Is Street View in Google Maps Acting Weird For You?


We didn’t notice this earlier on (probably because we haven’t heard anything about this up until today) but apparently there is a problem with Street View inside Google Maps that’s only been plaguing Android handsets. Apparently, the Street View options are reportedly glitching up and – in some cases – disappearing. Two people responded to the thread on Google Support reporting issues, but that’s it.


Today, Google’s updated their original post to state that they’ve narrowed down the problem and are working to correct it shortly. It doesn’t seem to be as widespread as other sites (hint: Gizmodo) might have you believe, but we’ll report on it anyway. Personally, I haven’t had the problem in the past few days that I’ve been needing to use Maps extensively (Street View does come in quite handy when you move to a new area). What about you?

[Note]: Yes, that is an actual shot of Google Maps’ Street View feature showing a dead deer on the side of the road. No, I cannot find a way to justify using roadkill by way of Street View as the article’s main image (yet it’s still strangely fitting, in a way).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I feel bad for laughing so much at that photo. But it was even more hilarious to see that it was in Wisconsin (my home state).

  2. I cant even access Google Maps on my G1. It says “installed” in the market but it wont show in the app drawer nor will it let me reinstall. . . Death To G1 !!

  3. Well my opinion, and from my personal experience, I don’t even use street view and there are probably a couple people who doesn’t use it either so who really cares about street view. Yeah its nice but the plain old map view is good enough for me. I don’t even use the satellite view. I say take a pole to find out witch view of the map is used the most, and male that one the maon focus.

  4. That would be an affirmative for me. Specifically when using Navigation. I use it every day – not for directions, because I know how to get to work and then back home – but for traffic updates and accident notices. Anyway, I “arrive” and it doesn’t show the street view of where I am anymore… and before this happened, the street view for my home moved further and further away from my actual address… however, if I am manually using Maps, I can load up any address and still click into Street View perfectly fine.

  5. I noticed this yesterday afternoon, street view did not show up when I arrived at my destination.

  6. Dashdroid It took me awhile to find it because I was looking for Google Maps. It is only titled Maps in my app drawer. Try looking for that.

  7. I can only access Street View by using the navigator feature (in which street view pops up at the end of your route), unless there is a way to access it directly from maps that I am not picking up on. Moto Droid 2.1

  8. Bender, either enter an address or long press somewhere on the map – then click the box that pops up. A screen with a black background will open with some choices and you’ll see the little icon of a standing man in the upper right. That’s the street view dude.

  9. Street view is working fine for me. (Sprint Hero)

  10. Maybe the picture was taken at night.

  11. streetview not showing up at end of trip in UK..desire

  12. street view working fine for me (cliq) and i just had to type in the address my self and street viewed it and seen the deer also….so funny!

  13. Thank you, TF.

  14. Ah, thank you. My sis-in-law bought a new house and I tried to street view it in Google Maps yesterday but couldn’t find the option. I assumed it was user error thanks to the few beers I had already tossed back. Nice to know it wasn’t me!

  15. Street view has dissapeared completly for me UK HTC Desire 2.1. I hope it gets back ASAP because I have got a 450 mile trip to make on Saturday and Street view is way better than the usual view

  16. Street view disappeared in the navigation area of my HTC EVO yesterday

  17. Thanks, TF! I had been looking under “Layers” for Street View. Tried what you suggested and it worked perfectly.

  18. So there is a ‘Roadkill’ Layer in Google Maps now? They’ve truly thought of everything.

  19. Don’t feel that way, Tyler B; I’d laugh if I saw YOU dead on the side of the road…

  20. I have noticed this also, didn’t really think anything of it.

  21. I do not get street view on my incredible. It has worked in the past but not know.

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