Acer Coming Out With a 10-inch Tablet, Too?


We knew Acer had plans to bring a 7-inch Android tablet to market (with quite a large chin area, making us believe it’ll be geared more toward the eReader crowd), but if DigiTimes’ sources are correct, then we’ll be seeing a bigger 10-inch variant right alongside it.

acer tablet

Both tablets are said to run Android 2.2 out of the starting gate – something much appreciated after a stream of tablet devices being introduced with Android 1.5 and 1.6 – and will be focused on multimedia use. It’s believed to be running on a chipset from the ARM family and will have 3G integrated for on-the-go connectivity.

Just as we knew before, both tablets will be available in Q4 of this year.

[DigiTimes via Android Community]

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  1. Hopefully they will sell a non-3G version too. I don’t need a data plan for a tablet, when I could tether it to my phone.

  2. Who is he? Denny De Vito?!

  3. If it has 2.2 it’ll be worth a look, I wonder how much it will cost…

  4. @Claudio I thought the same thing! I just didn’t want to acknowledge it in the article, hehe. That’s Acer’s CEO.

  5. 7″ with 2.2, here I come!

  6. ACER this is what went wrong with ipad please note. It never came with a front and back camera, doesn’t have a USB host, doesn’t have multi tasking, and never came with flash player. Add all of what I’ve mentioned and your sales will sky rocket. Oh and try making the 3G version cellular at least, also a wifi only version would be nice.

  7. Who is Denny De Vito? Is he Danny’s brother?

  8. What resolution will these tablets be. How will low rez apps made for a phone look?

  9. That is Gianfranco Lanci CEO/President Acer. Much taller than Danny De Vito

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