Nexus One Receives Yet Another OTA, FRF91


You Nexus One owners must be feeling the Google love with all of these OTA updates headed your way lately. After the official upgrade to Android 2.2 was released for all Nexus One owners the other day, Google’s not ready to let that upload button rest. According to several of our excited readers, another OTA update is being pushed out today.


The firmware version is FRF91 and – at least going by the link we’ve provided (courtesy of developer Amon_Ra on Twitter) – it’s only designed to take users from the most previous version FRF85B.

From what we understand, this update doesn’t really do anything but provide some security updates and other smaller changes under the hood. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s out there so go ahead and update if you feel it’s in your best interest.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Actually most Nexus One owners haven’t had a single OTA update yet…

  2. Hmmm, I don’t know any of these NexusOne users “feeling the love”, I have yet to get a peep on my phone about an OTA update. I’m trying to wait patiently, but I might have to bight the bullet and push the binary to the phone. Come on Google, where’s my FroYo!!!

  3. I’m still on FRF72. I’ll just be waiting for it to come over the air. No rush since I’ve been using 2.2 for a while now and haven’t had any issues with the build I’m using.

  4. Y cant I get some Google love on my mytouch? :(

  5. also do not know anyone who has received any OTA update.

  6. Still waiting for 2.2 period… Thought this was supposed to come OTA on Monday or Tuesday.

  7. F*** you google you made it seem like you were going to give the droid so much love….well screw you. We Droid users help skyrocket the Android platform, so at least try to think of us!

  8. I’m still f@#ken stuck on ERE27!!!!!! I’m tired of waiting and might end up getting the Samsung Vibrant because at least I know now I wont have wait for updates.

  9. Still haven’t recieved any update for froyo. still running ERE27 here. :(

  10. I don’t 1 nexus owner that has received any update including me. Wish these sites would bother to check their facts instead of trying to be 1st.

  11. WTF! im in san jose, ca, received my n1 2nd week after launch and i still am waiting for the ota notification! i feel m getting aggravated!

  12. Still no OTA update for me. Although I actually flashed 2.2 on it the day it was leaked. Haven’t had any problems, luckily. Still tough, I’d like to get the real thing. Can I just flash this version right over it using the same method?

  13. I read in one google forum a message from a google employee (fwiw) that manually upgrading to frf-85b would not void a warranty.

    So after impatiently waiting for three days, and I am told being the cause of several server crashes since I hit refresh too often, I manually upgraded last night.

    Seems to work just fine, though I think it is draining the battery quicker than ever.

  14. No OTA here for T-mobile N1. Manually installed FRF85B.

  15. @Mark (#6) We’ve received numerous reports (more than a couple of dozen) that “normal” non-Google/Media Nexus One devices had received the update. Perhaps I should note that Google’s employing a “staggered” update: you probably haven’t been queued up to receive the OTA notification yet. Just be patient, or apply the update yourself using the files floating around.

  16. (nexus1 ere27 here) going to give it one more day since they did say by the end of the week!.. (fingers crossed)!!!!!! :o/

  17. I have frf91 :-) n1

  18. No update yet..n1 on T-Mobile – south Florida…

  19. Just received FRF91 OTA – was a pleasant surprise! Also received Frf85 OTA as well. TMobile, VA.

  20. No update yet Nexus One on T- Mobile Brooklyn New York
    ERE 27

  21. No Update for me still running frf72 no problem’s :)

  22. Nothing yet. Im on FRF83B through a manual. NYC here.

  23. Just got FRF91 =D in Sweden.

  24. Some people need to settle down.

    Also if I hear one more Verizon (KEY WORD) Motorola (ANOTHER KEY WORD) Droid owner blaming Google for update frequency I think I’m going to punch someone in the face.

  25. Running FRF91, don’t wait for OTA, download and manual install

  26. I got the FRF91 update this morning. So far I can’t tell any differences between this one and FRF85B.

    Nexus One – T-Mobile Southern California (For what it’s worth)

  27. I agree with snupples… lol… if you would have noticed that the Nexus One is the only Google branded phone… it’s not their fault you bought a VERIZON phone and now have to wait for VERIZON to decide when you get your OTA. mua ha ha

  28. I’ve got both n1 ota updates in south Florida :)))

  29. So glad to read all these comments because I thought that I was the only waiting for this OTA. I can’t wait to use flash player on this device, come on google!!! You already announced it, please let us taste some froyo.

