Are These EVO 4G Ads Good Enough For You?


Many criticized Sprint’s lack of ingenuity when they launched their ad campaign for the HTC EVO 4G with a relatively lackluster showing. “Show what the phone can do!” many pleaded, and it sounds like Sprint was listening. Their latest ad highlights some of the EVO’s most marketable (and – to some – remarkable) features.

Take a look at the 30-second spot for yourself and come to your own conclusion: is Sprint heading into the right direction with marketing the EVO or should they just give Verizon a ring to have them cook something up for them?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I like that commercial, problem I have is that they are not advertising it enough. The ad spots are nice but if no one is there to see them what’s the point. Also this is the first time I see that one.

  2. i for one, actually like the new ad for the EVO. the ad actually shows what the phone can do, which everyone was complaining the original ad didn’t do. maybe next time they can show people actually using it in real life, swiping the screen, showing the vast catalogue of android apps that android market has to offer. Maybe, just maybe even see people using qik.

  3. well this is way better than the first commercials they had..but still not doing it for me…i love verizons commercials but they might not be for everyone..at least this talks about the phone.

  4. yeah i agree with Pete..show video chatting.. because apple is giving people the impression that they invented the concept of a front facing cam

  5. Why in the world would they launch a new campaign when you can’t get an EVO anywhere anyway? Get some in-stock before you start pimping em out on TV.

  6. Agreed. No more advertising needed, ship out more phones and create more demand for more cool apps and updates. :)

  7. Not too bad. Just a shame that they advertise the features that many will be disappointed in–Wimax isn’t really “4g” in the sense many non-techies think. They expect just faster data, not a city-wide hotspot that you have to access when you need it and turn off when you don’t to save battery. The “HD video” is a joke. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect a lot from my cell phone cameras but the videos you get out of that thing even in high light are hardly “HD”. Then there is the wireless tethering…something that anyone can do for free if they look up how to do it but many will be turned off by the ridiculous $30/month charge. In my opinion they should have still done the $10 “premium” data thing but included tethering in that. That way there is a good argument for paying more to uncap a data plan that had already been referred to as unlimited.

    I say all of this as a happy Evo owner by the way. Love the phone, but I hate when marketing teams do stuff like this. Guess the point is to differentiate themselves from competitors and Wimax and a kickstand are two of the few exclusives. They can’t really go on price any more as they are catching up to the others with their “premium” data fees.

  8. stop calling it first it sounds like a name and it’s annoying

  9. Not sure I’d be marketing “first” best might sell better.

  10. While watching tv, I fast forward through commercials, BUT I ALWAYS stop for the DROID commercials. Sprint, make me do that for our commercials!!
    Can’t you get the Droid doods to make hard hitting Sprint commercials??

    I love my EVO but you definitely need to step it up so everyone will want one!

  11. I like the commercial and of course its better than the “first” one. I agree with above said comment that they should chill with the Ads untill they have stock otherwise they are pissing people off. It DOES show enough of the phone to make me jump up and buy one but not because its “first”(is the phone named first??), its because of all that it Does…uh oh EVO DOES! Now we’re on to somethin!

  12. It was good for an intro ad, but now that the phone is out and known of, they need to up the ante. Everyone should be taking their lead from Verizon when it comes to showing off a phone, they are the most aggressive and get results.

  13. I don’t think it was that creative. Great, it has a kickstand. They could’ve used the ad as an opportunity to show they can do videocalling over 3G and that would really trump the competition.

  14. Exactly! Videocalling! Maybe show how videochat doesn’t need to be on wifi as well, unlike the “other guys” in the black turtlenecks. Why don’t they show that off?

    Show them how our browser is huge, no scrollbars – just one big, beautiful, honking screen.

    Google should do an Android commercial. Market how many different devices there are to fit so many different needs (one size, shape, color does not fit all). Show people on different android phones (admittedly they will be of the high-end variety) – videochatting with each other. The whole 9 yards.

    It shouldn’t be HTC, Samsung, LG, etc… against Apple/RIM/Nokia/Microsoft. It should be Android v. Apple/RIM/Nokia/Microsoft.

  15. This ad is better…but still very disappointing to me. The Droid ads are much better in the production and promotion departments. I love my EVO and am amazed everyday when I find a new App to work with. I also just ordered another one last night on Sprint and it will be here in two days…so here’s hoping that they received more inventory and also that they really get it together in the promotional department. When then don’t show all of the features using “Real Time” activities like using Qik……it makes me wonder whether they are afraid to show that they can’t deliver. I haven’t heard anyone really mention whether that works good or not…..3G/3G or 3G/4G connections. If it does, then let’s put it into practice and make a kewl ad!!

  16. Love It!

  17. I agree that it is better than the rocket commercial. They definitely need to do a commercial which distinguishes it from other Android phones – show video calling, show 4G speeds. To me, kickstand and Hdmi out are gimmicks, not selling features

  18. Better, but still pretty mundane. And, where are they showing it? The best ad spot in the world isn’t anything if no one sees it. I wonder if Sprint can hire the Samsung marketing people to do ads for the HTC phone (see the new Epic spots)?

  19. This commercial is better than the 1st. But it still needs to show more. It has a front facing camera, let’s see that feature in action. IPhone is already showing that I’m there advertising. Let’s go Sprint.

  20. It’s the Palm Pre campaign without the creepy redhead; WTF are these commercials about? Show the phone, it’s features & why I should buy it. A commercial should be clear and concise. I shouldn’t have to decipher it!

  21. also…drop the yellow please. It is such a weak color.

  22. I know exactly what it’s missing. The Droid Does attitude of the Verizon commercials. It takes the phone to the nth degree with attitude and takes a direct assault on the iPhone. That is the beauty of the Droid commercials. They directly attacked the competition. Sprint isn’t taking that approach so their commercials look so lackluster. The yellow looks weak & is so busy about being the first, that it’s not separating itself from the competition.

    Sprint needs to grow some balls and go after the iPhone. The antenna issues, the lack of 4G, “faux” retina display, the restricted app store, & many other places that Sprint could mount an aggressive commercial.

  23. The Droid campaign has done more for the Android platform than anything else, but even lacking the same coolness factor Sprint has managed to create a very generous buzz by offering some the best handsets out there, with advertising that is pretty slick, and less aggressive. However, as I said above, I’m still not happy that they’re pimping the Evo so hard in commercials when they have major supply chain issues. Lets get some handsets in stores dammit.

  24. Needs more ad plugs for Android or Google experience

  25. Where’s my phone! We don’t need no stinkin’ ads. I’m second in line at the local Sprint store. Uhm, that’s what they said anyway. I see they posted my $50 to their account rather quickly.

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