Qik for the EVO 4G Updated, Includes Fixes to Make the App Work


Many HTC EVO 4G users have been facing issues when trying to use Qik since the day the device launched. The version specific for the EVO 4G equips the phone with video-calling capabilities, but more than just a handful of those trying to use the feature couldn’t even get it to work.


Most of those problems should be fixed in the latest version of the app. Version 3.54 includes bug fixes for connectivity issues, gets rid of that annoying SMS verification requirement (pretty significant seeing as how Qik’s servers have failed to send the SMS to a large number of those requesting it), and has tweaks for those on weaker data signals.

Unfortunately they did away with one feature that some may have enjoyed: chat archives are no longer an option. There’s been no indication on why this may be, but they’ve committed to adding this feature in a future update. Find the updated version in the Android market now.

[via Qik]

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  1. I don’t see any update in the market.

  2. If by version 3.54 you mean 0.03.54 than I had this version for a while and although I do use Qik to video chat with family members it still crappy. Fring works better over 3g. Not really sure how well does Qik performs on 4g or WiFi, due to my brother is new on neither when we chat.

  3. Yeah, I keep hearing about a update but I have been on this version for about 2 weeks or so and I haven’t seen anything in the Market in the last 48 hours. Is it me or do I just not get th whole Qik thing? Its really a horrible service. I thought it was kinda cool at first but the times that I have used it its been horribly slow and thats on WiFi..

  4. This is the same version that I have had on my EVO for over two weeks now. I got the app to work yesterday, running on 4G the video worked fine. Had issues with the audio though, I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me.

  5. If u updated ur app like I did roughly 2 weeks ago then u already have it .. This is kinda a late post I have a feeling qik asked most of these sites to run this story anyways as a reminder for people who abandoned the app to use it again … I think this service won’t be perfect for atleast another 2 years with the growth of 4g but for now it’s just a luxury to kinda show off … Trust me when I have showed it off to some people even with the lag they are still impressed lol

  6. fring > Qik

    @david I suspsect it may have been the silly “Push-to-talk” button requirement on Qik as to why people couldn’t hear you.

    Qik was not near ready for all the prime-time attention Sprint gave it. I’m sure the carrier went looking for a software partner to show of their Front-facing camera feature, but this software was only half-baked, at best.

  7. has anyone else noticed the red accent near the speaker on the HTC EVO pictured? does anyone’s model have that?

  8. I am missing the Push-to-talk” button also
    any sugestions?

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