Cellular South Announces Samsung Galaxy S


This bit of news was actually announced at the Samsung Galaxy S event earlier this week, but for whatever reason most sources glossed it over. Along with regional carrier US Ceullular, Cellular South will be getting its very own Galaxy S come the fall. We spoke to a Samsung rep at Tuesday’s launch party, and when we asked if the version headed to Cellular South and US Cellular would in fact be the full-blown international version of the handset, it was revealed that the design for the Galaxy S on both regional carriers was not finalized.


Whether this means they will get truly unique phones in line with what the other major carriers are seeing or one of the models currently announced as the Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic 4G, and Captivate isn’t clear. There very well could be a chance that the phone that hits Cellular South and US Cellular will indeed be the international version and that Samsung merely didn’t want to jump the gun on announcing that. The device is currently hidden under a veil on Cellular South’s Android phones page.

More great Android phones are hitting more and more carriers large and small alike, and Cellular South subscribers have a lineup to choose from that is quickly growing to host some of the best Android sets on the market. Decisions, Decisions.

[via Cellular South, thanks to elijahblake for the heads up!]

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  1. man, how many tips you gotta send in to get some credit?

  2. cool, and update on their hero and its 2.1 update via their website:


    June 30, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    We are working hard to deliver the long-awaited Android 2.1 software update to our HTC Hero customers, in a manner that is consistent with our exacting standards of quality. HTC creates a unique version of this software specifically for each carrier; we conduct our own testing and performance assessments of this software. Due to performance issues in the areas of SMS and MMS messaging with the latest revision of the update, we will not be able to release Android 2.1 by the end of June. We are requiring that these issues be fixed by HTC before we release the Android 2.1 software to our customers.

    Our diligence and commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the wireless industry have made the HTC Hero one of our most popular devices. We will not be releasing the Android 2.1 operating system update for the HTC Hero until all of the software issues have been resolved by HTC. The software should be available for download by mid-July. We appreciate your patience and understanding… and we offer our thanks for your continued loyalty to Cellular South

  3. Anybody know the frequency bands for US Cellular? I am pretty sure that Cellular South is CDMA. But I think US Cellular is GSM. Is it the same as T-Mobile frequencies? That way I can get the international version, if I wanted to…

  4. @ Black Vison

    This is Cellular South, not US Cellular and both are CDMA networks with EV-DO. Just like Verizon

  5. Cellular South and US Cellular are both CDMA

  6. US Cellular is getting the device (it’s been said it will be the same version as Verizon’s and my bet is that Cellular South’s will be as well).

  7. well really i am with cellularsouth and cellularsouth phones suck. they really need to come with it cuz cingular t mobil verision phones are killing cellularsouth phones. the other phone companys phones have new phones coming out every month if not every two weeks. cellular south needs a reason why customers should come and stay with them. because with these other phone companys being on top, they are sinking. cellularsouth

  8. cellular south has the BEST plans out there and they also have a very good lineup of phones. They have more phones today than they have ever had. Who cares about the iphone when you can get all of these DROID phones. Cellular South has many DROID products coming…i want a carrier that does not nickel and dime me to death and Cellular South DOES not do that….oh by the way data is unlimited with them while AT&T is now offering tiered data…wow!! Have fun using your iphones at a minimum or you will get a surprise in your bill!!!

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