Plow Those Fields, Milk Those Cows: Farmville Coming to Android Soon?



Farmville is the game that we love to hate. More specifically, it’s a game that others seem to love and I seem to hate. What I always wrote off as Facebook feed-spam is apparently the joy of 80 million users. Zynga, makers of Farmville, recently released the game as an app for the iPhone, and now a newly registered URL may indicate the game will hit Android in due time as well. DNStination, who owns, just registered This could just be a placeholder with no imminent plans for release, but it seems like a no brainer we will see it eventually. Maybe soon you’ll be able to get your  crops watered and wrangle up those cows that have gone missing right in the palm of your hand.


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  1. My wife loves farmville. She will be using it for her hand-me-down Droid, unless Flash arrives first. Funny that there is an Iphone app for that – just another way for Apple to profit by forcing an iphone application for someting that Flash would provide for free.

  2. Cool I guess, but I would rather play Rune Factory: Frontier on Wii (or just about any other Harvest Moon game).

  3. The release of this would undoubtedly make my wife toss her Backflip and get a Captivate.

  4. You deserve a golden egg. Would you like to accept this golden egg?

  5. Anyone see the South Park episode on Facebook? That’s all I think about when I see pictures of Farmville these days… Stan ripping Kyle’s plants out of the ground…

    Oh, and about this app… “Ignore”

  6. I banned all games on my facebook account. :) Plenty of better things to do with my time than to virtual farm.

  7. Sad to say I am one of those 80 million fans although its gotten old but it wasn’t bad at first just got to big…..

  8. get mafia wars then we are good lol

  9. I play frontierville when I’m not playing America’s Army


  11. yes, farmville is almost as mind numbing as World of Warcraft

  12. Frontierville all the way! Farming is so YoVillian. ;)

  13. Boo…..

  14. If you try to play this in a mobile browser with 10.1 (nexus 1 or rooted droid) it gives you a little message saying sorry but its not available for this platform. My wife was said. This was the main reason she wanted flash on her droid (and let me root it)

  15. the more games on the Android the better

  16. Don’t forget rumors that google “anonymously” funded Zynga upto a quoted 200 million.

    This would certainly explain such an “investment”, I’m all for it, I hate the game myself, there’s a week of my life i’ll never get back

  17. I hated farmville when it first came out. But now I love it and one of the reasons I switched from the iPhone 4 was I thought it had it. Very sad.

  18. I have been waiting for farmville for the android since I got my droid in Sept. At least I can use my mans iphone when I need to harvest my crops.

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