Fujitsu Planning to Enter Smartphone Market with Android



Fujitsu isn’t a company known for its smartphones. At writing they offer exactly zero smartphones of any kind. But they must see dollar signs in the handset business, and their eyes are on the green in more ways than one. The little green robot is in their sights as the platform to launch their foray into the smartphone industry, and rumor has it they’ll be bringing and Android phone to Japan’s NTT DoCoMo some time in 2011. Is there any company that doesn’t want Android on their products? Next you’ll tell me Nintendo is releasing a DS with Froyo on board…

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. i thought there was a DS with froyo :(

  2. I’m using my Fujitsu T5010 tablet right now and loving it. I’m sure a fujitsu android phone would kick ass! If only it was coming to Canada..

  3. used to work for Fujitsu tech

    If they are still the same company – Would not purchase a thing

    very bad service/support and outdated hardware

  4. Nintendo Handheld Console with Android would be awesome.

  5. Yeah, they make some sweet tablets, personally I’ve only dealt w/ a fujitsu scanner, but heh it kicked ass, but its always cool to see more android devices coming & fujitsu may come around & suprise everyone…

  6. I have a T5010 tablet too and its amazing. I can’t wait to see what they come out with but I hope its something like their great computers

  7. I hope they support them better than they ever did with the sat nav, loox n100.

  8. WRONG.

    Fujitsu had been making phone for many years in Japan. And they DO have smartphone.

    Please do some research before making bold statement like “exactly zero smartphone of any kind”. A quick Google will do.

    I believe their latest advancement in smartphone is their detachable-phone, which is posted in many English gadget website.

    features: (language in japanese, but the pictures tells a lot)

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