  30. I also got the update 20 minutes ago, Midnight, in London.

  31. I have decided to do a manual update… WTF is with Google though… stop releasing so many damn versions… take a few days/weeks do what you got to do but get the job done right

  32. No 2.2 OTA on my N1 in Seattle, Washington either…

  33. Anyone else having problem reinstalling swype after upgrading? I TOTALLY AM!

  34. i received this few minutes ago

  35. how can i upgrade to frf91 from frf72 with out having to go all the way back to frf50 …..?

  36. 14:00 today I received FRF91. Portland Or. N1 on AT&T

  37. Got my Froyo update OTA on Monday the 28th, just ran a checkin command and was notified of the FRF91 update. Running the install now.

    Nexus One (AT&T variant) – Southern Calif.

  38. I was afraid to do the manual upgrade. I got really impatient though so I did it anyway. It was really easy! Much iarecommended. Love how fast it is.

  39. MyTouch 3G still living in a cave! 1.6 and you guys are complaining about 2.2!

  40. no froyo for mine or my wifes n 1 tmobile atlanta

  41. Thursday and no OTA update still…SJ Cali here

  42. Oh n.m. its automatically updated

  43. OMFG people stop your bitching Google is updating their system thats more then I can say about other OS’s… If you can’t stand the wait manually upgrade. I’m actually doing mine as I type this.

  44. Has anyone in texas received froyo update? I’m in Fort Worth and no update!

  45. I updated to 2.2 when it was leaked few weeks back. Worked great except for the Market not having unlocked Apps. Then I did a Manual on Monday and it has worked great. Now I am waiting to see if FRF91 will update. If not, Ill do a Manual for that also. From this site and another site, it just seems to be slight security improvements, nothing astonishing.
    And to all other users of Android platforms other than the N1. Your OTA will have to come through your carrier. Thats why I love having a phone straight from Google. I dont have any Sense, Wiz, Myfaves or any other carrier software to deal with if I dont want too.
    And I had a short, maybe not so reliable, conversation with a Google Project Manager, and he said that Google would be releasing more, 1 or more?, phones in the near future. If they did, I would only stick with their unlocked phones. It is the best route, in my opinion.

  46. Haha. I’m with you snupples.

    I’d gladly sacrifice my DROID by beating someone of these people’s heads in with it.

    For Christ’s Sake, most N1 owners don’t have the update, yet people WITHOUT the “google phone” are whining.


  47. I got the ota frf91 @4pm. 3rd one in a wk and a half. Had frf83 and frf85b. So. Cal T-Mo. Says 91 is for improved security; maybe related to flash updates???

  48. Just got FRF85b update on Tuesday and got FRF91 a few minutes ago. No noticeable differences. N1

  49. i need frf85b from frf83 zip
    cause i dont wanna wait 10203902901 days to get ota from google

  50. I just received the update literally 10 seconds ago

  51. Got frf85b in Hawaii on the 28th….now frf91 in SC on the 1st….

  52. N1 is Google’s phone so we get updates first but having to get kinda like beta updates or tests so they get 2.2 right its a small price to pay if you ask me

  53. Has any N1 owner EVER gotten OTA update from Google?

  54. damned if you do, damned if you don’t (GOOGLE);
    most of these updates are being sent out to select phones, so there not for ppl to just flash then complain. atleast google is trying to fix some of the bugs before everyone gets the ota. nexus/still ere27

  55. Just got mine ota n1 tmo. First ota since the original 2.1 update

  56. Bought my Nexus One unlocked the very first week it came out in January, but still on ERE27 — getting impatient waiting for the OTA:
    Network: T-Mobile
    Location: Chicago
    Build: ERE27

  57. wow people complain so much. Btw I got it, bought my N1 on day one. Bay area.

