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