Jun 30th, 2010

Earlier this morning, we reported that the Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile would be priced to sell at $329.99. This revelation came to us through fine print that the Even More Plus plan option would see you paying $82.50 over the course of four monthly installments. One of our readers also managed to grab a screen from T-Mobile’s website (before they promptly pulled it down) showing that the price for the Even More Plus option was indeed $329.99.


T-Mobile’s since contacted us and updated us with an official price.

T-Mobile’s Even More Plus price for the Samsung Vibrant is $449.99

That’s more in line with what we figured a smartphone like the Samsung Vibrant should cost. We can’t help but wonder where the mix-up came in, then. My first thought is that the $329.99 price is for a 2-year contract before mail-in or instant rebates. If anyone follows T-Mobile’s new tiers closely, they’ll know that Even More subscribers usually split the discounted cost of their new phones over the course of four months, while Even More Plus subscribers pay the unsubsidized cost over a period of 20 months (first payments due at the time of purchase for both plans).


That fact leads me to believe that someone screwed up with the pricing information on the site, forcing T-Mobile to take it down and quickly update us on the matter. Whatever the case may be, at least it’s cleared up. Our excitement got the best of us for just a few hours, but we can all come back to reality: this is a high-end phone and you’ll be paying some high-end bucks to get it.

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