  58. I downloaded and I’m running FRE91 but where is the FM Radio, 720p video recording, & multi-color trackball?

  59. For those who’ve yet to receive OTAs, please don’t whine anymore. Learn to use the recovery mode and official

  60. i have not seen a froyo update on my phone in chicago yet, and the same goes for the other n1 users here that i know. so when are we getting some froyo..? i’m starting to think not anytime soon by the way its looks. thanks for hyping everyone up just to leave us hanging.
    starting to get real disappointed over here.

  61. I manually updated. Works great. I have never updated OTA…always manual. I know it gets done that way.

  62. It just provides security patches for Gmail.

  63. Damn wheres my froyo sweet treat for my EVO…come on HTC and Sprint!!!

  64. Guys, cool down, i hope you understand the update system, you will get OTA only if,,
    –> You have an unlimited data plan….and
    –>your carrier knows that you have N1…means they have your IMEI no. connected to your account.( example after buying N1 if you dont tell aT&T about that, you wont get OTA.)

  65. No update yet..N1 on T-Mobile – Minnesota

  66. Quit bitching you little children. I updated my nexus one with everyone of these updates that came out. the process is as easy as opening a coke. the instructions are out there. install it you computer and do it yourself. jesus. cry babies the damn file is right infront of your face. i just finished updating this file on my nexus one right now… booyahhh.

  67. In more important news, CyanogenMod 6.0 Alpha 1 is out and being tested. I’d say in another week we have Test builds to play with.

    <3 root

  68. No update yet on my n1 purchased in Jan — Boston, MA.

  69. Its funny we can have new roms ready for our n1s brfore we have a final 2.2 build. Maybe android should get pur n1 bugs fixed before letting other company’s try to fix them for us. Gingerbread is reportedly going to be the death of them

  70. I just forced (?) the frf91 ota straight from frf50 like this:

    checkin (type *#*#2432546#*#* into dialer) and wait for ‘checkin succeeded’ notification

    immediately turn phone off, and turn it back on

    go to settings>about phone>system updates and… voíla. The updates waiting for you. You’re welcome.

  71. Just got the update in India on my N1.

    Carrier – MTNL 3G Jadoo.

    Build is Android 2.2 – FRF 91

    Android is great.

  72. I have a nexus one and I want my froyo!!!

  73. After weeks of entering the secret checkin # and manually updating from 27 to 50 then FRF85 and feeling like google forgot all about my N1. I tried the checkin # once more after reading the post and I just got an actual OTA update to frf91. Yesssss!

  74. well idk what happened, ere27 here still on stock nexus but today i did the 8383checkin thing and it said i had a update availiable. so, i hit install. it went black a sec then sat on the screen with the yellow exclamation mark inside triangle with little dude chiilin there. for about 15 minutes or so. so i then hit power button and volume up and it went to boot screen. options on boot screen were reboot system,then somethin,,,then of course wipe clean options. well i hit the secong update zip optionj like 5 times and everytime it said install aborted on the last line, so i just then hit reboot phone. i did and now i still see ere27. i tried checkin thing again and again and its doesnt do anytihgn now. did i miss my frozen yogart ?! hope it comes back ,whatever it was. any help would be mad sweet.

  75. Just received another OTA update FRF91, I love my N1,Philippines… ahihihihi

  76. Still waiting. No updates yet for my Nexus One. I’m still on 2.1.

  77. I just got a notification for the 2.2 update, went to install it and it won’t install. My phone turns off, gets to the android with the triangle with the exclamation mark inside it and just stays there. I rebooted my nexus one. Luckily it rebooted. But now it says my system is up to date when I check for the system update. Way to have my hopes dashed lol.

  78. @keil

    Same here bro, I did the same thing you did. What a crock. I got so excited only to have my hopes dashed.

  79. @keil, @Wes
    Same here for me. No clue what’s going on.

  80. Just as I was about to write that I had yet to receive it, I did a manual checkin and got the system update. I had manually updated to FRF50.

    T-Mobile, Dallas, Nexus One, now at FRF91

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  82. I just got the frf 91. 1 day after
    I got 2.2

    T-mobile Nexus one

  83. @wes@stu makes me wanna keep hitting *#*#checkin#*#* till i get it again, dang that sucked. glad it wasnt just me though, can feel now it probably wasnt our ota that denyed us. hopefully.

