Samsung Galaxy S Unboxing


The international version of the Samsung Galaxy S has been rolling out across the world for the past month or so, and though this particular version won’t be hitting a US carrier proper (that we know of) we managed to get our mits on the handset for a chance to put it through the paces. From the time spent with the phone so far I can tell you this: other than the form factor and a few added features on the American carrier-specific Galaxy S phones, it comes off as an identical experience from the beauty and response of the Super AMOLED display to the pep of the Hummingbird processor and GPU. A full review will follow later in the week, but for now enjoy a first look at the Galaxy S.

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  1. Does anybody know which Canadian carrier is going to have this? The samsung Canadian website has it as “coming soon” but no carrier info.

  2. Is it just me or does it remind you of an iPhone? The packaging is like my first gen iPod touch packaging too. To the “T”

  3. Donkey3000,
    I believe it’s been reported that Bell will be getting a Galaxy S model. I have no source for this, just a vague recollection.

  4. I had it in my hand for a few minutes. Cheap plastic in the back, light but doesn’t feel robust. LED flash is missing (what a pitty). Otherwise it seems responsive and AMOLED screen is really colorful awesome.

  5. Someone else said it best, “Stop saying Phone X looks like an iphone”. The iphone is a very plain and generic looking device. Its rectangular and is mostly touch screen. So no one else can make a rectangular mostly touch screen device? Just get over it please. No one complains that most computers are very similar. It’s just generic.

  6. according to this: http://www.cellularsouth.com/DiscoverCenter/phones-apps/android/index.jsp Cellular South is getting the “Samsung Galaxy S.” The bottom of the still covered “S” looks like the bottom of the model in the video above.

    As a former AT&T customer (currently on Cellular South), I’d like to say, “Samsung, if I wanted the iPhone, i’d have stuck with AT&T.” Just sayin, this thing looks WAAAAAY too familiar. :)

  7. You can find it in the states…. I just got one my self from Myworldphone. Any one wants one check them out..


  8. @minja- contrary to popular belief among all the tools out there, apple DID NOT invent the box.

  9. this phone’s spec is good, but i dun trust Samsung phones, they break easy..

  10. Really, every where you go…”but it doesn’t have a flash”…”no FFc” whhhaaaa.. Don’t buy it then,,Shit!

  11. choosing the fascinate over the X. Fascinate has what i want and need. Besides having more power under the hood than the X, its an overall more attractive…in my opinion.

    Still anxious to hear an official release date but Verizon is taking their sweet ass time with this one. grrrrrrr

  12. Who cares if it doesn’t have a flash go buy you a freakin’ digital camera!!

  13. Correction: Avatar movie is preloaded in T Mobile version and not the ATT.

    Trying to order one but apart from Sprint none of the carrier has front facing camera.

  14. I’m going to lose it with all of this pressure to choose a phone soon! If it were your choice of this or the Droid X for verizon and you were buying in the next couple of weeks, what would you get?

  15. Yeah, this thing is wack. It’s a blatant rip off of the iPhone – which I dislike. HTC simply makes a better phone from what I can see.

  16. I played with one of these for 30 mins in a Vodafone UK store and was reasonably impressed. Screen is stunning, performance is snappy to say the least and the touch response isn’t too shabby either. Aesthetically, it’s actually much nicer in the plastic, although that’s definitely the watchword; there’s LOTS of plastic. Really not sure how well it’ll last in the hands of a heavy user. The UI has some bloat that could be left out as well – why can’t they just leave things as they are and do away with the lengthy wait for re-skinned OS updates?

    The other big worry is battery life; several sources are already noting that this is no better than top-end HTC devices, i.e. not good enough. For goodness sake, when will we get an Android device that can do a full days work on one charge? Instead, we get a procession of highly featured phones that are wheezing by lunchtime and breathing their battery death rattle by dinner! Four word summary? Quick, bright and shiny but a bit wheezy with bad teeth.

  17. Only 25% of battery was consummed even i’ve watched divx vidio for 1.5hour. Screen brightness is awesome.

  18. ‘Cool’. There are OTHER adjectives in the English language…

  19. that’s the UK version and you can download asphalt GT from the Samsung App Store for free,

    I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and though there’s some teething issues which should be resolved over time it’s all in all a very good phone.

  20. I’m having a bit of a dilemma right here. I want to purchase a good phone and cannot decide on which one to choose. To begin with, i thought of the Nokia E71, because my friend has one. It looks quite tough, and everything seemed alright, but i began researching others. Now my biggest dilemma is deciding between the Nokia 5610Nokia 6500 and the Samsung B3310. All advice is welcome.

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