Confirmed: Samsung Vibrant Launching July 15th at T-Mobile



The Samsung Vibrant was announced to hit T-Mobile’s shelves on July 21st, but as the date drew closer, rumors began swirling that the release would be bumped up to July 15th. Because some people just don’t like ambiguity, Ari Robbins reached out directly to T-Mobile via Twitter and got the response anyone waiting for this phone wanted to hear: The Samsung Vibrant indeed will be launching on July 15th, a week before originally planned. I bet that takes the edge off for all you 1 GHz Hummingbird-thirsty TMo subscribers.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Good, I can finally get rid of this piece of S…motorola cliq

  2. I’d buy this.. but it has no LED flash – sticking to my nexus one until we start seeing 2ghz android units!

  3. Same… Hate my cliq so much. Any word on how involved Samsungs UI overlay is? Blur is slowest UI overlay imaginable.

  4. Remember the Behold 2 before you buy a Samsung phone. Samsung has poor support for their phones. They stopped supporting the Samsung Behold 2 before it was 6 months old. If you spend money on a Samsung phone, expect little to no support, and broken promises.

  5. @Mike, that plus terrible phonecall quality.

  6. First of all this phone is a million times better then the behold so you can’t say they will forget about it. Is going to be one of the best android phones on the market, yes there are great phones coming g out like the Droid x. I’m giving up my n1 for it because I think its going to be a great phone.

  7. I’m giving up my motorola flip phone for this. :)

  8. I agree with mike I got the behold 2 back in November and was fed up with it and it’s bugs by the end of the month but I kept it because of Samsung’s promises to get it to 2.x. But then they take that back and only get it to 1.6 seven months later. With 3.0 rumored to come out b the end of the year, I don’t think I’ll be putting my trust back into Samsung.

  9. 16gb built-in but no flash… VZW version just 2gb built-in (lame), byt has a flash. This odd differentiation is stupid. Release BOTH with 16gb AND a flash.

  10. samsung did fail with the behold, but motorola and htc does have its share of failed devices and no support also. the s-amoled and hummingbird should make this phone great. plus samsung put all their chips into the galaxy s and is the only quality phone being offered on all major carriers. it’s hard to believe samsung will ignore the galaxy s customers as it did with the behold. also touchwiz 3.0 is a major step up to what it use to be.

  11. The behold 2 was an entry phone testing the waters for their custom ui and for the android platform… they never intended it to be a stable phone more of a tester… the Vibrant is based off of the s phone that has blown up all of the european sector… not quite the s phone but same basic platform… I fully intend on getting this phone!

  12. Damn ! Y’all did all the BASHING for me! Lol. I’m sticking to my g1. Iwas going to order the galaxy s until I found out that it will only work on 2g. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo. So g1 until ……shit I don’t even know anymore!

  13. Where do you live that it will only work with 2g. Its a 3g phone.

  14. I think this discussio is filled with more opinions than facts…..the Vibrant will be able to run on T-Mobiles HSPA+ network available in 25 us cities thus far. LOL! the things people say….

  15. @Casey

    CoolMANDINGO lives in US, Galaxy S international version doesn’t support US 3G bands.

    What is it with all the people comparing this phone to the Behold 2? Samsung have put so much effort into their Galaxy S project, trying to launch in over 100 countries and all. There’s absolutely no way they’ll just abandone it.

  16. analysts are predicting sales of 15 million worldwide…. even if its a quarter that, theres no way that samsung would be able to drop support just like that

  17. Wake up and smell the espresso. They are phone manufacturers. They don’t make money on support. They make money by selling phones…NEW ones. End of subject. We’ll see you in six months.

  18. I can’t wait. @tq745 is right, Samsung has a lot riding on this one. The voice quality is always a crapshoot with Samsung, or any phone that’s not Moto.

    I have one on hold and can’t wait. With any brand new model you have to cross your fingers, but I’m optimistic.

  19. I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about this one. It’ll be like the droid for verizon. Beside I hate this cliq, just have to get off this 1.5, tired of looking on while all my friends talk about what they can do with their superphones.

  20. @Taargus.. thanks .. and to Casey,• Network
    – 2G: Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    – 3G: Dual-Band 900/2100MHz (Europe/Asia), trust me, i was going to buy the galaxy s instead of the vibrant until i read that. it may sound stupid but its the truth.

  21. I’ve been waiting for TMO to release the Nexus One.
    Although the phone looks nice, I dont think this phone will change my mind because with past phone releases, Samsung is too busy to give Android updates when they come available.
    At this point I may wait till TMO starts releasing their HSDPA+ capable phones.


  22. And another thing, the Vibrant is only coming with 2.1 ?
    Whats up with that, Froyo is already released too ! Another reason to buy an N1 on Craigslist !


  23. Does the version of Android that comes with this phone support live wallpapers? Just wondering because I’ve heard that even though the mytouch phones are getting the newest version of Android (or did), that they can’t support live wallpapers. Thanks!

  24. May I please see a picture of the vibrant, can it come in a different color like a pretty white. Thanks

  25. I think I am going to give up my HTC Touch Pro2 for this phone… :)

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