  84. Does the *#*#checkin#*#* work for ERE27?

  85. @keil @wes @stu Does checkin only work for FRF50, or will it also work for stock ERE27? Im also waiting for my OTA. Did it really work for your guys?

  86. Also, when I go under Settings>Status>PhoneNumber, it says my number is unknown. WIll this affect the way I get my OTA update? This is my second Nexus One, and they have both said the same thing.

  87. @Luis

    I have never done the checkin thing. I got the screen pop up that said new firmware has been dowloaded and ready to install. When I clicked install now i got the infamous triangle screen and nothing happened.

  88. @Dev said:

    >Guys, cool down, i hope you understand the update system, you will get OTA only if,,
    >–> You have an unlimited data plan….and
    >–>your carrier knows that you have N1…means they have your IMEI no. connected to your >account.( example after buying N1 if you dont tell aT&T about that, you wont get OTA.)

    Not sure where you got your info Dev but I have to disagree, just got my Nexus One about a week ago, I have unlimited data, but per my AT&T account screen on their website, they still think I have an iPhone. With all that said, I got my OTA Froyo update Monday the 28th, and just got my FRF91 update today (the 1st) also OTA. Honestly I don’t know if there is any rhyme or reason to the OTA process.

  89. I just did the checkin thing and turned my phone off and back on like brendon said and my phone is now downloading 2.2 as i type. Will let you know how it goes. The file is 44.5MB.

  90. @keil, Stu, Luis

    So far so good. It is installing. The secret I guess is to do the checkin thing and turn your phone off and back on. It will start downloading right when it turns back on. You can then go to the system update screen and monitor the dowload. Then it will ask you to install. Worked for me on ERE27 stock Tmo. Hope that helps guys. And big thanks to brendon for the off/on tip.

  91. I was on FRF83 (manually updated) and got the OTA update for FRF91

  92. @Wes Alright, I will try it. Ill let you know how things go.

  93. @Wes I tried it, and nothing happend. My phone turned on as normally with no notification. Im going to have to wait I guess…Good luck with your new update Wes.

  94. Tried out the check in command, restarted as soon as it said checkin:success, phone restarted and nothing… Waited 10 minutes and tried again and still nothing.

    Perhaps you just got lucky and happened to get the update when you restarted? /shrug

  95. Oh, im on ERE27 T-Mobile… i manually installed 2.1 though so maybe thats why the checkin thing didnt work? :(

  96. I’ve tried all those tricks before and it ever OTA’d me. So I did the manual and it went off without a hitch. I think when I gave TMO my IMEI number in Jan they said I didn’t need to so I bet they won’t push updates to my phone. It says unknown device when I log into MyTmo and yet it otherwise works fine. Fortunately, the manual update is easy as heck to load.

  97. Unfortunately I was about to break down and do the manual download and the official google download link is down. Now its a frf91 from frf85b file, which is just a patch… Guess i’ll have to wait for someone to distribute the next link.

  98. The checkin thing worked for me. Took a minute to reboot but now phone is running frf91. Thanks brendon!

  99. Guys just do a manual update, that’s what I did from ere27 to frf85b. Only bad thing is my battery lasts alot less with froyo, not sure if anyone else is also having this problem.

  100. I was on Nexus One FRF50, and just got this FRF91 update 30 minutes ago.

    2010-07-02 03:21am

  101. receiver FRF91 1 hour ago. until then i had FRF50 (manually upgraded)
    from Slovenia

  102. I’m in the UK and Manually updated to FRF83B, got an update to FRF91 this morning.

    Haven’t noticed any battery issues, just a few apps seem to wait longer in certain areas. Suppose they needs updating.

  103. Not too sure what wes is downloading but the FRF85B I downloaded was 83MB, the pre release 72 was 45MB. You’d think they’d provide a wifi update route as well as an over the air, it is linux based after all and there’s a lot of data to shift.

  104. Just got my first OTA upgrade to FRF91, after manually updating from FRF54B to FRF85B a few days ago – in Saudi Arabia (HTC Nexus One purchased in USA). Go Google!

