HTC Aria Gets a Froyo Port



It is really starting to get hard to find ways to describe the feats being accomplished by the people over at XDA-Developers, so I won’t even try. The latest news emerging from that camp is a so-called “cheap & dirty” Froyo ROM for the HTC Aria based off of a CyanogenMod 6 port. It was hacked together by member attn1 with some help from Eugene. A lot of things are still missing, from WiFi and Bluetooth support all the way to a buggy camera, but it is still Android 2.2 running on the Aria, which is sure to please any owner’s of a freed from AT&T lockdown rooted version of the handset. It isn’t a stable release and still needs considerable work, so this one you may want to hold off on installing until further development takes place, but you can download the ROM over at the discussion on the XDA forums.

[via XDA-Developers, thanks to Yoshi for sending this in!]

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  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. why bother lock down these device anymore? XDA-Developers always do an incredible job bring the full potential of these phones

  3. Old news, Incredible has had it for several days now.

  4. I completely agree with inspiron41

  5. I completely agree with kendall spann

  6. I completely agree with jo

  7. I completely agree with george anderson

  8. I completely agree with your mom.

    But seriously, nice.

  9. I completely agree with Uabtodd

  10. I completely agree with digitalicecream.

  11. someone needs to make a one click root and ROM flasher for all the htc devices

  12. I completely agree with all the above

  13. I completely agree with Minja…oh wait, did I mess up?

  14. I completely agree with inspiron41, Kendall Spann, jo, George Anderson, Uabtodd, digitalicecream and Lancellor. Also agree with whoever else comment on this post. Cheers!!

  15. I don’t agree with gabe. Nexus One was first.

  16. I completely agree to disagree,

  17. I agree to agree if agreeing is necessary but until then I agree to disagree.

  18. I concur

  19. i’ve got horsebrain overload!

  20. I completely agree………..wait…..O.K. I agree. Anyways I think it is wonderful to have a community that allows Android to show its full potential on AT&T phones. I only hope AT&T does not lock down the Captivate (which doesn’t seem to be the case since the original was just rooted)

  21. What are we all agreeing to? Each other? I agree to the existence of all you people as long as it’s legal.

    Is upgrading to the 2.2 legal?

  22. Uh, this is not news for celebration. Installing Froyo on Aria is not an accomplishment if it turns your wi-fi, bluetooth and camera non-functional. Installing Froyo with all the features and maybe a few more than what AT&T will release would be great. But hacking your phone so it loses features is not an accomplishment. You’re kind of missing the forest for the trees here.

  23. wow, i found this late, all of this needs to be updated. and for what hbot4k said,
    it is an accomplishment, it’s a step forward. and a lot of ppl don’t realize it, but when developers put their version of an os out there for download it’s mostly for other ppl to test out and help point out different issues and for other developers to help come up with a fix, idroid for the iphone is a big example of programs being released just for ppl to give insight to problems the os has.

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