[Update] Samsung Vibrant To Cost $330 Off Contract [GALAXY S FINE PRINT]


[Update]: Seems we’ve run into a bit of a mix-up. The off-contract price is $449.99 instead of $329.99, confirmed by T-Mobile. Details of the update can be found here.

Didn’t your mother tell you to read the fine print before you sign a contract? Well in this case, you should read the fine print because you DON’T want to sign the contract. We knew T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S – called the Samsung Vibrant – would be $199.99 with a 2-year contract but how about contract-free?

It looks like $330 it is:


You don’t need to be a calculus whiz to piece together the 4 payments of $82.50 seen in the fine print:

†On approved credit. $82.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $82.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.

We got numerous tips that T-Mobile  left this bit on the page and in some cases sent the price live a bit more prominently before quickly pulling it. Now if Verizon, Sprint and AT&T would do us a solid and follow suit on some prices and dates, it would make comparing the various Galaxies an easier task.

UPDATE #1: A quick-fingered AndroidForums.com member was able to grab a screenshot of the $329.99 price sitting front and center and ready to jump into his shopping cart:


However some commentors are saying the $82.50 x 4 actually includes a contract and is simply an offer that extends the cost of the device over 4-months rather than paying an up-front fee. We hope to get some clarification on this soon.

[Via T-Mobile, thanks NoOneHereYet and everyone else who sent this in!]

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  1. No Secret: Vibrant Full Price $329.99?!

    http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s/112106-no-secret-vibrant-full-price-329-99-a.html#post1041189 with attacted screenshot, there you go!

  2. Consider it bought :D

  3. just 330 $$ for such a top class phone. Stunning, t-mobile should sell it for 50 $$ with contract if it is really 330 $$

  4. Thts cheap!

  5. If it’s too good to be true it probably is, nuff said but I hope not!

  6. From my understanding that the Galaxy S is all pretty much cheap plastic and if the phone is $330 thats why.

  7. :O thats insane. my contract is up in december and i wasnt really looking forward to extending it but need a new phone badly, this makes me so so happy.

    good job tmobile…i’m not sure why you did this but i’m glad you did

  8. xOneSainTx,

    nope it has super amoled display and sort of the same processor that is powering the IPhone 4, samsung galaxy S is not all cheap plastic.

  9. I was wondering how much it would be without a contract…. $330 does not seem that bad to me!

  10. @Kurt- If your contract is up in december, consider this-http://www.androidguys.com/2010/06/25/project-emerald-prediction-update/

    something much better is coming for the holidays? Why settle for this?

  11. Are you sure that this is the contract free price?

    Because that would also mean that you can get the Samsung Behold II for $150: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?cell-phone=Samsung-Behold-2

    “†On approved credit. $37.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $37.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.”

    I don’t think thats the case.

    On the other hand you can get the Samsung Galaxy S in Germany (though with 8gb instat of 16gb but + front facing camera)for as low as 380€.

  12. $330 thats good, that means the Verizon version will be about $200 more even though its essentially the same damn phone, oh well the X is better.

  13. Going into the T-Mobile store gets you some really good deals. When I got my G1, I paid like $50 down and the rest was added to my bill later. Actually I don’t even think it was ever added to my bill. If so, I didn’t notice the significant increase to care.

    Moral = Go into the store and ask. They need sells, they will work with you.

  14. @knut

    your right when it states

    “†On approved credit. $82.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $82.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.”

    they are referring to with contract price since those 4 payments require you to be on the even more plan; which allows payment for subsidized phones over the process of 4 months(the price on t-mobile.com was prob just put in at too high a price by mistake so they took it down). for even more plus plans you get 20 months cause you pay for the whole phone

  15. I dunno, the Vibrant does not seem like its worth it(even at such a low price) to replace my Nexus One. I think I’ll hold out a bit longer.

  16. Yeah that’s the price with contract if you can’t pay the 199 up front. Just went through this at the tmobile store..was about to buy a mytouch 3g on the payment plan but when I asked if it used up one of my upgrades they said yes. Meaning another two year contract. Its misleading I know.

  17. @akil
    That still wouldn’t make sense since it’s been announced that the on contract price is $199.99.

  18. Akil, you are wrong. T-mobile offers credit to their customers wether or not they are on contract. You just have to have a good payment record with them. I have bought phones using their credit and I am not on a contract.

  19. $199 after $130 mail in rebate


    Garminfone is $450 minus $200 instant minus $50 mail in rebate which takes it down to $200

    4 payments of $62.50 = $250… minus $50 mail in rebate gives you a $199.99 phone… Expect to pay no less than $499.99 for the Galaxy S US phones.

  20. guys remember that Samsung makes all their own parts.. Chips, Screens, etc.. They don’t buy parts like other manufacturers, The Android OS is free, so even at $300 they’re probably doubling their money still…

  21. That monthly payment may be without the mail-in rebate which would be the $199 resulting price. If it is “even more plus” that is without contract and it shows (in screen capture) $329

  22. @ me I don’t believe the picture at all. When u think it’s too good to be true it usually is. I mean come on there’s no way on earth that this phone will cost less than a myTouch 3G off contract…

  23. this price is b.s look at the samsung behold retail its 379 why would a brand new phone with all the features be cheaper. hoax womp womp

  24. correction I do believe T-Mobile made a mistake putting that Even more plus info up. Hell I searched the phone last night and found it “As low as FREE”

  25. That $330 seems to be right, if u notice it says with a even more plus plan. those plans are non contarct plans, meaning full price.

  26. Called Radio Shack, they are taking pre-orders but only currently have pricing info for the contract version. The TMobile store didn’t even start taking pre-orders yet.

  27. If this is true. I will for sure get it, while waiting for the N2 to come out. And yes. T-mobile does finance your phone so you can make monthly payments and still be off contract. :)

  28. Nice! This is cheap enough that I can sell it when the HTC Vision comes out in 6 months.

  29. Wow. When it comes to Russia, they will sell it for about $900 I guess :(
    For instance, Desire costs $800 here in Siberia.

    Is anyone coming to Siberia soon? ;) bring me that phone!

  30. @ llya… Ouch!

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