  105. How about everyone about ^^ quit complaining about how you never got the OTA and just manually update your jeez such cry babies lol

  106. Finally got my ota this morning. Manual frf50 to ota frf50. N1 stock

  107. frf50 to frf91

  108. no froyo for me in LA (So Cal)
    running ERE27 :/ :'(

  109. Just recieved my update. Went from FRF50 (manual update) to FRF91 OTA @ 12: 59 am in covina, ca.

  110. Just got the FRF91 update for my N1. When it booted back up the screen didnt work. Very scary. I rebooted using the trackerball and it seems fine now

  111. Just got my update. I live in Orlando FL.

  112. Over the air from google. From 85b to 91

  113. Manual FRF85B to FRF91 OTA

    10:00 UK

  114. I received ota update this morning . I was on FRF 83 which i manually installed and didn’t receive FRF85B.
    Now i’m on FRF91 and beleive me it was OTA update , my first since the update we had way back in Feb.

  115. I just got the update a few hours ago while at work as a matter of after my last post on here ;) I manually updated to frf85B then got this one OTA

  116. FINALLY GOT MY FROYO! its so fast!!!! thanks Google.

  117. You should all count yourself lucky. Some of us on Vodafone UK (+ EU?) have to wait “1-2 weeks”* for a bunch of monkeys to screw around with Froyo before we’ll get it delivered despite being told that no modification would be done to the device.

    *This is from the company that in January said they would stock the Nexus One in a “few short weeks” then actually took 5 months.

    So Froyo on Vodafone for 2012 it is then!

  118. No Update here Wisconsin

  119. @Frank

    I’ve got a AT&T N1; unlocked. I had rooted it and applied RA-AMON’s recovery. I did NOT tell AT&T about the phone, just pulled my SIM from my Samsung Epix and stuck it in the N1 and it was up and running. I do have the unlimited data plan.

    I wanted to go to FRF85B, so I had to ‘unroot’ the phone and return to stock recovery. That took a while to figure out. After doing that I found the EPE54B -> FRF85B and updated manually.

    Last night I did the CHECKIN and it found the OTA for FRF91 and the update applied successfully.

    So, the bottom line:
    Unlocked = Still get OTA
    Rooted = Not sure if OTA will work, probably not
    Custom Rom = No OTA and no stock update images (fails to verify)
    Custom Recovery = No OTA and no stock update images (fails to verify)

    Not sure how they decide who gets the update and when, but I don’t think it matters if AT&T knows; the update isn’t coming from them, it’s coming from Google.


  120. I am in Mass on N1 non rooted from T-Mobile since January. I updated to FRF50 in May and FRF85B on Monday manually. I just got my OTA update notification when I woke up this morning.

  121. Just got froyoed in Denmark (I really don’t think your provider has anything to do with this).

  122. Looks like some issues have been found if there is a new FRF out there. That might have slowed down the roll out. A colleague here in the UK got the update on Monday. I haven’t….

  123. I dont get u people. N1 is like THE phone for Android nerds, and non of you have root acces? Thats like owning a ferrari and not driving in it…. plain stupid! Why not update manual (no root needed) or get rootacces and enjoy even better roms than the ones released by HTC. Oh….and by the way…Droid did not make Android such a big player in this market.

  124. Oh… running froyo on a rooted desire by the way ;)

  125. Is it me or the ony people that received the ota 91 is those that did the manual update 85B. has Anyone received the ota update from ere27?

  126. FRF83 -> FRF91
    Network: Voda UK.

    Just got the update. I bought my phone from the US on release day.

  127. Used *#*#checkin#*#*
    ERE27 –> FRF91
    N1, TMo, Columbus, OH

  128. I just got my update this morning. On TMO, updated from 85B that I installed manually.

  129. Same as joe

  130. Indonesia…got the FROYO update just today! Finally!

  131. I’ve been getting the updates. I’m on T-Mobile and live in Atlanta, GA.

  132. Living in Spain, just received my Froyo OTA FRF91. N1 bought in USA.

  133. Haven’t received any OTA updates period. I bought my Nexus 1 back in March and have never rooted my phone

  134. Got impatient and updated to frf85 using sdc a card but just received 91 OTA on Rogers

  135. Froyo (OTA) today in Luxembourg (Europe)

  136. I bought the N1 a few weeks ago (June 16) and it came with EPE54B -_- I cannot get ANY update. It’s ridiculously frustrating!!!

