Jul 9th, 2010

best-buy-movie-mode-235x156Best Buy has a treat for smartphone owners who are itching to understand the strange, little yellow dudes from the newly released Despicable Me. And before you go crying foul at people using their phone in the theater, the app will automatically set phones to silent, and it only serves any purpose of translating the creatures during the end credits of the film when the least amount of patrons would become seriously annoyed by the glow of your handset out of the corner of their eye.

It’s actually a pretty neat concept that creates a more immersive, augmented experience for a film that already plays out in eye-popping 3D. Now, from the trailers I have seen I still have no idea what the actual movie will be about, so I’m more concerned with deciphering the content of the film than the high-pitched warbling of its characters. How about getting me that app, Best Buy? Hmm?

Grab the app by heading over to BestBuyMovieMode.com in your phone’s browser.

[via Androinica]