Droid X Gets A Quick OTA Update


We’re not surprised that the Droid X has received yet another OTA update (and we won’t be surprised if we see another the day before it officially launches: tomorrow), but here’s to comprehensive coverage of all things Android!


If you’ve already gotten a Motorola Droid X (either through the DroidLanding contest or by way of Verizon’s fumbles) then you’ve probably been prompted to download a new update in recent hours. It’s a quick 18MB download, and it takes the phone from version 1.13.516 to 1.13.604.en.us.

Don’t get happy quite yet: it’s still Android 2.1. But you probably knew that already, right?

[via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I haven’t received notification of an update yet. I’m still on 516 o.O I’ve checked a few times too.

  2. What does the update contain ?

  3. No update here

  4. Not sure when i’m suposed to get it, but nothing yet. There can’t be that many devices to push this out to yet lol….

  5. Old news.. I received the .604 update on my DROIX X last Thursday. I am hoping for another update to fix a few issues that I have been writing about on the Moto Droid X forum

  6. @Bob B…and this is why it is always good to wait on buying a new phone…but wait you didn’t buy it….lol yeah well this is yet another good lesson for those who buy new phones right away….a

  7. Bob, what issues need fixing? Are we talking about the camera? What other stuff needs addressing?

  8. Still on 516 here as well. I’ve also checked for updates to no avail.

  9. Picked this up yesterday and not OTA update. Still on .516.

  10. Called verizon they said there is nothing in the system about an update looks like solo.e made this up sorry guys and gals

  11. This is real, folks. Purchased my Droid X on day 1. This morning when I picked up the phone it had a screen message that the phone has been upgraded to 1.13.604.en.US. I did nothing but leave it on the charger overnight.

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