  137. I second every “WTF” I saw on here. Still zero OTAs in Fort Lauderdale FL.

  138. I got my Android 2.2 FRF91 update in London, UK (O2 network) this morning (02 July)…

  139. I just got the FRF91 OTA update… I got my phone about 2 weeks ago. Though I manually upgraded to FRF85 2 days ago (my phone is not rooted… straight out of the box from google/tmobile)

    Good Luck!

  140. I got my OTA last night.
    I was running FRF50 & it updated me straight to FRF91.

    N1 on O2 UK

  141. Just receive my update this morning!! FRF91 sweetttt! I have the unlock T-Mobile N1 here in Baltimore!!

  142. I got the OTA on rooted ERE27 on Tmo, and the installation aborted too. System update says I’m up to date also.

  143. I’m in the bay area. I did the checkin thing on both my wife and my nexus one last night. As soon as I got the checkin succeeded message, I went into about phone>System updates. If you do that it will either tell you the phone is “up to date” or immediately tell you that there is an update available and give you an option to install it.

    The phone will reboot itself if check on the install the update button. If there is no update there is no need to reboot, because there is no update available.

    Luckily for me, both my phone and my wife’s had update available and froyo installed as smooth as yogurt.

    Oh I’m in the SF bay area and received the update july 1st in the evening.

  144. My wife and I got our FRF91 this morning. Houston Tx.
    She was ERE27, I was FRF85B.

  145. Just got my ota last nite in minneapolis, it was the first froyo update I received but it is the FRF91. It is sweet I have been waiting for the last month and resisted updating myself.

  146. To all the whiners out there…
    1/Bite the bullet and get a Nexus One. I had to.
    2/Don’t cry about constant improvement updates..
    3/Google ‘latest android 2.2’ follow simple instructions to upgrade and your done in less than 3 minutes..
    Or just wait for ota

  147. I got FRF91. It takes all of 5 minutes to put on manually. No probs, piece of cake.

  148. Finally received the update today. Went from a self installed FRF72 to FRF91 OTA. T-Mobile user in Philly.

  149. Got my OTA this afternoon all the way in Singapore! haha btw seems like there is multicolour track ball ability already!! :D

  150. @B Shut the F*CK UP B! Droid users didn’t help skyrocket the Android platform. T-Mobile was the pioneer that partnered with Google to skyrocket the Android platform with the launch of the HTC G1. Get your sh*t right before you open your f*cking mouth.

  151. got FRF91 update around 12pm in New York – T-mobile

  152. Got FRF91 without having any prior 2.2 installs. Seems like you’ll get FRF91 regardless if you had prior installs or not

  153. I got the frf91today

  154. @dev, OTA does happen w/o carrier knowledge. it is from google.
    i have at&t with N1, and got OTA w/o their knowledge.

  155. Does anyone know if FRF91 resolves the battery life issue? Google claimed that froyo would increase battery life, but so far, all I’ve heard on these boards is the opposite. I’ve been wary of manually updating from ERE27 because of it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Unrooted T-mo N1 in Los Angeles.

  156. For the record, the download link to get to frf85b is gone, so if you havent manually updated you can’t without getting it from a 3rd party host (which I personally dont trust with a $600 device i paid cash for). The FRF91 link floating around only updates from frf85b to frf91.

    With that said there’s no way to manually install until someone finds the link to go from ere27 or whatever old build your on to frf91…

    If someone has such a link please share? :)

  157. Installing Froyo now :) If you dont have it go ahead and grab it from the links on the xda forum. They are on the android servers so you can trust the link. Just make sure to download the right version.

  158. Tried *#*#checkin#*#*, after rebooting phone is freezes. Nothing happens, no download. I tried again and it didn’t freeze but still no download. I looked at the “system updates” screen and it said I was up to date. Running frf83.

  159. Got my update this morning. I was starting Pandora and they told me they had to restart my phone. It took like 10 minutes to restart, but it got it going. I didn’t even check for it until I went into the System Settings and saw the updated build.

    SF, CA

  160. Hopefully we will get color trackball when the final build FRF99 is released because I feel like the reason we don’t all have ota is because it is not done yet so google rather then hear us all complain like we do me included they just make beta testers out of us and also calm some of us down meaning the people who manually update anyway that’s my theory like I said before I could be wrong but why isn’t a simple thing like trackball colours added especially since the nexus will more then likely be the last android with a trackball on it anybody els agree ?

