Modified Kernel Inches Towards Nexus One FM Radio Support



It’s no secret that the Nexus One is at least technically capable of FM radio support, just take the HTC Desire as Exhibit A. They both share the same Broadcom chip, but for whatever reason FM support was nixed for the N1 though it made it onto the Desire just fine. Now thanks to some more hackery courtesy of XDA-Developers, a modified Nexus One kernel will enable the feature on rooted handsets. Alas, until there is a ROM with the feature integrated it won’t be easily accessible to the general root public. It shouldn’t be too long, though, as Paul O’Brien is already cooking up a new N1 Froyo build with FM radio intact.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I haven’t rooted my N1 because by the time I felt comfortable with Android, I had already configured and installed too much to want to go through that process again. This may actually be the tipping point that gets me to root my N1 … I want terrestrial radio on my phone. Can’t have too many ways to consume media through the device. I would rather Google releases an official OTA update for the N1 that enables this support … but if they ain’t gonna do it …

  2. @Alan rooting the Nexus is trivial and basically just consists of unlocking the bootloader. Installing a mod, of course, is much more involved insofar as you’d have to re-flash the whole phone.

  3. Is this an app that could also be used on a rooted Cliq?

  4. I read that I was also capable of FM transmission; if so, that is what Iwould Love to see! I would never have to plug a cable into my phone again.

  5. My bet is HTC did not pay the license to broadcom to use the chip, but it was cheaper/easier to use that part then another.

  6. @nathan: what do you use for charging? Magic? Unicorn farts?

  7. Anyone know if transmit works?

  8. @timmyjoe42 my rooted cliq that I used to have played fm radio. I believe the handler roms included it.

  9. @Alan….i agree, with froyo most of what i want from my N1 is addressed (mostly i wanted to use the LED as a flashlight). But with FM reception (and possible transmission…could I hope to be so lucky?), I think I may end up rooting the phone. A feature like that is just too valuable, imo.

  10. @ chris, I don’t want a rom, I just want an app. Can I have one without the other?

  11. N1 sucks.

  12. Nice, I have the same question as timmyjoe42. Where can i get the app? I assume the one included with Sense UI wont work without it.

    If transmission is allowed, it will be a very very good boost to the android features list. that feature is sorely missed.

  13. @Evan it’s not the process that’s stopping me, it’s having to install & configure everything again. I got my phone the way I like it, and I don’t wanna start over. But FM radio would do it.

  14. Indeed having an available FM radio on my Nexus One would be sweet. Google seems to have abandoned the platform, not that they ever promoted it much in the first place. Personally, I say that we ALL contact Google and ask them to uncripple the phones capabillities before they abandon us totally. Perhaps, if enough of a user base contacts the developer team, they just might add FM functionality. It can never hurt to ask.

  15. I can’t wait for this new dev. Thanks in advance :)

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