Lotus Notes Traveler Enables The Exchange-Less Business User


People seem to forget that Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync isn’t the only solution out there for businesses with comprehensive corporate communication (say that three times fast) needs, and that’s why you should take notice to IBM’s upcoming push into the Android market with Lotus Notes Traveler.

Apparently, it will work just like their iPhone offering which allows you to collaborate with your co-workers, as well as provide two-way synchronization of all your contacts, emails, and calendar entries. Initially, Traveler will be aimed at Android 2.0+ users with the Google Nexus One and the Motorola Droid. I can’t imagine they’ll keep too many other Android users from enjoying their work-related data for long, though.


I know quite a few Android users who use IBM’s enterprise platform and would love to have a painless solution for pulling their information down on the go (if you’ve ever tried to set up Lotus on a non-official client, you’ll agree with me: it’s not fun). We hope to hear more about availability of Traveler soon.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Eh, we use Lotus Notes at work, I hate it. Its the only work email program I’ve used, so I don’t know if its any better or worse than the others, but I really can’t stand it. Not being able to access my work email is less inconvienent than actually using the desktop program IMO.

    Then again, I suppose the mobile version may work. I’d probably be surprised at how well it works, since my expectations would be so low.

  2. “Apparently, it will work just like their iPhone offering ”

    you can also use it with a real keyboard, something that Apple *still* doesn’t offer.

  3. FFS! I thought this was an article saying it was out. DAMN YOU!

  4. @Darkseider
    Me too. Damn it. Still have to use this Touchdown crap. Boo.

  5. @JoshUng
    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Notes is hideous. MS Exchange/Outlook have their problems but Notes is in a league of its own when it comes to unusability. I could imagine people switching to a mobile client en masse even when a desktop is available especially if IBM have written it without influence from the old Lotus interface.

  6. right now im using awesync to get my notes data into my gmail account which then syncs to my HTC Desire…not perfect but it works…cant wait for something like this to come out

  7. Progressing well. Lotus Notes Traveler for Android is in beta now (managed program) with a plan to ship later this year. Intent is to support devices running Android 2.x OS, including the above mentioned Nexus One and Droid. Stay tuned.

  8. I have an EVO and love it, but I’m afraid I will have to return it becaue I can not sync with Lotus Notes which is a MUST for work. What do you have that I can use now!

  9. Where’s that Lotus notes traveler app .. Like most people above the only thing holding us back from Android phones is the need to access Lotus notes. Any chance the app is ready


  10. Hm. What’s with the comments about “I Hate Notes” ? Really ? I hate broccoli ? Do you care ? How about, “I have work to do, and I need to use Notes and Android and this is a very cool post about how I can do my job.”

  11. Anyone have an idea of when the Lotus Notes app will be ready for droid phones? My firm is now allowing us to get iphones because they are “lotus notes ready” but I have been holding out for a droid phone but can’t hold on much longer.

    Any day now, right? The beta version has been out for months.

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