  161. first, congrats to everyone who’s received the update.

    i’m still waiting on FRF85B and /or FRF91

    @Adam: i’ve never received an OTA either. i’ve resorted to manually update to FRF83 & i’m content. gonna let it update on its own from now on.

    @Tovachea Nealy: your MyTouch has to go through the approval of the manufacturer/carrier before any OTA gets sent. another reason to get the Google Nexus One.

    @B: dude, chill out. i started out with the G1 & never did (or ever will) get 2.0. we’re the ones who skyrocketed the Android platform. either relax another month or flash it yourself.

    @Eddie Android: LMAO. i know you’re kidding about Samsung & updates. they’re the worst. i like your brand of sarcasm.

    @brendon: your steps didn’t work for me. i’ve been “checking in” 4 times a day since Tuesday. =/

    let’s all remember if we were all WinMo owners, we’d practically never get updates…Apple, once a year. these frequent updates are the reason Google/Android rocks!

  162. I’ve been waiting, but no cold creamy Froyo yet, :(. I’m bummed. The N1 in Sweeden & Singapore got theirs. Google said Mon & it’s Fri, no OTA. I did the manual update to FRF50, so was planning to wait for the OTA. Is this going to OTA to my handset or did my manual update block that? Los Angeles.

  163. just received my frf91 update this morning in argentina automatically,

    seems to have improved a few things (but probably i was a few updates late):
    – no performance problems that the phone became very slow and unresponsive. In some cases I could not even access my contacts, now with FRF91, it seems over and works fine.
    – moving to another screen works directly (with the older version it sometimes slowed down).
    – Wireless network connection seems to be improved as well.

    it is also the first time it automatically updated it (w/o any trouble), before i updated it with from the internet.

    I am quite content with this version now,

  164. FRF91 arrived for me about six hours ago (1 a.m in New Zealand) and upgraded from ERE27. Download was just over 44 Mb and install took about 3 minutes during which time it restarted twice. Purchased from a local parallel importer and not from a phone company. N1 is not available from Vodaphone here. First impressions are of significant improvement. Noticeably snappier and battery usage over night seems less.

  165. Ever since the FRF83 or one of these recent updates my data and phone connection have been extremely sporadic. Seems like they come and go for whatever reason. I haven’t really figured it out yet. Its the worst its ever been for me, there are times I have no connection at all and can’t even make phone calls.

  166. So I’m sitting here in my room playing Modern Warefare 2 killing enemies with my AC130, and thinking to myself, “I wish I had 2.2 right now”. Thank you @brandon for your technique. I hope the best luck for you all. I also solved my unknown number issue. Just place your own sim card in another Tmo phone and dial #686# then place it back in your phone and do the same thing. This is for N1 users whose number shows up as unknown under their status in the about phone under settings. Thanks Google, and you guys for your help.

  167. just did the checking thing and it told me I had a download ready and it downloaded but when it rebooted the opening screen with the x just keeps going and going. Tried to turn it off but it wouldnt let me so I took the battery out and turned it back on and it keeps doing the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas why its doing that and how to fix it?

  168. Phone finally came out of the opening screen and I went to check and it shows I finally have 2.2 and running build FRF91 so the checkin thing actually works

  169. The new FRF91 came through on T-Mobile for the Nexus One at 4:00a. I will add more when I wake up again. Gezzzzz I hate 4am but love Android updates. Thanks, Wes v2

  170. FWIW- I updated to frf85 manually on my ATT N1. Last night got woken up to a new update and installed it. So it may be worth downloading the 85b update and installing manually. No rotting needed.

  171. Philippines just got it ota update the 91
    version….ty Google.

  172. My buddy with a Nexus One on AT&T in NY just got the FRF91 update OTA, and that was after installing FRF85B manually.

    Just putting out there.

  173. Had manually installed FRF85B. Got my OTA to FRF91 July 2. I had turned my phone off to fly. When I turned it on, to my surprise, the “System Update” was there.

