Leaked Verizon Summer/Fall Device Catalog Confirms a Few Droid 2 Specs


From everything we know, the Motorola Droid 2 will be launching sometime in August on the heels of the highly anticipated Droid X, and aside from a few rumors here and a leak or two there, there isn’t much to be said when it comes to officially confirmed specs. Now thanks to a Verizon Summer/Fall product catalog snooped out by the guys over at BGR, we can throw some of what we have heard into the “verified” column including a 1 GHz processor and 3G mobile hotspot capabilities.


Other confirmed specs are 8GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM, an included 8GB microSD card, and a 5.0MP camera. The Droid X seems to lack HD video capture capabilities (or at least they didn’t feel like mentioning it on the smartphone cheat sheet). All of the numbers line up pretty closely with what we were expecting from the Droid 2, but do some of these revelations sway anyone who was planning to hold off on the Droid X and wait it out for the Droid 2 to change their mind?

[via BGR]

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  1. No Fascinate listed…

  2. Just hope there will be a GSM version for Germany. Would preorder it now, if I could.

  3. What’s up with the front page? None of today’s posts are showing up. The only way I could get here is from the link on your twitter feed.

  4. Kin One & Two??? Why?

  5. Bummer. No Fascinate on the list. I wonder if it is due to showcasing the Droid X / Droid 2 or if they are making Samsung lock the shit out of this one too?

  6. Thank god SOME info is coming out on the Droid 2. All leeks seemed to stop after the Droid X announcement and I was beginning to think it didn’t exist.

    Kind of disappointing that HD video capture still isn’t listed. Again, with the 5mp camera and the processor, I don’t know why the Droid 2 wouldn’t be capable of it.

  7. I hope the bootloader wont be locked down, but I am not holding my breath.

  8. @Kevin, it does say the Droid X has HD Video unless you mean Droid 2.

  9. Maybe droid 2 will be more geared towards messaging people, and less of a multimedia device? Why make 2 devices so close together be multimedia phones? Droid 2 might be cheaper so those that just do messaging who don’t care about the bells and whistles of HD and 8mp camera can do their thing without paying for more.

  10. “The Droid X seems to lack HD video capture capabilities (or at least they didn’t feel like mentioning it on the smartphone cheat sheet).”

    The Droid X has HD video capture abilities, and it is on the sheet, I think you guys mixed up the Droid X and Droid 2 while posting this..

  11. Where the hell is the Samsung Fascinate. That’s the phone I’m holding out for…That’s a Problem!

  12. GSM DROID 2/Milestone please.

  13. Couple things odd about this. 1. Droid X is listed as coming soon, which means this catalog will be out of date in 36 hours. 2. During the Droid X press event, they said it would support 32gb microsd, while document claims it will only support up to 16gb.

  14. From what “insiders” are saying, moto is locking the bootloader on all their future devices. Looks like i will be waiting for a good HTC or Samsung phone with a keyboard for my next droid.

    What a shame to keep such good hardware out of the hands of a very capable community.

  15. A little disappointed with the specs on Droid 2, very underwhelming…was hoping for 1.5 or 2 ghz processor

  16. @ChrisP The point of a smartphone is you don’t have to differentiate multimedia phones from messaging phones. They’re fully capable of being both. I don’t know why you’d deny a device a feature that it’s fully capable of performing just to make it appeal to different audiences.

  17. Droid 2 appears to be a 3.7″ screen. Can anyone confirm?

    Love the Droid X, but that screen might just be a bit too large to carry around. Thinking the Samsung Galaxy S variant is about the perfect size.

  18. Basically a droid 1, just with a few upgrades… I’m definately happy with my moto droid. As long as this froyo update comes in soon!

  19. @ Alex. Then why doesn’t Droid X have a physical keyboard? It is ‘fully capable’ of having one. You see what I am getting at? Also, why not make the cheap low end devices just as good as Droid x? Because they are MADE to be an alternative for those who don’t want to pay for something they don’t use much!


    Where is the info on this phone, and what is VZW doing with it? This is becoming maddening ..

  21. @ChrisP Of course there should be low-end devices and of course there should be a variety of form factors. My point is that with a 5mp sensor and a a gigahertz processor, the phone’s hardware should be capable of 720p video capture, as far as I know. The N1 and Galaxy S can both do it. If the feature isn’t there on the D2, it seems like it would be because they just didn’t bother to put in the software for it. And that’s just silly.

  22. @Alex. Maybe Droid 2 is not meant to be a flagship phone. Just because it carries the Droid name, does not mean it is a high end smartphone. Perhaps Motorola intends it to be medium-grade, as we have not seen any pricing on it yet. Adding HD could be done I’m sure, but maybe the cheaper camera wouldn’t make the quality look as good. I’m sure if HD recording will be added to the phone at some point though. But I believe most Droid 2 users wouldn’t care much for it, since they are choosing to the buy Droid with the cheaper camera anyway, which shows they would prefer a keyboard over a better camera.

  23. I may be the minority but Motorola isn’t even an option since they will lock all bootloaders going forward. So enjoy their version of Android.

  24. Why are they taking so much time to announce the milestone 2 version?

  25. @ ChrisP Why wouldn’t it be a flagship phone? It has the same Processor as the Droid X. It’s supposed to be the first phone to ship with Froyo. I believe the main reason it doesn’t have an 8 mp camera is because of size constraints (The Droid X’s “bump” is likely due to the camera, and the Droid 2’s innards already need to be divided into two smaller compartments–the screen portion and the keyboard portion–so it can slide open).

    I don’t know. If Motorola is thinking that this should be a mid-range phone, they’re damned fools. Nobody has a high-end QWERTY slider out right now. The market is wide open.

  26. Whats bootloader mean?

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