Official IMDB App for Android is Here


It’s finally happened. Perhaps I’m a bit too geeked up about this piece of news seeing as I’ve been dying for a mobile version of IMDB since Android took off, but I can finally head to the market and download the app to one of the most valued sites for movie lovers.


Internet Movie Database is the one stop shop for everything you need to know about any movie that’s ever come out… ever. Well, almost ever, and they’ve packed all of that information into a very clean, functional, and feature-packed app. You get the cast list, user reviews, critic reviews, trailers, search features, MOVIEmeter, Top Lists, images, and everything you could possibly think of accessing on the full site (note: the app is set to the US version of IMDB by default, but you can change this in the settings).

The only thing I can’t seem to find is forums access and a way to access my IMDB account. For a 1.0 release, however, the app is very capable and worthy of a quick download. Anyone else as embarrassingly excited as I am for this app?


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Can’t find it in the Market on the 1.5 Hero… Perhaps they’ve made it for 1.6+?

  2. Oh yeah, I’m excited too! I love IMDB.

  3. Thanks for the tip…I’m downloading it now.

  4. I’m pretty geeked out my damn self!

  5. Very nice…been looking forward to this one

  6. I am also embarrassingly excited about this app. Half of the time I use my Droid web browser is to solve movie related arguments. This will make life easy.

  7. I’ve been geeking for this app since I got an Android phone (big movie buff, I have over 1000 DVD’s) and it’s pretty damn good.

  8. Aside from the inital 5 second hunt for how to search, this is one of the most well thought out Android apps I’ve seen yet. IMDB should open source the framework as an example of correct UI implementation.

  9. now all they need is a uTorrent app and it’s on.. lol I wish they would make an app that would allow you to remotely control your laptop/pc though that’d be cool…

  10. Excited but not embarrassed. This is cool.

  11. I’m excited about this, but what browser/news reader will let me actually get to it using that qrcode? Or is that for the occasion when I’m sitting with a computer and happen to have my phone with me, ready to point at the screen and scan?

  12. This will be uselful for when you’re in the pub and you’re talking with some mates and saying, ‘what was that film with that guy that time?’

  13. If it’s as good their iPhone/iPod Touch version, it’ll be great!

  14. @John V. Google Goggles is your friend.

  15. Been waiting for this app for more than a year, and Version 1 is already perfect for me.

  16. @elijahblake Try Gmote.

  17. Best app ever!!!
    If i were a girl, i would be getting wet!
    Umm… what Quentyn said.

  18. @elijahblake – they do..its called LogMeIn and you can find it in the market

  19. Awesome, yet another app that’s no good on 1.5.

  20. Finally!

  21. Incredibly Awesome app! It’s terrific on my Notion Ink Adam tablet running Android 2.2

  22. Wow! It’s better than using the website!

  23. I had no clue an app was even in the works, but I’d also been wishing for one for quite some time now. I’m mainly looking for access to forums though so I can trol….I mean gather insight from other movie watchers…

  24. Great app. Shame Android Market can’t promote official stuff properly. If it did we would get so many great apps in a blink of an eye. I feel that, at the moment, the android market really needs a complete refresh to attract the big developers. It has the user base now, time for a change GOOGLE!!!!

  25. Search is done by… dun dun dun… pressing the search button on your phone! Isn’t standard buttons great? ;)

    Now I have to wait for Netflix’s app, where the heck is it!

  26. Soooooo gooooddd …


  28. About time! I have searched for this in the market so many times. I love IMDb and this looks like it is pretty good so far

  29. Love it!

  30. Wow great app! Yep no need for flixter anymore :)

  31. It would have been nice to have that app yesterday. I used the mobile web to go to the IMDB to find out more info about the Hugh Jackman film (Real Steel) that was shooting at the Detroit Renaissance Centre in Michigan yesterday.
    WoW was security uber tight around the set!!

  32. Between this app and Wapedia, I will never be without the answer to any question. I frequent IMDB pretty often, so this should be easier and quicker to find my answers. Just downloaded. Let’s take it for a test run!

  33. SHWEET! Love me some IMDB. Now I can put down the netbook during tv at home and now can use it at the movies because it drives my wife nuts when I just ‘gotta know’ who that guy/gal is I’ve seen in something else before.

  34. Oh man, so excited for this. One of the first things I looked for when I got my EVO was look for imdb and when it wasn’t there I was super upset. As soon as I read this though I downloaded it

  35. so geeked up for this.

  36. This is awesome… Now has a place on my home screen. Thanks for the info!

  37. I have a Motorola Cliq XT, and a barcode scanner–when I try to go to the download site, though, I get a message that says “requested item not found.” I also tried looking through the Android Market–there, all that pulled up in a search for IMDb was a false $1.50 “app” that is really just a short-cut to the site. Any suggestions?

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