HTC Vision, Ace Named in List of Phones Headed to the UK



The recently-spied HTC Vision has appeared on a list of devices that are heading to the UK later this year. Of the six devices named in the report over at Omio, two Android phones should be getting a release in October. Along with the Vision and it’s four-row QWERTY keyboard there is also word that a phone called the HTC Ace will be coming along at the same time. So what exactly is the Ace?

According to Tracey and Matt’s Blog, we can add it to the list of rumored EVO-killers. Their investigations brought up the following answer in the form of a question:

Question: What do you get if you cross the HTC Evo with the HTC Incredible?

Answer: The HTC Ace!

They go on to say it could be an Android 3.0, dual-core Snapdragon, 4.3″ AMOLED display, 8MP camera featuring smartphone. Excuse us if we think that is just a little too much to expect from a phone coming this October, but stranger things have happened.

[via UnwiredView, Tracy and Matt]

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  1. Siick, but going to take it like a pinch of salt since it is all rumours at this stage.

    The HTC phone in the post doesn’t look like it’s sporting a 4.2″ screen either..

  2. they said great things about the vision too! but it aint close to as great as rumored. If the ACE is comming for Tmobile then great. If not then… this totally sucks noodles.

  3. The best part of this that it’ll be released in the UK. :D

  4. Yeah i knew it!!! i think is going to TMO b/c the phone is coming out on October which means HTC made the first Android phone 2 years ago (the G1 came out October 21 2008). The G1 still best qwerty phone out there ;)

  5. Oh thats just great! More phones I’ll want to own way before my contract is up and ready for an upgrade. :-)

  6. I’m getting really sick of all these 4+ inch screens coming out. I seriously hope they don’t start putting physical keyboards on these things, because that’s stupid. But maybe it’s just me.

    Just give me a damn Touch Pro2 with Android, a beefed up processor, and more RAM already. COME ON!

  7. Omg finally, a phone is being released in the uk!

  8. The Vision will not be 4.3 inch. It will be the same size a the Desire.
    And the Ace is more than a rumour. Trust me!

  9. if the specs on the ace are true, and it comes to t-mobile usa, i’m totally getting it.

  10. If I hadn’t just got a desire I would pick up the vision on launch day. I waited and waited for a decent phone with a keyboard having just missed the g1 when it was released.
    Would also buy a 4.3 inch with a keyboard in a heart beat. It takes all sorts, that’s the wonderful thing about android, you get to pick the form factor that suits you.

  11. So… its an Aria?

  12. Dual Core Snapdragon,want!

  13. October for a htc qwerty android with decent processor? Htc seems to be behind the curve here in getting qwerty out the door

  14. I hope it is thinner than the IPhone 4, let us also hope it has an amazing screen as well.

  15. The Ace specs sound like the superphone specs that were hinted at.. I had a feeling that the Vision and the superphone were 2 different animals.. The October time frame is not totally out there (for preorders) although I was thinking closer to middle/late November but a little earlier might not be a bad idea if you want to create a buzz and get some serious order numbers for the holidays.

  16. does anybody know if the specs included a front facing camera? just curious. also, i hope it goes to verizon!

  17. OMG this is the news i’v been waiting for!!! Finally a 4.3″ Android phone for Europe! YAY!!!!!! aw jeez i just pissed mah pants.

  18. does the new Dual core snapdragon have a dedicated GPU? If its integrated then bahh!

  19. Android 3 and slide out Keyboard …. destined for UK .. maybe I won’t get the Motorola Drid after all.

  20. i think you have it mixed, the Vision has the keyboard and the Ace has Android 3 but no keyboard.

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