  174. woke up this morning & saw that my Nexus One had “Downloaded and verified” an “Android Update 2.2” which is 917 kb.
    thing is i cannot “Restart & install” since my battery is only at 32%. i’m being advised to plug the charger in. this is my first OTA ever so i’m excited nonetheless!

  175. I received the ota update This morning from ere27 I’m in Boston ma

  176. Got my frf91 OTA last night. I had the frf83 manually installed prior to this. No issues installing it, the funny thing is i live in Canada….not sure why our network up north is so efficient but I’m not complaining. Feels a bit faster…but haven’t tried it alot…will keep you posted….

    ps this is my first ever OTA too!

  177. For all those that are crying about not having 2.2, just download it manually and be done with it. I’ve had it for a few weeks and had no problems whatsoever. Just got the 91 update OTA this morning in Atlanta.

  178. SPEEDTEST.NET results

    Before frf91
    DL: 2886 kps UL: 303

    After frf91
    DL: 2876 kps UL: 334 kps

    Not really conclusive but upload speeds seem to have improved…hope this helps

  179. I got impatient about my 2.2 Froyo update that wasnt coming, so I updated manually.
    Yesterday I got the xxx91 OTA.

  180. just saying: did the checkin thing last night and I got frf91. It was my first OTA update ever. I feel like i’m back in sync with “the mothership”. I was running manual updated 85b.

    Unlocked N1 on TMO (with no data plan)

  181. I got the update on San Francisco early morning yesterday. I had just gotten off of a plane lol. I had updated manually to FRF83 before.

  182. Got my nexus one within a week of them being available in Jan, still running 2.1, no OTA updates, “checkin” says success but nothing downloads. Being patient, my phone runs fine, looking forward to the 2.2 features but don’t really care if it comes in today or next month. Bellingham, WA

  183. I manually installed frf91. Does anyone else notice that the android market seems slower?

  184. After doing a checkin obsessively all day, it finally just worked! 2.2 is downloading for me right now! No restart required. :D

    I’m in NYC, if that matters to anyone.

  185. Yeah ……..just got OTA updated to FRF91 from frf85 in Vancouver BC but I am from the States. N1 T-Mobile unlocked no contract.

  186. Google Nexus One (ATT 3G Version) owner here on the USA West Coast; I just got the FRF91 OTA about 20 minutes ago…I have to say I am impressed.

    I got too impatient to wait for the 2.2 FRF85B update, and I did that one manually.

    I am feeling the love as a Nexus One owner, due to this I highly recommend the Nexus One Unlocked over any other Android device.

  187. @jchocolate Try Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates…what does it say there? Did you hit install later when it downloaded?

  188. After a month of itching to do the update it finally came OTA.
    I am an AT&T Nexus one user in Houston Texas who was on stock Eclair and now have FRF91 also.
    I have not yet heard anyone mention the additof a tab key.

  189. My phone received its first ever OTA update this afternoon and went from 2.1 ERD79 to 2.2 FRF91 in one fell swoop.

  190. Straight from ERE27 to FRF91 today here in Finland! Works fabulously, no problems what so ever!

  191. Got it last night… thx for the heads up

  192. I manually installed FRF85 about a week ago, and received the notice for FRF91 July 2nd. However, it BROKE the volume from the headphone jack when the car dock is used! The headphone jack outputs at like 75% when it is now car docked and get ridiculously loud again once I undock it. I did not see that behavior in FRF85.

    Also, battery seems to be more quickly discharging.

    So, if you have FRF85 and a car dock, don’t update!

  193. I manually installed FRF85B but then received FRF91 OTA.. I have noticed that it discharges about 5-6% when i place it in the home dock before it starts charging the unit…

  194. Does anybody know for a fact that FRF91 is the final build and we will not get color trackball at all, because the only color that works for me is blue any hints on why that is some of yous are saying that chomp sms, blink, and LED tester, etc works but not for me please help me I would greatly appreciate it truely my email is http://[email protected]

  195. Why don’t you force a update? Dial *#*#2432546#*#* then go to settings ,about phone, system update

  196. Why don’t you force a update? Dial *#*#2432546#*#*

  197. Maybe some of you doesn’t get OTA updates for the rooted androids. I think you have to rollback it first to the stock version and wait for the OTA update.

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