Phandroid Boot Animation for Android Devices [Video]


We always get a bit tingly inside when our readers showcase just how much they love Phandroid! Blueman101 from XDA Developers is one such reader that took it upon himself to take the Phandroid intro video and make it into an Android boot animation.

As I note in the video, he downloaded the clip using a YouTube downloader which resulted in the animation being thinner and shorter than the screen of whatever device you apply it to (in my case, the HTC EVO 4G). Unfortunately, that’s as pretty as it’ll get for now since the animation wasn’t originally designed for that screen size and resolution, but it’s still going to remain the second thing I’m greeted to every time I boot my device up.

Check out BlueMan101’s post at XDA by following this link where you can find the bootanimation.zip file. The steps you’ll need to take to apply the animation may differ from device to device, so take a swing at Google if you need to know how to do it for your specific device. Also be sure that your phone is rooted, otherwise you might not be able to apply it.

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  1. I don’t think root is necessary to flash boot animations…
    At least it hasn’t been for any that I’ve flashed…

    1. It really depends on the phone, then. This sort of stuff isn’t possible on the EVO 4G or many other devices without root and ADB. On other devices, it might be as simple as flashing a signed update.zip file using the device’s stock recovery or using ADB to push the necessary files to the appropriate directories.

  2. Dude clean your screen

  3. Yea I noticed that after recording the video lol. For some reason, I’m of the obnoxious mindset that my hands can never get my phone’s screen dirty. Ever.

  4. Just ADB push to /data/local no root required at all. For any of the DROID devices anyway….

  5. I love it, but it would be cool if the cell phone that is transforming into Mike the Android be the image of the phone. Still, it really cool.

  6. If the bootanimation file is located in the /system/ folder somewhere then root will be required.

  7. “If the bootanimation file is located in the /system/ folder somewhere then root will be required.”

    Yeahhhhhh thats not true. Learn how to use adb, it is your friend.

  8. I’m working on modding mine right now. I located the bootanimation file. It’s located in /system/media/bootanimation.zip and i’m using adb push / adb pull commands.

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